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MAY 24, 2015
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Search: environmentalist Home | All | Religion | Society | Tech | Choice | SA News
Page 1 ·  Found: 137 news items | Search: ENVIRONMENTALIST
Tuesday, May 19, 2015
  • Environmentalists vs. babiesTuesday, May 19, 20156Children used to be a crown of honor for their parents, and large families were enviable. Today a growing number of parents seem slightly ashamed of themselves and apologetic. It...
  • Monday, May 18, 2015
  • Schools now tasked with creating 'green' citizensMonday, May 18, 20157Common Core is not a benign set of federals standards meant to make your children smarter, warns an educator who says it looks more like an indoctrination program to push students...
  • Saturday, May 09, 2015
  • Climate Change Skeptics Write Open Letter to PopeSaturday, May 09, 20151As the Vatican gears up for a high-level workshop on climate change this Tuesday, a group of 90 prominent scientists, religious leaders, and academics have written an open letter...
  • Wednesday, May 06, 2015
  • Kofi Annan: Eat Bugs To Stop Global WarmingWednesday, May 06, 201515Kofi Annan, the former secretary-general of the United Nations, asserted in a recent interview that due to increased fears of global warming, the world’s population should...
  • Sunday, April 12, 2015
  • Bone-dry California dumps water to 'make fish happy'Sunday, April 12, 201513Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif., is working feverishly to reverse federal and state policies that give fish and rivers priority over people in the distribution of water during the...
  • Thursday, April 02, 2015
  • Obama’s CO2 Plan May Only Avert 0.001° Of Warming A YearThursday, April 02, 2015President Barack Obama formally submitted his plan to cut U.S. carbon dioxide emissions to the U.N. Tuesday and a climate scientists has already pointed out a glaring problem: The...
  • Sunday, March 22, 2015
  • Another nail into the coffin of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming theorySunday, March 22, 20155Rethinking the lower bound on aerosol radiative forcing by Bjorn Stevens of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, Germany, published in the American Meteorological...
  • Wednesday, March 11, 2015
  • Denying climate change 'like gargling with arsenic'Wednesday, March 11, 20158Would you gargle with arsenic? Or juggle nitroglycerin? Or even poke a poisonous brown recluse spider? Perhaps not. But an editorial cartoon published Tuesday in...
  • Saturday, March 07, 2015
  • You’re ‘Anti-Science, Racist’ by Eating Three Square Meals a Day?Saturday, March 07, 201515If you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, you’re perpetuating a “dogmatic adherence to mealtimes” that is “anti-science, racist, and might actually be making you sick,” according to...
  • Wednesday, March 04, 2015
  • Judge rules EPA liedWednesday, March 04, 20151A federal judge warned the EPA on Monday not to discriminate against conservative groups in how it responds to open-records requests, issuing a legal spanking to the agency that...
  • Monday, February 09, 2015
  • Global Warming: The biggest science scandal everMonday, February 09, 20154When future generations look back on the global-warming scare of the past 30 years, nothing will shock them more than the extent to which the official temperature records – on...
  • Sunday, January 25, 2015
  • Al Gore: Spend $90 Trillion To Ban Cars From Every Major City In TheSunday, January 25, 20152Former Vice President Al Gore and former Mexican President Felipe Calderon are pushing for $90 trillion in spending to ban cars from every major city in the world and make them...
  • Wednesday, January 21, 2015
  • 1,700 Private Jets Fly to Davos to Discuss Global WarmingWednesday, January 21, 20155The influx of private jets is so great, the Swiss Armed Forces has been forced to open up a military air base for the first time ever to absorb all the super rich flying their...
  • Wednesday, December 24, 2014
  • Egg Wars Raising Prices and Constitutional IssuesWednesday, December 24, 20143As the implementation date drew closer, egg farmers in California were investing millions to make their egg farms compliant, thereby reducing the number of laying hens while...
  • Friday, December 19, 2014
  • EPA: Time to Abolish, Not Merely RestrictFriday, December 19, 20143The federal SWAT team of nearly two dozen heavily armed agents from the EPA, FBI, and other agencies descended on the Canal Refining Co. in Church Point, Louisiana. Their target:...
  • Wednesday, November 19, 2014
  • Obama stakes final 2 years on climate changeWednesday, November 19, 201410With limited time still in power, President Barack Obama is staking his final two years on climate change, pushing the issue to the front of his agenda as he seeks to leave an...
  • Thursday, November 13, 2014
  • Obama Signs “Climate” Deal With Communist Dictator, GOP BalksThursday, November 13, 201415President Obama and brutal Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping signed a sweeping and unconstitutional deal in Beijing this week to limit emissions of carbon dioxide, which...
  • Tuesday, November 04, 2014
  • Kerry Warns: 'Our Planet Is Warming'--During Record-Breaking BlizzardTuesday, November 04, 20146“The bottom line is that our planet is warming,” Secretary of State John Kerry said in a statement on Sunday -- the same day he braved the cold and and the snow to watch the New...
  • Wednesday, September 24, 2014
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Wants To Jail Climate Change DeniersWednesday, September 24, 20146Environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. lamented that there were no current laws on the books to punish global warming skeptics. . “I wish there were a law you could punish...
  • Atheists, Baptists and Baha'i come together to tackle climate changeWednesday, September 24, 201418The world has felt like a depressing place recently with conflict and slaughter on our screens from Iraq, Syria and Gaza. Yet standing among 400,000 people in New York on Sunday I...
  • Saturday, September 13, 2014
  • Hillary: ‘Global warming’ greater threat than Islamic State?Saturday, September 13, 201416Potential 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton entered Sen. Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) Las Vegas energy conference with clear intentions — to place her global warming...
  • Monday, September 08, 2014
  • Al Gore's Climate Calculations Prove Wrong — AgainMonday, September 08, 20147Five years ago at a UN Conference on Climate Change, Al Gore predicted that, global warming having reached such an unbridled pitch, the North Pole might be completely ice-free...
  • Friday, September 05, 2014
  • Kerry: Scripture Says U.S. Should Protect Muslim Countries Against Global WarmingFriday, September 05, 20146Secretary of State John Kerry said it was the United States’ biblical “duty” to confront climate change at home and abroad in “Muslim-majority” nations during a speech Wednesday....
  • Sunday, August 03, 2014
  • Need Proof Communists Are Behind Global Warming Hype?Sunday, August 03, 20144Details emerging from a meeting held last month in Venezuela provide some rare insight into the actual mission of numerous groups that purportedly exist to stop the ostensible...
  • Saturday, August 02, 2014
  • Never Question: The EPA, Climate Change, or CNNSaturday, August 02, 20143“The Climate Reality Project brought its ‘I’m Too Hot’ trucks and offers of free ice cream to this week’s Environmental Protection Agency hearings on power-plant emissions, but...
  • Thursday, July 31, 2014
  • Homeland Security Agents Raid Home For Violation of EPA RegulationsThursday, July 31, 20143In another example of how the Department of Homeland Security has expanded far outside the purview of its original function, six vehicles full of DHS agents were required to seize...
  • Thursday, July 24, 2014
  • 130 Environmental Groups Call For An End To CapitalismThursday, July 24, 2014166Environmentalists have declared that global warming can’t be stopped without ending the “hegemonic capitalist system,” saying that cap-and-trade systems and conservation efforts...
  • Tuesday, June 24, 2014
  • Feds Research Breeding Sheep With Lower Methane-Emitting FlatulenceTuesday, June 24, 20142The U.S. government funded research into methane emissions from sheep digestive systems — flatulence and burps — to see why some sheep produce more of the greenhouse gas than...
  • Sunday, June 22, 2014
  • Fears of EPA ‘land grab’ create groundswell against water ruleSunday, June 22, 20141Lawmakers are up in arms over an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposal that they fear could give federal officials expansive new powers over private property and...
  • Wednesday, June 18, 2014
  • Feds Put Protection of Mice and Chickens Above Rights of RanchersWednesday, June 18, 201411It’s official: The federal government places the protection of mice and chickens above adhering to the constitutional rights of ranchers and the survival of their herds. As...
  • Friday, June 13, 2014
  • Union Seminary Pulls Investments from the ‘Sin’ of Fossil FuelsFriday, June 13, 20145New York City’s venerable Union Theological Seminary plans to pull all investments in fossil fuels from its $108.4 million endowment, casting it as part of a bid to atone for the...
  • Friday, April 25, 2014
  • Economic Freedom Leads to Cleaner Air, Study ShowsFriday, April 25, 20142Claims are made continually by the self-styled “environmentalist” movement that to “protect” the environment and the air, bigger and more centralized government must continue to...
  • Thursday, April 17, 2014
  • 'Biggest land grab in the history of the world'Thursday, April 17, 201414In a move lawmakers and farmers are calling “the biggest land grab in the history of the world,” the Environmental Protection Agency is requesting jurisdiction over all public and...
  • Thursday, April 03, 2014
  • EPA tested deadly pollutants on humans to push Obama admin’s agendaThursday, April 03, 20142The Environmental Protection Agency has been conducting dangerous experiments on humans over the past few years in order to justify more onerous clean air regulations. The agency...
  • Monday, March 31, 2014
  • White House looks to regulate cow flatulence as part of climate agendaMonday, March 31, 201425As part of its plan to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, the Obama administration is targeting the dairy industry to reduce methane emissions in their operations. This comes...
  • Friday, March 28, 2014
  • Common Core and UN Agenda 21Friday, March 28, 201418As the Obama administration, Bill Gates, the United Nations, and other forces seek to finalize the decades-old effort to nationalize — and even globalize — education by bribing...
  • Thursday, March 06, 2014
  • EPA Wants to Snuff out Wood and Pellet StovesThursday, March 06, 201411It took more than six weeks before the new EPA rules on wood and pellet stoves percolated into the media, which then generated pushback ranging from anger to outrage. The new...
  • Thursday, February 27, 2014
  • Greenpeace co-founder: No scientific evidence of man-made global warmingThursday, February 27, 20148There is no scientific evidence that human activity is causing the planet to warm, according to Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore, who testified in front of a Senate committee...
  • Saturday, February 22, 2014
  • Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to EPA RegulationsSaturday, February 22, 20142The Supreme Court on Monday will hear challenges to the Environmental Protection Agency's application of limits on greenhouse gas emissions from stationary sources such as power...
  • Thursday, January 23, 2014
  • Obama EPA Funding Schemes in Mexico as “Integration” ProceedsThursday, January 23, 2014As part of the ongoing North American “integration” plot being pursued by Mexican and Canadian authorities in conjunction with all arms of the Obama administration’s federal...
  • Monday, January 13, 2014
  • Atmospheric carbon is mostly to do with the soilMonday, January 13, 201413As an alternative to more established theories of global warming relating to levels of atmospheric carbon, a new research area considers that carbon levels in the atmosphere are...
  • Sunday, January 12, 2014
  • Global Warming Alarmists, Looking Ridiculous, Double DownSunday, January 12, 201410Global warming alarmists are facing an increasingly skeptical public as their hysterical “climate-change” predictions continue to be exposed as wildly inaccurate. Still, the Obama...
  • Saturday, January 11, 2014
  • State Fights EPA’s Decision To Give Town To IndiansSaturday, January 11, 20144In an outrageous decision recently announced by the Environmental Protection Agency, the West River Indian Reservation now has ownership of an entire Wyoming town. Along with the...
  • Saturday, December 14, 2013
  • EPA Water Police Coming to Your Farm, Business — and Back YardSaturday, December 14, 20134Predictably, the EPA’s expansive claim to regulatory power is being cheered by “environmental” NGOs that applaud every move to expand, concentrate, and centralize the power and...
  • Friday, November 22, 2013
  • EPA power grab: Water Regs Bring Feds To Your BackyardFriday, November 22, 2013"(The) draft rule sent to the White House for review could expand the EPA's regulatory power to give the agency unprecedented new authority over seasonal streams and ditches on...
  • Saturday, November 16, 2013
  • EPA Declares War on Fire HydrantsSaturday, November 16, 20133Philadelphia has 119 fire hydrants that cost about $2,000 each waiting in a warehouse to be installed, yet they sit high and dry because federal regulators say their fittings...
  • Tuesday, August 06, 2013
  • Radical Environmentalists Have Blood of 19 Arizona Firefighters on Their HandsTuesday, August 06, 20131The account given by Payne is not the whole picture. Firefighting today is not what it was 20 years ago. Fires 20 years ago moved slowly, at 2-3 mph. Today they move at speeds of...
  • Wednesday, July 03, 2013
  • Green energy hurts the poorWednesday, July 03, 2013Four reasons why President Barack Obama’s policy on reducing carbon dioxide emissions is wrong: Applying global warming assumptions: If we eliminate all U.S. carbon dioxide...
  • Sunday, April 21, 2013
  • Majority of Pastors Doubt Global Warming but Recycle at ChurchSunday, April 21, 20136While many churches are acting "green," the majority of pastors disagree global warming is real and man-made. The percentage of skeptics has dropped since 2010, but the percentage...
  • Thursday, March 14, 2013
  • Exaggerated Reports of Global-warming ResearchThursday, March 14, 20132Earth is experiencing an unprecedented warming period, according to a report published in the March 8 issue of Science Magazine. Researchers from Harvard University and Oregon...
  • Page 1 ·  Found: 137 news items | Search: ENVIRONMENTALIST

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