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MAR 27, 2015
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FRONT PAGE  |  3/27/2015
TUESDAY, APR 8, 2014  |  13 comments
'Meet the Real Noah' Billboards Go Up in NY, Calif.

Answers in Genesis, a ministry led by Ken Ham, launched a billboard campaign over the weekend to counter Darren Aronofsky's recently released film, "Noah." Two "Meet the Real Noah" billboards were put up in New York and California.

"The new boards are designed not only to counter the anti-biblical Noah film that Paramount Studios released nine days ago but also to draw attention to the Creation Museum's excellent displays about the reality of Noah's Flood and Noah's Ark-and the fact that all children 12 and under come free to our museum this year with at least one paying adult," Answers in Genesis CEO Ham wrote on Facebook on Sunday.

The billboards – in Times Square and Hollywood – feature images of Noah and parts of the ark, and direct people to The Creation Museum website. A blog post on Answers in Genesis further explains that the organization's public effort is aimed at exposing the ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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   12/29/14  |  Russia Plans to Build ‘Noah’s Ark’ • 4 comments
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   04/04/14  |  Study: Noah’s Ark would have floated • 8 comments
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   03/19/15  |  Daughter of Two Moms Comes Out Against Gay Marriage • 3 comments
   03/19/15  |  Ex-Apple Designer Rethinks The Bible For A Mobile World • 1 comments
   03/19/15  |  PCUSA embraces sodomy • 18 comments
   03/14/15  |  More than 40,000 rally for Navy chaplain accused of being... • 4 comments
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   06/02/14  |  A Letter to SermonAudio From a Missionary to Haiti • 10 comments
   02/07/14  |  Bringing the Gospel of John to Every Home in Austin, TX • 37 comments

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News Item4/10/14 9:47 AM
Dolores | Texas  Find all comments by Dolores
The ones that are helping my granddaughter are her grandparents on her mother's side not her dad and step mom. She is living with her grandparents and we togerther are encouraging her and her brother, through our love for them. I can't tell you the prayers that God has answered through out my life. Someimes it has been no or wait and when I look back, I thank God it wasn't answered, sometimes I don't know why but He knows and that's all I need to know.Btw, I know my son loves his kids but at this point in their lives, they can:'t see it.

News Item4/10/14 9:05 AM
Dolores | Texas  Find all comments by Dolores
My granddaughter has issues with anxities and depression. They sent her to get help to be able to attend college. He recommended she read a book a day. One of the books was 23 minutes in Hell. It changed her and caused her to get close to God again. She is back in Church. Helping her mom who had been on drugs and was put in jail for stealing from an older woman she was living with. She found God in prison and is in Rehab now. My granddaughter goes get her and takes her to church with her. Her dad remarried when she was a 5 yr old, her brother 4. They were mistreated by my son's wife and now have a lot of issues. I've prayed for them and my husband and I tried to help them with it. My prayers have begun to be answered. My granddaughter showed me a beautiful daily devotion she has down loaded on her iphone. God uses any means to reach someone even a movie or book, even if they no longer go to Church. Btw, that was one of my" want something from God prayers". I never try to put God in a box and tell Him you have to do it my way because that's the way I see it

News Item4/10/14 7:55 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
By the way, I would be interested to hear how others view accounts such as the ones Delores and myself mentioned. I won't try to defend them because I just don't know but like I said, I wonder how any born again Christian could feel ok telling and living lies like that and feel they are in good standing with God.

News Item4/10/14 7:46 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
I bought the audio version of Heaven is for real years ago.and I just noticed two days ago that the movie is coming to theaters. Another very interesting story is Bill Weiss' 23 minutes in hell. I've been told to disregard these sorts of accounts but always wonder how any born again Christian could/would make up and live lies like that if they truly fear God. I guess my thought is that we know that the unseen world exists, along with all that the Bible describes, the good, the bad, and the very ugly, so why not? Now, I know there are a lot of hoaxes and just plain odd people out there but stories from seemingly born again, spirit filled Christians give me pause.
Yeah, the whole homosexual assent to power and control is mind boggling to say the least. Not all that long ago, it was considered a mental disorder/disease; disgusting and straight from the pit. Now look at how the table has's not a choice, it's been glamorized, they have taken control of government, and somehow secured the pity of the world...even many "Christians" due to the mass comprimise that's on the rise. So few seem to fear God anymore and view Him as some passive, kindly old grandfather type who wants the kids to just have fun.

News Item4/9/14 11:45 PM
Dolores | Texas  Find all comments by Dolores
Christropher, there is another book,"Heaven is For Real" that is based on a true story about a boy that died and went to heaven. I read the book and the boy was only about 4 yrs. Old when he got real sick and almost didn't make it. They are making a movie out of that book. I, for one believe God can use anything He chooses to accomplish His will and to reach someone for Christ. There will be scoffers and nay sayers, that will say never will that happen but God is doing a work in this world even though we may not be aware of it. We are seeing things changing on a daily basis. Who would have ever thought that gays would come out in such force that governments are bowing to their rights while Christians are made to defere to them even though it is against their beliefs of right and wrong. This is almost world wide and God is still in control of this world. Thanks for the encouaging comments.

News Item4/9/14 3:11 PM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
I usually think along the same lines, Dolores. I feel like even though God may not be the author of something, He can still use it, a portion of it, or whatever to reach someone, plant a seed, etc. Now, I'm not saying that justifies anything, but rather that He can and does turn the devils deeds against him. I look at it as I do the many wayward faith healers and various sorts of preacher's who are doing much damage today. I feel like God can still use them and portions of their ministry for good to reach the lost even though there may be many things wrong with them. I guess if a person is searching, then God can and will reach out to them In ways and through things/people we may never expect.

News Item4/9/14 8:55 AM
Stevenr | Missouri  Contact via emailFind all comments by Stevenr
And I mean that in Christian love.

News Item4/9/14 8:55 AM
Stevenr | Missouri  Contact via emailFind all comments by Stevenr
LOL, That's because the vast majority of people are stupid!

News Item4/9/14 7:29 AM
Thomas the Doubter | Ohio  Find all comments by Thomas the Doubter
This movie is just as likely to make people read the Gilgamesh saga as to read the real Noah. You and I both know the vast majority of people will take this movie as the truth.

News Item4/8/14 7:35 PM
Stevenr | Missouri  Contact via emailFind all comments by Stevenr
Thomas the Doubter; do you doubt the ability of Hollywood to reach the lost for us?
While I definitely would NEVER recommend it; I can see Dolores' point. Consider Paul's words... "Some indeed preach Christ even of envy and strife; and some also of good will: The one preach Christ of contention, not sincerely, supposing to add affliction to my bonds: But the other of love, knowing that I am set for the defence of the gospel. What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice." (Philippians 1:15-18)

News Item4/8/14 7:21 PM
Thomas the Doubter | Ohio  Find all comments by Thomas the Doubter
Nice sentiment Dolores but, no.

News Item4/8/14 1:54 PM
Dolores | Texas  Find all comments by Dolores
Maybe, God can actually use a movie with whatever, some are against, to reach a person who is lost but goes to see a Bible based, inspired by a true story movie. Maybe it starts him to thinking, even frightens him to the point he attends Church, talks to the pastor to find some answers to questions raised by the movie. Even reads the Bible to find the answer and behold he finds God and gets saved. Look at the bill board that went up as a result of the movie, so many are curious now and will go to see the Noah story that might otherwise have ignored it. Just saying.

News Item4/8/14 8:39 AM
Nat | Australia  Find all comments by Nat
I just watched Ray comfort's Noah movie.
Recommend you to watch it.
I really enjoy the way he evangelises. May God bless him!
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