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Who We Are

We are located in Forest City, North Carolina.

This late brother in Christ, G. D. FULTON (1909-1995), was a farmer and mill worker most of his life in and around Blacksburg SC. But, more importantly, he was a very sincere Bible student. He took the Scriptures up humbly (in his faithful old KING JAMES VERSION), and treated these words as the very words of God. In his mind, one should always take the Bible seriously and reverently. It was not for dispute or debate, and certainly not for jokes or entertainment. Eternal issues of the soul hung in the balance as one faced the Scriptures. It was time to ask, "Lord, what wilt THOU have me to do?" And I believe he fervently prayed that prayer and sought to live in the light of the Word. It said, "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my pathway." G. D. Fulton believed that; so he studied hard; taught several Sunday school classes and conducted some prayer meetings and preaching services. He was a Baptist all his days.

In later life, at his own expense he contracted with a small radio station (WKMT, 1220 khz. in Kings Mountain NC) for a 25-minute weekly broadcast (on Tuesday mornings), known simply as "FREELY WE GIVE BROADCAST." He told me he came up with the title, based on our Lord's words, "Freely ye have received; freely give." He simply would not take money from his listeners, but would tell them to give it to some poor and needy person in their community! THIS HE DID SEVERAL TIMES, WHEN FOLKS WOULD OFFER TO HELP PAY FOR HIS RADIO TIME.

Most of the programs were recorded and I have the good fortune of possessing MASTER TAPES of many programs. Now, via the God-given facilities of SermonAudio, we invite you to enjoy what a few Carolinians listened to from 1983 thru 1992: Simple, passionate Bible messages are yours on "Freely We Give," spoken by Gabriel D. (Dub) Fulton, my Dad. Wylie Fulton

"In preaching and teaching, we need to take the humble and simple way. We are feeding sheep, not giraffes" (G. D. Fulton). ###

  • We preach from the KJV Bible.

  • 915 sermons online


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A tape Archive of messages by G. D. Fulton, Rolfe Barnard & MANY Others.

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