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FRONT PAGE  |  9/15/2019
SATURDAY, JUL 21, 2018  |  16 comments
Trump Exposes Brexit Betrayal by Globalists

President Donald Trump blasted the so-called “soft” Brexit deal negotiated by British Prime Minister Theresa May that will keep the United Kingdom under the boot of the European Union, with the U.S. leader saying that was not what the British people voted for in the historic 2016 referendum. Trump also warned that the agreement, which critics say is not an actual British exit from the EU, will likely kill a proposed lucrative trade deal with the United States offered by his administration. But all hope is not lost. In response to the betrayal of the people by May, multiple senior U.K. officials including Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson resigned. And in public comments, Trump said Johnson, a leading voice for a real Brexit, would make a “great prime minister.” Globalists were outraged.

Trump gave the exclusive interview to The Sun, a British publication owned by News Corporation boss Rupert Murdoch, ...

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News Item8/8/19 12:52 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
People talk about the Jewish Lobby but this article points out that there is a strong Irish Lobby in the United States government which could be of a problem for Trump
Emma Shortis wrote:
The "Friends of Ireland" Caucus, which includes both Republicans and Democrats, made it clear they would not support any US-UK trade deal if Britain's exit from the European Union in any way jeopardised the Good Friday Agreement....
Given just how much political stock both Mr Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have put into the potential for a US-UK trade deal, this congressional threat has serious implications....
excerpt from, "Ireland's border, Brexit and white supremacy manifesting in a way Donald Trump didn't expect"


News Item11/28/18 3:36 PM
Adriel  Find all comments by Adriel
From article.....

""President Donald Trump blasted the so-called “soft” Brexit deal negotiated by British Prime Minister Theresa May that will keep the United Kingdom under the boot of the European Union, with the U.S. leader saying that was not what the British people voted for in the historic 2016 referendum.""

Donald is absolutely correct here.

Theresa May is a "remainer" and is trying to delude the people and keep UK in the EU.

The people of the UK in 1973 voted for a "Common Market." Note this is not a parliament!!!

NOT A Federalist Dictatorship from a Brussels Parliament.


News Item7/25/18 7:08 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Carole Cadwalladr wrote:
...It also reveals a critical and gaping hole in the political debate in Britain. Because what is happening in America and what is happening in Britain are entwined. Brexit and Trump are entwined. The Trump administration’s links to Russia and Britain are entwined. And Cambridge Analytica is one point of focus through which we can see all these relationships in play; it also reveals the elephant in the room as we hurtle into a general election: Britain tying its future to an America that is being remade - in a radical and alarming way - by Trump.

There are three strands to this story. How the foundations of an authoritarian surveillance state are being laid in the US....

--[URL=]]] (The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked)[/URL].

No, John, as usual Trump is being self-serving.👎


News Item7/25/18 11:29 AM
John Yurich USA | USA  Find all comments by John Yurich USA
Trump is correct.

News Item7/22/18 12:40 PM
Person | World  Find all comments by Person
We all desperately need a Holy Ghost revival!!!

News Item7/21/18 4:08 PM
penned  Find all comments by penned
powers and principalities few will understand until the Good Lord opens up the books.

but....they will be opened.

Title: Abolish ICE Activists Exec... ‘Donald Trump’ with Guillotine

"publicly executed an effigy of President Donald Trump in Portland on Tuesday using a mock guillotine and replicating one of those most familiar scenes from the French Revolution."

the French Revolution? beheadings? The Jacobins are back?

"a revolutionary political movement that was the most famous political club during the French Revolution (1789–99)"

wait what? they publish a magazine today?

"Jacobin is a left-wing quarterly magazine based in New York offering socialist and anti-capitalist perspectives on politics, economics and culture"


News Item7/21/18 12:05 PM
The Quiet Christian  Find all comments by The Quiet Christian
I agree, US, and greatly appreciate the perspective of our brothers in the UK. I also agree that the situation is spiritually discerned. Lots of noise from lots of pundits, but escaping the clutches of the EU should be a top priority for any nation entangled therein. We in the US need to be watchful & wary of any attempt to bring the US into one of these super-governmental systems.

News Item7/21/18 9:02 AM
Yolanda | AZ  Find all comments by Yolanda
This two-part comment is unrelated to this particular article. But I must post this:

I am not a skilled writer where my thoughts flow from a word into a sentence into a paragraph into a comprehensive narrative that leaves the reader satisfied with what yours truly intended. But I’ll do my best since so much is a stake in our chaotic world of international affairs.
This is a time I wish I tweeted because I would like to tweet Al Sharpton (“The Reverend”) about what I think the real reason Michael Cohen (Cohen) came to him; for such a time as this.
Of all the people in the world of politics, evangelicalism, international affairs, etc., Michael Cohen came to “The Reverend” Al Sharpton.
During the campaign, Donald Trump said that Black people are the moral compass of America. He did not say James Dobson, Billy Graham, the Pope, Paula White, or any other renowned religious leader. He came to Al Sharpton; not renowned in a religious manner. He came to him because he respects an honest answer. He does not see Al Sharpton as a man of deceit. Al will tell it to him straight. What would “The Reverend “ tell him?
What was on Michael Cohen’s mind? Did he have eternity in mind?


News Item7/21/18 5:48 AM
Unprofitable Servant | TN  Find all comments by Unprofitable Servant
Jim Lincoln wrote:
if only we could look in the comment section here and get the thoughts of people who actually live in Great Britain instead of the opinions of those who aren't residents of the country but are political hacks writing to push their own agenda.

News Item7/21/18 4:15 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
This is a short, but highly interesting opinion piece. I think it gives Trump too much credit for forethought but still it might explain his behavior?
Daniel Chirot wrote:
...Putin wants to end the damaging sanctions that have been imposed on Russia by the United States and Europe because of his invasion of Ukraine. The best way to do that is to break up European and NATO’s solidarity, to pick off each country one by one and pressure them into accepting Russia’s actions. It is also to weaken American resolve....

...President Donald Trump’s main foreign goals are not as obvious, but a pattern is emerging. One is to break up the European Union, now labeled by the president as America’s worst foe, so that the U.S. can pick off each country, one by one, to impose trading relations that completely favor the United States’ economic interests....

--[URL=]]] (Peas in a Russian nesting doll: Trump and Putin’s converging goals)[/URL]

Trump's ability to force deals with other countries has been a total flop❗


News Item7/21/18 4:15 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln

News Item7/21/18 4:12 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Robert B. Reich wrote:
Trump promised to be America’s dealmaker in chief....

Rubbish. So far, Trump has made no deals at all, and the ones he thinks he’s made have unraveled...

...Trump’s actions have poisoned relations to such an extent that instead of joining the United States to, say, push China to open its markets, our trading partners – including China – are starting to join together to stop Trump from doing worse damage....

--[URL=]]] (Trump’s Art of the No Deal)[/URL].

News Item7/21/18 2:29 AM
G. Bird | Devon, England  Find all comments by G. Bird
We have no Brexit here. We have no serious political representation. We just have open borders and political correctness gone mad. Islam is looking like our Babylon. This is a dead place.

News Item7/21/18 2:20 AM
John UK | Wales  Find all comments by John UK
I'm sure many Christians were joyed by the referendum result. But can we get out of the EU? I doubt it. Or at least I am no longer hopeful. Our PM has said she is determined to see Brexit succeed and has discounted a second referendum, but all she seems to accomplish is delay, delay, delay.

I'm rather glad that the president has openly declared what many people are thinking in this country, and has now given the PM something to think about: does she want for Britain a good relationship with Europe or with the USA?

There is much devilish subtlety at the heart of the EU, which is why I agree with you Quiet Christian. The only people who can really see this are the Christians, for it is spiritually discerned. However, all prophecy will come to pass, no matter how loudly people shout.


News Item7/21/18 1:38 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Robert Reich wrote:
How can a television presidency be dangerous? Because it is solely about marketing. Its only goal is to win. It is unconstrained by truth, reason, or the Constitution. It doesn’t give a fig about the public.

When the occupant of the White House and the sycophants surrounding him are prepared to use anything, including real-world battles—trade wars and hot wars—as means to win a political battle at home, nothing and no one is safe.

--[URL=]]] (Robert Reich: Trump Is Using Fox News To Prepare For Battle)[/URL]

Putin's poodle, Donald[URL=]]]"an ignorant, amoral, dishonest and manipulative, misogynistic, ..., isolationist, protectionist blowhard"[/URL]Trump should stay out of European affairs--even better he should stay out of Putin's bed

Daniel Chirot wrote:
Putin wants to end the damaging sanctions that have been imposed on Russia by the U.S. and Europe because of his invasion of Ukraine. The best way to do that is to break up European and NATO’s solidarity and weaken American resolve.
--[URL=]]] (...Trump and Putin’s converging goals)[/URL] 👍

News Item7/21/18 12:28 AM
The Quiet Christian  Find all comments by The Quiet Christian
More evidence in my mind that the EU is the real seedling that will lead to the worldwide government of the Anti-Christ.
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