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SEP 21, 2014
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Sermon GD Hawkins 16th Ministerial Anniversary -... | Chris Pegington
Florin Motiu from Oradea, Romania
"Good message for discouraged ministers. Great encouragement to know that..."
-21 min 
Sermon The Key to the Scriptures | Henry Mahan
Carl E from Australia
-6 hrs 
Sermon The Ordo Salutis | Dr. Derek Thomas
Aileen Willoughby from Hudson Florida
-10 hrs 
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Survey10/29/09 10:17 AM
sonofadam  Find all comments by sonofadam
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"Finally, the fact of Adam’s having stood as the covenant head of his race is conclusively demonstrated by the penal evils which came upon his children in consequence of his fall. From the dreadful curse which entailed upon all his descendants, we are compelled to infer the covenant relationship which existed between him and them; for the Judge of all the earth, being righteous, will never punish where there is no crime. "In Adam all die" because in him all sinned."(A.Pink)

Survey10/28/09 5:14 PM
sonofadam  Find all comments by sonofadam
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"Imputation, so far from being an exceptional case with regard to the righteousness of Christ lies at the very bottom of the entire teaching of Scripture. How did we fall, my Brethren? We fell by the imputation of Adam’s sin to us. Adam was our federal head. He represented us. And when he sinned we sinned representatively in him. And what he did was imputed to us. You say that you never agreed to the imputation. No, but I would not have you say thus—for as by representation we fell—it is by the representative system that we rise. The angels fell personally and individually—and they never rise.
But we fell in another and we have therefore the power given by divine grace to rise in another. The root of the Fall is found in the federal relationship of Adam to his seed—thus we fell by imputation. Is it any wonder that we should rise by imputation? Deny this doctrine and I ask you—how are men pardoned at all? Are they not pardoned because satisfaction has been offered for sin by Christ? Very well, then, but that satisfaction must be imputed to them or else how is God just in giving to them the results of the death of another—unless that death of the other be first of all imputed to them?" C.H.Spurgeon

Survey10/28/09 4:03 PM
sonofadam  Find all comments by sonofadam
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The Belgic Confession

The Doctrine of Original Sin (Article 15)

"We believe that by the disobedience of Adam original sin has been spread through the whole human race.

It is a corruption of all nature - an inherited depravity which even infects small infants in their mother's womb, and the root which produces in man every sort of sin. It is therefore so vile and enormous in God's sight that it is enough to condemn the human race, and it is not abolished or wholly uprooted even by baptism, seeing that sin constantly boils forth as though from a contaminated spring.

Nevertheless, it is not imputed to God's children for their condemnation but is forgiven by his grace and mercy - not to put them to sleep but so that the awareness of this corruption might often make believers groan as they long to be set free from the "body of this death."

Imputation by Arthur Pink

News Item10/5/07 9:06 AM
SonOfAdam | New Zealand  Find all comments by SonOfAdam
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As Alan Cairns puts it 'mile wide evangelism, but only inch deep theology'.

News Item9/29/07 7:59 AM
SonOfAdam | New Zealand  Contact via emailFind all comments by SonOfAdam
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"Stein denied in the New York Times that he had misled anyone. "I don't remember a single person asking me what the movie was about," he said. The film company said the movie's title was changed on the advice of marketing experts."

Dawkins has a habbit of making a fool of himself on video then claiming he was tricked into it. He also has a habbit of speaking to 'creationists' (his word so don't yell at me) and not actually grasping what they themselves believe dispite the questions he's being asked.

See AIG's A frog to a prince for an example of him speechless when asked for a proof (tho he claims he was tricked in that too).

News Item9/19/07 6:47 AM
SonOfAdam | New Zealand  Find all comments by SonOfAdam
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That would work.... if man wasn't responsible to God. God sets the rules of this universe and as such man has no legal or moral right to tell him he's wrong.

A being of infinite perfect goodness vs falable sinfull man's opinion. Hmm. Not hard to grasp really.

News Item9/15/07 3:01 AM
SonOfAdam | New Zealand  Find all comments by SonOfAdam
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ignoring for the moment that evolution requires lots of blind faith too They of course don't believe their belief of evolution is based on personal belief.

News Item9/13/07 10:09 PM
SonOfAdam | New Zealand  Find all comments by SonOfAdam
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Interestingly, the survey on the news site indicates that the vast majority of voters have no problem banning all flags but their own. That of the Land of the Free.

News Item9/11/07 4:31 AM
SonOfAdam | New Zealand  Find all comments by SonOfAdam
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I only read the first page of comments... here's why:

All this pointless factless illogical arguing about stuff most clearly have not even studied is what puts me right off reading the news on sermonaudio. I get enough deliberate ignorance from teenagers but I'd expect more from grown adults who claim to understand the reasons for their beliefs.

Try something like

News Item9/9/07 6:13 PM
SonOfAdam | New Zealand  Find all comments by SonOfAdam
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It should be noted that block caps on the internet signify shouting and results in most readers not actually reading what you are saying.
From a formatting point of view it is harder and slower to read, and likewise results in people not actually reading what you have to say.

News Item9/8/07 11:59 AM
SonOfAdam | New Zealand  Find all comments by SonOfAdam
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Had to just chuckle after reading that article. I'm actually surprised they haven't been there already. I'm sure the staff would happily take them on a detailed tour through the museum and answer any questions they have.

While I'm in the wrong country to visit the museum, I'd like to someday. I'm quite familiar with their work.

I suggest we pray that while they attend their eyes will be opened to the gospel message presented in the museum, by the Grace of God.

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