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SEP 1, 2014
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FRONT PAGE  |  9/1/2014
Choice News TUESDAY, OCT 12, 2004  |  15 comments
'The Beast' movie: Jesus didn't exist
A movie whose purpose is to prove that Jesus Christ never existed and that demonizes Christian fundamentalists is scheduled to open on June 6, 2006 – that is, 06-06-06, the "666" biblical mark of the Beast.

Directed by Brian Flemming, who is described on the film's website as a "former fundamentalist Christian," "The Beast" promises to spread the theory he claims is "gaining credibility among scholars" – that Jesus was made up out of thin air.

"The authors of the Gospels, writing 40 to 90 years after the supposed life of Christ, never intended for their works to be read as biographies. There are no credible non-Christian references to Christ during the period in which he is said to have lived," states the film's site.

Currently in pre-production, the film's cast and crew are "legally sworn to secrecy," the promotional site says. ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

Can Christians Watch Movies?
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•  CAUTION: This Will Harm You • Dr. John Barnett | 9/17/2000
•  Should Christians watch Movies • Dr. David P Murray | 8/5/2007
•  The Entertainment Syndrome • Rev. Stephen Hamilton | 1/18/2004

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   08/20/14  |  Legal-Courts Same-sex 'marriage' freight train derailed in Tenn. • 2 comments
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   09/01/14  |  Joel Osteen's wife accused of 'blasphemous' remarks • 14 comments
   09/01/14  |  Hawaii gov. blames political loss on gay marriage • 1 comments
   09/01/14  |  California Sets Stage for First Groundwater Regulations • 1 comments
   09/01/14  |  Judge Blocks Texas' Abortion Regs • 3 comments
   08/31/14  |  LABOR DAY: R.G. Lee steeled by Panama Canal 'rugged toil'

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News Item10/18/04 9:30 PM
DJFan88 | Hyde Park Ma  
Could this be the welcoming of the AntiChrist? Only imagin the release of the film will happen at 6:33. that being 6th hr. 33min (add the 2 threes) and 33 seconds. That is taking it to the very second.

News Item10/18/04 3:26 PM
JPD | Illinois  Contact via email
Although the power of media propaganda cannot be underestimated, I think that if Christians did their womework this could easily backfire and become an excellent ground breaker for discussions.

According to WND sources, the producer is credible, but not for long.
Pleanty of ancient sources support basic historical facts surrounding the life of Christ; The Babylonian Talmud, Josephus, Tacitus, Pliny the Younger, Suetonius, Epictetus, Aristides, Celsus (whom actually concurs with the Gospels on the resurrection), Phlegon, Thallus, etc.

Any simple search would open up pleanty of sights to dig into this stuff. If you need help, E-Mail me.


News Item10/15/04 7:07 PM
Very true, Nel. The conscience can never be at peace when there is truth knocking at its door.

News Item10/15/04 7:05 PM
nel | Makati City  
how they wish Jesus is not real because they are afraid to see Him in the judgment day!

News Item10/14/04 8:37 PM
rob kelley  
As for historical evidence, check out
The Historical Jesus by Gary Habermas.
About 19 different historians, govt. officials & other anti-Christian sources still confirm the existence of Jesus of Nazareth, His death, burial, resurrection, the growth of the church by disciples who had abandoned Him during the Crucifixion.

News Item10/14/04 4:13 PM
...the answer is there are no atheists, only people who hate God, since as described, if anyone really were an atheist he'd be happy and would just laugh at us and our silly little rituals and medieval soulish thought. But they don't. they wage war on God. But another interesting question - why don't they mind Islam? Why is it that there's a public outrage any time a Christian speaks against Islam, but no outrage at all when Muslims kill Christians, as they have been doing for 50 YEARS in the Sudan, where the state's method of execution is ....drumroll...CRUCIFIXION!!! Whay doesn't this bother anybody - the crucifying of Christians? Why can Muslims kill and kill and be a religion of peace, and Christians can feed and feed yet we're a religion of intolerance. Why is Christianity's liberal attitude toward women (in comparison to Jud. or Is. for ex.) called intolerant and patriarchal, but it bothers no one that Muhammad says "A cheap rug in a man's house is worth more than a woman" and had a 9-year-old wife? (recorded in the hadith). Whence comes the insane contradiction? As the Lord says a friend of the world is His enemy, thus no surprise the atheists war against Him and us but have no qualm with Islam.

News Item10/14/04 4:11 PM
Anon, good point indeed.

News Item10/14/04 4:06 PM
fine, have it your way movie producers, if that's the way it is then Socrates, Homer, Muhammad, and many other historical figures also did not exist - Jesus didn't exist even as a man - what an idiotic idea. Here is something to think about: Who of you has ever heard of a happy, benevolent, atheist? Anyone? Of course not, the only atheists 've ever met or read of or seen wear a face at all times that looks as if they are suffering from terrible piles. But if there is no God, shouldn't atheists be the happiest ones out there after all they're free in that case - they can do whatever they want, they can eat drink and be merry and one day just fall asleep, they can enjoy a position of enlightenment while we the believers just toil on in our silly beliefs - this is a revealing question indeed. If atheists were really atheists, they should be very happy and fulfilled, and should harbor no ill will toware us, they should just laugh at us like the fools we are, like they did to Noah. But we see something else in atheists - they are unhappy and have a boiling hot hatred for hristians and God and many times spend their lives trying to subvert the faith of believers. Hey, if there really is no God, why all the work? Just keep eating and laugh at our foolishness.

News Item10/14/04 3:42 PM
George | Kansas  
How do people know that Jesus Christ never existed? Archeaologists have found proof of a lot of the things that happened in the Bible. Like when Sodom and Gomorha were burned by God, they have actually found cities in the locations of those two and found they were burned, and the people said the cities had to have existed around biblical times. There are also lots of remaining things that have been found or are being found that are from biblical times. For example they found the remains of the ark that Noah was in during the time of the great flood, so there is more proof. There is also proof that Jesus actually existed because they found the remnants of what scientists believe to be the remainders of the cloak Jesus wore when he was crucified on the cross, and it still has blood.

News Item10/14/04 8:58 AM
rob kelley  
Be sure & check out Faith Under Fire
on the PAX channel, 10pm EST. SOme good apologetics about skeptics who claim there is no God, no Jesus, no faith.

News Item10/14/04 4:04 AM
Matthew | London, England  
Amen. Does he really think that this is something new? I know that I certainly didn't believe that Christ existed before I was saved by Him. Please pray for grace for those who will be affected by this; and who knows: God in His mercy may even use it to the salvation of souls in revealing the unreasonable hostility of this world's system against His perfect righteousness and perfect plan of salvation.

News Item10/13/04 12:58 PM
Neil | Tucson  
Such outrages are like tantrums of a spoiled child - best ignored.

News Item10/13/04 10:49 AM
Jolee | Pennsylvania  
I wonder how much time he spent in the church ? I would wager not enough to accept Christ as his savior , if so he would never deny him , not even now . My hope is that God stops production of this garbage before it even hits theaters ! To God be the Glory and honor . Amen .

News Item10/12/04 10:42 PM
Wisdom is too high for a fool: he openeth not his mouth in the gate.
Proverbs 24:7

News Item10/12/04 10:03 PM
I've often wondered if the corrupt movie industry would be part of the fulfillment in the Bible. Now I am really beginning to wonder! The fact this movie is coming out only confirms the truth of what the Bible says in its prophecies. I am not surprised by this at confirms my faith as correct and true.
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