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The following random comments are from our various listeners. Feel free to sign or view our complete guestbook entries by clicking here or you can read some of our many broadcaster testimonials.

  • A. J Roduer from Los Angelos, CA USA writes:
    "I just love this website and I love knowing that if any of my friends (not Christians) need help, they could come over any time and listen to one of the sermons and be free of sin."
  • Barbara Carrion from Lima Peru writes:
    "I am so very glad I have found your website! It is hard to find a church here in Peru, but what an answer to my prayers has this website been!!! I am able to listen to amazing preaching anytime."
  • Gilbert Dawson from Secunderabad, AP India writes:
    "This is one of the best web sites that I love to be with such plethora of of Godly conservative Speakers at one spot. God bless you for His Glory. Love this site so much."
  • Lawrence and Tricia from Welkom South Africa writes:
    "You have been streams of living water for our thirsty souls. Blessing to everyone connect with SermonAudio."
  • Philimon Wanja from Mbale Uganda writes:
    " is a great site here in Uganda sometimes the network speed doesn't allow audio voices, but I was surprised that it is not so with this site."
  • Brandon Ragoodial from Bradenton, FL USA writes:
    "I'm 15, and Pastor Ron DeGarde got a hold of me on one of his sermons at the Wilds Camp in NC, and I went looking for preaching online.. I never expected to find this much :D"
  • Duane from Duncan, SC USA writes:
    "I thank God for such a collection of good teachings, and also for the opportunity to fellowship and exchange with other Christians. May God bless the work on this site!"
  • Deborah from Ontario USA writes:
    "I praise God for what He is and has been doing through this web site. What a great blessing it has been to SO many, it has been a great help to me as there is a great wealth of information here. I love the ease of use also."
  • Elizabeth from Warragul Australia writes:
    "I found your website, as others have done, when questioning things that were happening at my church and at a Franklin Graham "Festival" we attended. What a blessing it has been to me and my family."
  • Nora Loomis from Hawthorne, CA USA writes:
    "I am thrilled to have found your site. I told my brother who is active in his church in Central America and also trying to learn English. He is delighted with your resources and your options."
  • Jude Newman from Wynnum Australia writes:
    "I thank God for SermonAudio. I can't find a biblical church, I listen to a sermon everyday. My eyes have been opened to the true gospel. Bless you, there is very few churches preaching the whole counsel of God anymore."
  • Dave Rothwell from York, ME USA writes:
    "Using the wide variety of sermons on, you may profoundly clarify and improve your theological knowledge and understanding. Eat your fill, the bread here is plentiful."
  • Gillian Eisele from London United Kingdom writes:
    "SermonAudio has proven a tremendous blessing to me as a means of personal help since I am sometimes not well enough to go to meetings. The generosity of those who make this possible is a real testimony of God's grace."
  • Thomas from South Central, PA USA writes:
    "My family and I have made use of the wonderful resources at SermonAudio for a few years now. Thank you, SermonAudio for making so much good preaching available easily (and all for free to listners)."
  • Kevin Acres from Woodstock Canada writes:
    "I have been so richly blessed more than words can say, strengthened more than any thing this earth can offer. And your work will not come back empty when done in the power of his might!"
  • John Philbrook from North Highlands, CA USA writes:
    "I thank God so very much for your website. I have been convicted of sin, learned so much about God, through Ravenhill, Tozer, Spurgeon and all of the other old-time preachers. Thanks so much for your faithfulness."
  • Pasto Velasco Legasi from Tuguegarao Philippines writes:
    "Thank you for your ministry that makes us go forward for Jesus. I got saved because you send missionries to my country."
  • Michelle from Las Pi√Īas Philippines writes:
    "God really used the audio downloads here to wake me up. Now I understand what is really the gospel because of what I've heard. I hope I could share this to others, I'll talk this over with my church."
  • Mark Fitzpatrick from Dublin Ireland writes:
    "We continue to be blessed by this site. As a fellowship we will pray for its ongoing usefulness!"
  • Arnold from La Paoma Argentina writes:
    "Using the power of the internet to declare the awesome power of the gospel. Truly a great work and ministry."
  • Jon Cardwell from Scammon Bay, AK USA writes:
    "What a blessing! Not only do we get to hear such tremendous expositors, but the site also improves with new touches here and there. My family and I thank God for SermonAudio."
  • Don Rogers from Pompton Plains, NJ USA writes:
    "I feel like I found "hidden treasure" when I discovered Sermonaudio. I've listened to quite a few of the speakers so far and they sure are sound, preaching according to Scripture."
  • Raised to Life from Arlington, VA USA writes:
    "This site is a HUGE blessing ‚Äď broad and practically bottomless."
  • Gin Tanaka from Niigata-shi Japan writes:
    "I have been so blessed that i've found this great Godly website. Since then, it became a part of my daily study in the Word of God, that really makes a perfect help for a hungry soul like me."
  • Linda from , PA USA writes:
    "This site has been an absolute blessing to me! In a time when it's virtually impossible to find a church that teaches the truth, God led me to this site."
  • Ricardo from  Medellin-Colombia writes:
    "God Bless for being LIGHT through the internet. You stream HOPE to a lost World. I thank you very much. Your Ministry has helped me understand my FAITH."
  • DD from  USA writes:
    "I had no idea Christ had such a place in globilization. When I found this site, revival happened to me. It seemed I came from a place of despair and defeat, I thought all power had gone and preaching was no more."
  • Annette Johnson from Ontario, CA USA writes:
    "I have enjoyed SermonAudio very much,there is so much to listen to that it is hard to choose."
  • B. Mathew from Ulhasnagar India writes:
    "I appreciate the work you do for spiritual edification on line. May God bless you and reward you."
  • Rev. James from , OH USA writes:
    "I am so amazed at the amount of christian news that has to offer that you will not find on any T.V., Radio or newspaper. Thank you for being here for all of us!"
  • Dolly Allen from Northland New Zealand writes:
    "This site is such a huge blessing and I thank our Lord for it. Thankyou for being online :-)"
  • Janine Anderson from Asheville, NC USA writes:
    "What a fabulous site for sermons and speakers! Praise the Lord!"
  • Cheryl A. Lavender from Fairview, TN USA writes:
    "I have been disabled for the past 3 years and rarely am able to go to church. You have given me so much and it is my prayer that God would continue to bless you in all that you do."
  • Cliff Leckey from Bangor Northern Ireland writes:
    "What a great site, dedicated to Gods Word, to spend a profitable evening."
  • Robert Dorband from Colorado Springs, CO USA writes:
    "This website is an amazing resource of audio sermons. I love to listen and try to do about 10 hours a week of that. This site is such a resource. I LOVE IT!!!!!!"
  • Geoff from Lurgan Northern Ireland writes:
    "The best website on the net !!! I use it every day, so much info apart from all the great sermons GOD BLESS."
  • Mrs. Lori Sampedro from Salem, OH USA writes:
    "This is my favorite website on the entire net. I use it as my homepage. I love daily being able to hear good preaching and am so thankful for this ministry. God bless."
  • D. K. Lashier from Greer, SC USA writes:
    "The most mindblowing library of sermons. A staggering "battleship row" of powerful sermons, evangelistic messages, and exhortations in Christian living as well, an impressive array of speakers, church information."
  • Alex Peterson from Houston, TX USA writes:
    "I teach a Sunday School class, and I often find myself checking out the Sermons by Reference feature. It's a great way to find out what has been preached about a particular passage."
  • Ibikunle Abimbola from Ondo Nigeria writes:
    "This is a mind boggling site. I appreciate the weekly e-mails. Please keep up the good work"
  • Edward Tominus from Mifflinburg, PA USA writes:
    "We love this website and do believe it is used mightily of God. Keep up the good labor of faith as we all continue to fight the good fight of faith."
  • Lisa Felten Pool from Charlotte, NC USA writes:
    "I just want to share what an increbile blessing this site has ben to me and the wonderful sermons provided! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
  • Richie from Cebu City Philippines writes:
    "I'm so thankful to the LORD when I found this site. I've already recommended this site to my Christian friends and included this ministry on my prayer items. Keep on!"
  • Robert Leonardo from Indiana, PA USA writes:
    "As a Christain Parent of children who attend public school I am very interested in the study Apologetics, Creation Science ect. SermonAudio is a wonderfully rich resource for just about all our needs."
  • JA Hess from Lawrenceville, GA USA writes:
    "Thank you for this precious fount of living water. There is a famine in the land for hearing the words of the Lord. Thanks to you and your obedience to the call of God to establish this website."
  • Bonnie & Nick from Ackworth, IA USA writes:
    "This water of the preaching of the Word of God is thirst quenching to thirsty souls around the world. Our prayers remain at the throne of grace on your behalf."
  • Marek Bulka from Warszawa Poland writes:
    "Is vital what you do. Thank you."
  • Dominion Ranch from Ackworth, IA USA writes:
    "This site continues to be blessed with hundreds finding so many helps to grow in Christ. Keep up the wonderful work. Thank God you are here!"
  • Abdo from Salmiya Kuwait writes:
    "Thank you for this great website. It's almost my church in this part of the world. God Bless you."
  • Richie from Cebu City Philippines writes:
    "I'm so thankful to the LORD when I found this site. I've already recommended this site to my Christian friends and included this ministry on my prayer items. Keep on!"
  • Mary Schuder from Atlanta, GA USA writes:
    "I had been listening to conservative talk radio, but became convicted about the ungodly content. The Lord graciously led me here. I have experienced quite a spurt in my spiritual growth since discovering you!"
  • Jason Liew from Calvary Bible-Presbyterian Singapore writes:
    "Thank God for this ministry in these last days to stand and shine for the Lord. May God bless this area of service to Him with more fundamental sermons for His glory!"
  • Lea from Calhoun County, AL USA writes:
    "I love this site! The amount of sermons on this site is amazing. I also love the radio stations and the hymnal."
  • Stephen E. Anderson from Alexandria, VA USA writes:
    "Thank God for this tremendous resource! What a wonderful blessing to have such a collection of tremendous sermons at one's fingertips."
  • Renee from Belleville, MI USA writes:
    "Thank you for your extremely valuable resource! Sound, biblical, thorough preaching is hard to come by these days, but your website is helping to fill the gap."
  • Andy Colquhoun from Buckinghamshire England writes:
    "Thank you for all that you are doing in bringing the Gospel to a dying world. How encouraging to know that ther are still some who hold to the truth of God's Holy Word."
  • Nadir Chand from Dubai United Arab Emirates writes:
    "this is a great site and i pray that it keeps on doing the good work that it does ."
  • Rev Donald E. Karnes from Norfolk, VA USA writes:
    "It is wonderful to be able to sit in the congregation of many great preachers to hear messages from God's word---all in the comfort of your home, office, or automobile."
  • Yvette from Lacombe, LA USA writes:
    "I was afraid of what I would find on sermonaudio. I thought I would find more of the world's religion, but praise be to God -- the truth is here!"
  • Helen Bazor from Pearlington, MS USA writes:
    "I appreciate your website for carrying Gods word brought to us without adding to or taking away. This website has been a blessing to me to hear the true word of God."
  • Pooyan Mehrshahi from Ipswich United Kingdom writes:
    "I have found your material a blessing from the LORD. It is helping me to develop as a young Christian. So may God keep you and guide you."
  • Jean-Claude Morin from Orange City, FL USA writes:
    "I have done much Biblical research on the web and this site is by far one of the best site for those who wants to listen to some of the best preaching out there."
  • Mike & Karen Smith from Newington, GA USA writes:
    "This is one of the most awesome sites I've ever come across. The perfect example of what pooling your knowledge and resources can accomplish! Thank you."
  • Bob Faulkner from Glenview, IL USA writes:
    "this is really great. i'm listening to paisley as i write to you. incredible."
  • Pierre Bynum from Faulkner, MD USA writes:
    "I must tell you that finding your site was one of the most exciting things I have found on the internet in the several years that I have had access to it."
  • Cameron Clancy from  United Kingdom writes:
    "Thank you very much for your efforts in maintaining and offering this web site. I find it a joy to use - simple, effective and truly life saving."
  • Brad Smith from  United States writes:
    "I love your site and have purchased an mp3 player just to listen to the sermons."
  • Colin Maxwell from Cork Ireland writes:
    "Congratulations on a tremendous site. Look forward to revisiting it again."
  • Patrick Polizzi from Metairie, LA usa writes:
    "To be able to hear the semons of my old pastor is of immeasurable joy. May God bless you in all of His fullness Pastor Cairns. You are missed."
  • Hutson F.Challenger from Carib Reserve Dominica writes:
    "Just what we have been looking for. The site is very beneficial."
  • Dr C V GILLIS from WESTON SUPER MARE England writes:
    "worshipping in a small congregation it is refreshment from the Throne of God to hear these lovely Gospel Choirs-A ministry to the Saints indeed. "
  • Peter Crymble from Boston / Ballymoney, MA USA /Northern Ireland writes:
    "Living in Boston I dont get to hear good preaching too often. Your site is excellent and I intend to download several sermons. Thanks for this service!"
  • Pastor Dennis Fox from Marysville, OH USA writes:
    "Thank you for makig this webiste available. It is an oasis in the desert land of the internet!"
  • Des & Dorothy from Brisbane Queensland, Q Australia writes:
    "Congratulations on achieving such a mind boggling site - to God be all the praise and all the Glory."
  • David L. Hanson from Somonauk, IL USA writes:
    "We appreciate the effort and the money going into this website in order to the preached Word of God to the Internet. We are blessed by the great sermons!"
  • Greg Willhite from Hiedelberg, GE Germany writes:
    "Great Site use it all the time what a blessing."
  • Rev Jim Patterson from London United Kingdom writes:
    "In an age when so many so called churches and ministers of Christ are attempting to broaden the narrow way, I thank God for the teaching that is available on this site."
  • Tony & Jackie Ruckel from Fort Worth, TX USA writes:
    "Jackie is enjoying all the messages from Beneth Peter Jones. She has listened to all 39 in the past 3 days!"
  • Raymond Prendergast from Springfield, MA USA writes:
    "In the world of today a ministry such as yours is highly needed where those who preach the uncompromised Word of God can be heard."
  • Andreas Schmieg from Frankfurt Germany writes:
    "Wow! I spend up to 50 hours per month on the internet. Your's is definitely one of the best sites I came across."
  • ong pang hin from singapore, SG singapore writes:
    "thank you for your labours in promoting good sermons using mp3 on the web."
  • Leonard Layne from Cambridge, MA USA writes:
    "You have provided a wealth of material nearly unequalled in the entire spectrum of Biblical sites. Thank you very much."
  • William McDermott from Moneyslane FPC Co. Down Northern Ireland writes:
    "Really enjoying the site, but a special word of thanks for the online hymnal. I have long wished that someone would produce a searchable hymnal! Wonderful!"
  • David Campbell from Huntersville, NC USA writes:
    "I love the Online Hymnal! Praise the Lord for this great tool for online evangelism."
  • Renee Richmond from Phoenix, AZ USA writes:
    "This is a fabulous website. I hope I can live long enough to listen to all these sermons!"

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