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All Categories |  Home & Personal Polls
1,875 total votes have been cast on this survey | 38 user comments  ( edit survey )

How many children do you have?
Created: 4/16/2003 | Last Vote: 9 years ago | Comment: 11 years ago
Disclaimer: These surveys are created by PLUS or FULL Members of the site and, unless specified, are not created by the SermonAudio staff nor do they necessarily reflect the site's position on any topic.

 •   1-2 Children
  31% | 580 votes

 •   3-4 Children
  29% | 551 votes

 •   5-8 Children
  14% | 258 votes

 •   More than 8 Children!
  3% | 51 votes

 •   None or Not Married
  22% | 411 votes

 •   No answer. Skip this survey, I do not care to vote on this topic.
  1% | 24 votes


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· Page 1 ·  Found: 36 user comment(s)

Survey4/10/08 10:30 PM
Faithful Remnant  Find all comments by Faithful Remnant
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David and Gabriela Buzulak wrote:
If the Lord blesses you with children, great! If the Lord chooses to not give you any, great! You should pray that the Lord would do HIS will. I think that birth control of any sort is wrong.

Survey4/10/08 10:07 PM
David and Gabriela Buzulak | Newville, Pennsylvania  Go to homepageFind all comments by David and Gabriela Buzulak
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I think that if you are saved, you should leave this up to the Lord. Don't try and play God. If the Lord blesses you with children, great! If the Lord chooses to not give you any, great! You should pray that the Lord would do HIS will. I think that birth control of any sort is wrong. It is late and I can go into detail if you want later.
I also think it is wrong for people with many children to look down on those that don't have alot or any. Maybe it is not God's plan for them.
I have a very close friend who used to always say she didn't want anymore children. Just the one she had. I couldn't understand this. She had a bad attitude about it too. It turns out that she really did want more, but her heart was broken about not being able to conceive, and she thought that other women were looking down on her for not having more, so she put a guard up and just pretended that she didn't want anymore. She poured her heart out to the Lord, and he answered her prayer and gave her another child.
I said all that to say this....I think that each of us has to stand before God for what we do. I am not going to have to account for what you do, vice versa. We need to have alot more love for people, more patience. We need to give fellow christians room to grow and room for God to work in

Survey8/7/07 12:31 AM
mary | north carolina  Find all comments by mary
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This forum is an experience with the name calling and such. You all have an interesting way of making judgements about people! The Lord in His mercy to me has brought me past the Arminian/Calvinist labels that seem to be very popular in this forum. There is also a lot of verse quoting going on all the time which is wonderful, but what about what you KNOW,about YOUR walk with Christ? Yes, I know about Arminius and Calvin; am thankful for the lessons in history, am thankful God brought me to the doctrines of grace and all of His sovereignty, am thankful for the puritan and reformed theologies, for the greats like Augustine, Huss, Wycliffe, Bunyan, Luther, Watson, Pink, Whitfield,Spurgeon, Lloyd-Jones to name a few of the great reads in my bookshelf. I'm trying to figure out your def. of Calvinist. Is is because of my comment about having children? You're not fatalists, are you? Can you humanly understand and describe God's sovereignty and how we are not reduced to puppets on a string? (I love the book of Job.)
Thanks you for your kindness, Fellow Saint...

Survey8/5/07 2:29 AM
Fellow Saint  Find all comments by Fellow Saint
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It doesn't look like that's going to happen, Yamil. I don't intend to judge her by being Arminian or not(I don't know if she is and I'm not--I don't think even his name is found among the words in the books I have), because we're not too concerned about that. She probably doesn't know his name and I don't intend to confuse her with all the opposing theologians of the world. I know she's not Calvinist, and she knows the Bible is above all else and that's good enough for me. We've got our Bibles. I think we'll be just fine. Sorry to disappoint you.

Survey8/5/07 2:12 AM
Fellow Saint  Find all comments by Fellow Saint
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Thanks Mary for the encouraging word. I'm still single, but thanks...and how much longer will I be single? It may not be much longer! To be blessed in marriage to the woman the Lord has prepared for me will be fantastic just as you said.

Survey8/5/07 2:07 AM
mary | north carolina  Find all comments by mary
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Having children is a fantastic blessing/miracle of which we have but just a prescribed amount of control-we just like to THINK we call all the shots. There are some who get right prideful because of the huge flock they DECIDED to have, just like some who fear the world and all its badness so much so that they are doing their heritage a favor to NOT bring them forth. Where is seeking God's will for your life in all of this?

Survey11/26/06 11:25 AM
9/11 Was An Inside Job | George Orwell's 1984 Come True  Find all comments by 9/11 Was An Inside Job
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Great testimony, Bob and Laurie.

The world is not overpopulated. The entire world population would fit comfortably in the state of Texas, with room for hospitals, schools, parks, roads, and all the rest.

The overpopulation myth is a lie of the Devil who came to lie, kill and destroy.

During the Tribulation, Bible says people will be forbidden to marry or eat meat. Yhe first thing the Communists do when they take power is attack the family. We know in China the state forbids more than one child per family, and will force a woman with twins to choose one to kill and one to keep.

Survey11/26/06 10:29 AM
Bob & Laurie | South Dakota  Contact via emailFind all comments by Bob & Laurie
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WE have 14 children with one with the Lord. Children are such a blessing. Our youngest now is 14. The Lord has always provided what we need. They all have grown to be very responsible and are respected in the community. If we had it to do all over again, we would do it again and maybe have more. Long ago when I asked the Lord if we were doing the right thing, He responded by telling me that He was raising us up to be a testimony to a selfish generation. WE now have 23 grandchildren and are having a blast.

Survey11/25/05 12:47 AM
David | Tx  
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I appreciate your gracious comments (33k and Neil). We are only studying more how to take of her if she does end up blessed with child again. Last time she developed gestational diabetes. No one is sure that she would develop this again, but we are being cautious enough to "study up" on how to avoid complications.
I agree with your abstinence comment 33k. It's alot to ask of a couple in the 1st place.
Grace & Peace,
Veritas Vincit

Survey11/22/05 3:14 PM
Neil | Tucson  
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David, I second 33K's comments. Women in my wife's family couldn't even conceive until their 40s, so you never know.

Female physiology is a particularly great mystery

Survey11/22/05 2:11 PM
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I appreciate your post, expecially your heartfelt reference to your two children who are already with Christ which is far better.

I would observe however that 37 and older is not in and of itself a dangerous age to have children.

I also wouldn't regard abstinence for an extended period of 10 years or more as an ordinary biblical option except where there is very clear and present danger to the life and health of the mother. In such special cases cases we can expect God to send extraordinary grace in time of need.

Survey11/22/05 1:56 PM
David | Texas  
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I have 4 children (6 if you count the 2 miscarriages). We would love to have more but my wife is 37 and getting to the point where it's dangerous. We don't practice "birth control."
We'd love to see Christians have as many kids as possible; thereby, outnumbering the pagans. As an elder I realize not everyone is on the same page with this and I do my best to be sensitive and try to teach in a manner that doesn't immediately offend. In the end, if childbirth doesn't endanger the mother's life, she should acknowledge her "little blessings" as they come. Abortion and birth control aren't options, abstinence is.
I don't think there is an exact number of children we should have; however, the fact that couples look at kids as an expense and not a blessing is a sign of our success orientation. Sacrifice is the watchword of Christianity, and until we raise up the next (large) generation that is willing to sacrifice all to see God's Word acknowledged, practiced, applied, and preached we will continue to see Christian families use birth control and abort God's blessings.

Survey10/22/05 7:04 PM
Jill Simmons | Greenville, South Carolina  
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I am 14 So you can probably guess that I don't have any kids but, I do have 9 brothers and sisters. 6 boys, and 3 girls!

Survey8/26/05 12:31 AM
Tyler Bruce Upchurch | Oakland, TN  
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I'm 16 years old, so I have no children yet, but I am the eldest of 8 children, with more hoped to come.

If I could vote what I want, it'd definitely be "more than 8", but I'll leave that to God. I plan to never use birth control as Romans 8:28 states very clearly that all things happen for good and therefore God MUST be in control, for if He weren't, there would be no such guarantee, and such we can be assured that God won't bless us overmuch or beyond the means that He will supply. How can I have a greater impact on the world than by releasing veritable hordes of people programmed to think like me? You'd best join us, ye people of sparsely arrowed quivers or you'll find yourself surrounded by Puritan leaning Upchurch children!* :-)

*Most of that was meant to be taken light heartedly, although it's all true.

Survey7/22/05 3:31 PM
Christian Raas | Switzerland  
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I am a born-again Protestant but I honestly don't have the courage to have any children in a time like this. Since home-schooling is illegal in Switzerland and there is no Christian school in our town I would have to send my children to a public school where they are taught that we came from monkeys, that you can have sex with anyone you want to as long as you use condoms, that all religions lead to heaven and that our Swiss Reformation heritage is worthless and we should just abandon the "heresy" of patriotism and let the European Union rule our country. I don't dare to imagine what kind of generation our godless government is raising up right at this time. God help Switzerland and may the European Union be smashed to pieces by the Almighty Hand of God soon. The European Union is going to be ONE BIG ROMAN CATHOLIC DICTATORSHIP! Protestants of Europe beware! The dark clouds of persecution have already risen on the horizon of a coninent that was once so blessed by God with the glorious Protestant Reformation. Surely I will rejoice together with the angels when Babylon will fall once and for all!

Survey11/23/04 2:13 PM
Clea | Texas  
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Who is telling anybody how many children to have?

Survey11/23/04 8:41 AM
Gail Owens | Northern Ireland  
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Dear Friends,
I do resent being told how many children to have, it is up to the individual. I have one son nearly two years old and to have anymore would kill me, I had some kidney failure after the birth (due to a transfusion of blood) I had gestational diabetes. My Doctor said to have anymore could damage my kidneys even further, as a result I don't want any more. To top it all I had really bad postnatal depression.

Survey11/22/04 11:56 AM
Neil | Tucson  
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Bless you for your mature & thoughtful comments, Nicole. Thank your parents for fearing God and not men. We have only 3 children (either God's judgment or providence, let it be), but each is a blessing to us.


Survey11/21/04 3:12 PM
Nicole D. | WI  Contact via email
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As I'm only 15 and not married, I obviously don't have any children, but I'd like to give testimony of how great it is to grow up in a Christian home where the parents have truly obeyed God's command to "Be fruitful and multiply."

I am the oldest of 9 children, soon to be 10. I only have 1 sister... you do the math on how many brothers that leaves!

Many people, even in Christian circles, have told my parents that they're crazy. Some people have the opinion that to have this many children is irresponsible on the part of the parents, that you can't possibly train them all and give them all everything that they need.

I have to say, that though I used to resent being a part of a large family because I thought it prevented me from doing things I wanted to do, I now see it as a blessing, and a great preparation for adult life.

I praise God for parents that have given God the control of how many children they have, that actually live what they believe. Many Christians say that they're pro-life, but don't want too many kids, but my parents have lived what they believe, and I am so thankful for that!

I guess that's enough of my rambling on, but I just figured I'd comment from a teenager's perspective!

Survey11/20/04 10:31 PM
christine fiore | dutchesscounty, ny  Contact via email
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