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Sermon Pursuing Biblical & Godly Modesty In an... | Dr. John Barnett
alana from wisconsin
"interesting,awesome video!God bless!"
-3 hrs 
Sermon The Cross of Calvary | Charles Lawson
Mark H from Prescott, Arizona
-4 hrs 
Sermon U.S. Divorce Rate All Time High - How Christians... | Kevin Swanson
lady day..
-4 hrs 
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Sermon8/1/12 5:41 AM
Jeffrey  Find all comments by Jeffrey
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Honour The President
Preacher Rick Brown
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for this message Paster Brown I've listened to this 3x. I have to repent for some of the things I've said about Pres. Obama. A lot out of my own prejudices without doing the research. This president has not solve all our problems but he is taking them head on.

Sermon11/4/11 9:35 AM
Jeffrey | New York  Find all comments by Jeffrey
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“ Great Sermon! ”
My comment includes the provides "it is not God has..." but should read "is it not God who has..." Sorry for the error.

Sermon11/3/11 12:56 PM
Jeffrey | New York  Find all comments by Jeffrey
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“ God Wants Us To Work & Be Productive ”
The beautiful thing about this sermon is its simplicity. If you work hard and make money, be thankful. If you work hard and don't make a lot of money be thankful. I know a lot of people who work hard, but at the same time are bitterly complaining about the "fat cats" or those corporate executives who are making millions. "Are they really working harder than I?" they may say. Isn't their income excessive relative to their contribution to the social weal or to the good that they do? I know a pastor who likes to speak to groups of executives and lecture them about greed. Yet, my grandfathers arrived in the U.S. and were impoverished (one only had $.25 in his pocket), yet all the grandchildren have decent jobs and middle class lifestyles. God in His Providence showed their labors were not in vain, nor are those of their grandchildren. The prosperity of some rich may be excessive, but on the other hand, in most cases it is not. God has charged such individuals with a responsibility to be generous and share, and many do! Meanwhile their riches do not result in my deprivation. Who had to become poor for Steven Jobs to become a billionaire? He began his business in a garage, not by taking anything from anyone. I recommend this sermon to you. Also read Prof. B.Folsom.

Sermon11/1/11 3:43 PM
Jeffrey | New York  Find all comments by Jeffrey
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Sexual Sin - 1 Corinthians 6
Doug VanderMeulen
“ Sexual sin, Part II ”
One additional point to be added to Part I. I live in New York City. Here there is prurient behavior everwhere, as well as prurient visials. For example, women in the most revealing clothing are standing close to one in crowded subways, or sitting nearby. Couples are doing all sorts of "stuff" from time to time (sometimes I have changed subway cars). The advertisements within the subway cars and on the buses is often lewd and suggestive. The standard clothing, especially in the warm weather is so far from modest as to be laughable. Not only is clothing not modest, it is positively ultra-revealing and lewd. Although there is a dress code in the high school where I teach, some of the students in the warm weather dress in a way that would make Pastor Doug and me cringe. Even sometimes male students are wearing only sleeveless undershirts. At another time of the year, the school has Pajama Day for seniors when they come to school dressed in bedroom attire. (And just to really shock you, despite my protests to the parents and school authorities, for the past few years there has been one day called "Cross Dressing Day" where many senior males come to school dressed as females and trying to look as sexy as possible. I hope and mightily pray to Almighty God for more sermons like this.

Sermon11/1/11 3:34 PM
Jeffrey | New York  Find all comments by Jeffrey
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Sexual Sin - 1 Corinthians 6
Doug VanderMeulen
“ Churches must preach about sexual sin! Part I ”
Although I have been saved fir about 25 years, I don't recall hearing any other sermon about sexual sin. Sometimes a preacher will refer to this or that abomination in a sermon, but I don't recall hearing, even once, an entire sermon devoted to this VERY important topic. If temptation draws near are we going to flee from it like Joseph from Potiphar's wife? Or are we going to be led into immorality like Aaron who told Moses that there was all that gold and...well, soon...there was a golden calf. In short, will we fall into immorality and blame "circumstances" or will we take Biblical responsibility for our actions and avoid all compromising situations when there is even a hint (by word, thought, or deed) of potential trouble for our moral life? I have had to flee from certain situations, and I still (even though I'm an old guy of 70) do not drive with a single female alone in my car. However, I was convicted by the sermon about my tendency to watch Dancing With the Stars with my wife sometimes. There is a lascivious element to those performances, and I shall cease from doing so even though I have heretofore considered this to be merely light and relaxing entertainment after a hard day's work.

Sermon6/14/11 9:43 PM
jeffrey | manila,caloocan  Find all comments by jeffrey
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A Message from God for You
C. H. Spurgeon
“ Great Sermon! ”
it is exellent if we apply it daily in our life walk daily with LORD JESUS our good shepherd

Sermon5/14/11 12:29 AM
jeffrey | manila  Contact via emailFind all comments by jeffrey
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“ Great Sermon! ”
faith and repentance are inseperable i agree i found and read it in the holy manuscript it is true

Sermon7/27/10 1:27 PM
Jeffrey  Find all comments by Jeffrey
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The Length of Christ's Love
Pastor Joseph LoSardo
“ Great Sermon! ”
I hadn’t really understood the length of God’s immutability. It really helped us understand His Eternal nature as well, and also helped us understand why our fickle changing and changing can never match His unchangeable faithfulness! Great Sermon!

News Item12/22/09 11:21 AM
Jeffrey | New York  Find all comments by Jeffrey
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The Barna survey is very sad. My daughter goes to a middle school in NYC with 1000 students. She has not met one other Christian student in 2-1/2 years. We have been praying about it, and recently one of her girl friends told her secretly that she had prayed to receive Christ when she visited her older sister in a Western state, but that she was afraid to tell her mother since her mother became so upset when she first learned that her sister (married with kids) became born again.
Yet, she knows a few Christian teens in church, and met a couple with whom she corresponds at America's Keswick. Christ Himself will give the born agains individuals His tremendous assurance and his saving grace includes perseverance through every trial including being scorned as hypocritical or old-fashioned and many other forms of rejection (read Psalm 1 -- it's very helpful to me).

Sermon12/9/09 10:58 AM
Jeffrey | Waukesha, WI, USA  Find all comments by Jeffrey
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“ Great Sermon! ”
The resurrection of the righteous dead and the translation of living believers are a combined event. One immediately follows the other. Search the Scriptures for the timing of the First Resurrection, and you will know the timing of His gathering together of His saints.

News Item6/21/08 12:49 PM
Jeffrey | New York City  Find all comments by Jeffrey
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I went to Obama's website and read his statements about "religion." He seems to believe that there is a viewpoint that is more universal than any religion...that religions are too "particular." Is there any viewpoint more universal than the Christian faith through the person of Jesus Christ? I don't think so. What he is really advocating is putting Christianity BELOW secular humanism and neo-Marxist statism. I don't know if he has read Hegel, but his thinking seems to be similar to that philosopher's. Hegel identifies the Absolute [sic] with the State.
I haven't met with Sen. Obama, and would not enjoy doing so. He lacks credibility and his so-called Christian credential is suspect in my eyes.

Sermon7/8/07 4:14 PM
Jeffrey  Find all comments by Jeffrey
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“ Beware of Wolves in Sheep's Clothing ”
This sermon alerts us to the false teachers -- in fact, the HOST of false teachers -- of this "last hour" of "the last days." In is a marvelous companion piece to an earlier sermon by Pastor VanderMeulen entitled God's "Wrath: Our Moral Corruption" which I also highly recommend (I've given CD's to quite a few people). He cautions us to watch out for the "powerful speakers" and the "miracle workers," for their power and miraculous works do not show, as they might claim, that they are sent from God no many how many times they seem to lift up the name of Jesus Christ. Rather, we need to stand foursquare in the middle of historical beliefs about the Lord. Don't look to novelty. Look to sound doctrine. Become comfortable with sound doctrine. Come to know the power of Christ alone, by grace alone, by faith alone, for the glory of God alone. This knowledge comes by grace through faith. We need to understand these basics, not in the sense of new ideas about the Holy Bible that were not revealed until these last days [sic], but by a solid understanding of these deep doctrinal issues based on serious teachings. This sermon is timely as we continue to press onto to the mark that is Jesus Christ.

Sermon6/17/07 7:04 PM
Jeffrey  Find all comments by Jeffrey
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“ Suffering that bears fruit... ”
A powerful exhortation to fathers. I listened to this purposely on Fathers' Day because I have to discipline my child, and wanted to be focused on Christ as I proceeded into this task. It's a bit difficult for me to understand the idea of proceeding with discipline from a heart overflowing with love and delight. Yet, I know that this is the right vision of the way a parent should be. I pray that I may proceed in that spirit, blessing my child and carrying on the work of the Lord as it should be carried on. Thank you for this profound sermon on a much misunderstood area of life.

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Solid Rock Baptist Church

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