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Cast your vote to see the results of this survey | 56 user comments  ( edit survey )

Should Iraq's Consititution Sponsor Islam?
Created: 11/12/2003 | Last Vote: 8 years ago | Comment: 11 years ago
Disclaimer: These surveys are created by PLUS or FULL Members of the site and, unless specified, are not created by the SermonAudio staff nor do they necessarily reflect the site's position on any topic.

  Yes, the majority in Iraq would want this.

  No, Christian truth and its God should be sponsored instead.

  No, the Constitution should provide for free expression of all religions.

  No, religion must be separated from state.


  No answer. Skip this survey, I do not care to vote on this topic.


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· Page 1 ·  Found: 56 user comment(s)

Survey8/22/08 11:10 AM
Immanuel | India  Contact via emailFind all comments by Immanuel
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Whatever it may be, every soul is precious in God's sight. With eternity in view, i think the govt. should support christian missions and encourage missionary activity in Iraq. It should have a strong Christian to supervise the writing of the constitution so as to make it entirely secular and free from islamic dominance.

Survey4/4/08 9:26 AM
John811 | Northern Illinois  Find all comments by John811
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It is Iraq. I am not a citizen of Iraq. Therefore I have no say in what they do. The Iraqis must choose, not me. They may do as they wish.

My only obligation would be to inform Iraqis, as I may be able, about Christ and salvation so as to help them know the truth that they may be set free. God will judge.

Survey2/19/08 3:58 PM
The Cure | To Calvinism Cancer  Go to homepageFind all comments by The Cure
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You must be a Baptist.

Historically, Calvinists have never believed in the separation of church and state, not even, during the great Puritan era of the Commonwealth.

Survey2/19/08 11:32 AM
Dr. Phil  Find all comments by Dr. Phil
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John Calvin wrote:
Iraq should sponsor Calvinism.
Sola Calvinism!!!!!
Yeh, like this is going to happen.
Calvinism teaches the separation of church and state. At least, this Calvinist does.

Survey1/29/08 10:45 PM
Foster | Point Roberts, Wa.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Foster
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Should Christian nations sponsor
nations promoting Islam??? No!

Survey6/18/07 4:19 AM
Abigail | Oregon  Find all comments by Abigail
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Christianity is Christ's kingdom that is not of this world. Laws do not change people's hearts, but by all means Christianity should be promoted by Christians with prayer for evil nations. We should not condescend to evil simply because people are evil.

Survey6/18/07 3:03 AM
TULIP1 | Just South of Memphis TN  Contact via emailFind all comments by TULIP1
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It seems ironic that under the present system in Iraq, Christians have less safety and opportunities for redress than under Saddam, in fact they are being driven out of that country, with no outcry from our supposed Christian President. Also, we have allowed a situation that is inimical to our own 1st Amendment. We need a Douglas MacArthur, who oversaw the writing of the modern Japenese Constitution. As it is now, the best we can hope for is to keep the lid on the boiling cauldron of hate. We need to encourage a situation that allows the preaching of Jesus Christ and His Gospel of Peace.

Survey4/23/07 11:06 AM
Willy Wilmore  Find all comments by Willy Wilmore
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It wouldn't be accepted as the peoples constitution if it did not carry some sort of reference to Islam.
Politics like this is not going to overcome idolatrous religions over night.
Should western nations constitutions sponser Christianity???

Survey8/21/06 11:51 PM
web watch  
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In the LORD's prayer, we do pray: Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Since Jesus of Nazareth gave us this prayer to pray, we can expect it to be answered.

Indeed, may love and righteousness and all of God's will be done in Iraq and in every land. Even so, come LORD Jesus Christ.

Survey8/21/06 2:46 PM
Jim | Nebraska  
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Hmmm, Neil, I thought I had looked over many of these comments, however, one might say we have already lost the war in Iraq and Afganistan, because both their constitutions support sharia law.

and some interesting commentary,

Survey2/13/06 8:42 AM
Bob Vincent | Alexandria, Louisiana  Contact via email
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These "Democratic" elections in Iraq, like those in Israel where a majority of the Palestinians elected Hamas, demonstrate the folly of our attempt at "Nation Building." Without large numbers of people who have been born again, there can be no freedom. Without the widespread preaching of the Gospel, Iraq is going to go the way of Vietnam, and our soldiers who have died will have died in vain. Please see my blog for further comments

Bob Vincent

Survey2/5/06 10:48 AM
web watch  
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Jesus Christ shall rule Iraq, the USA, and every nation. Then, there shall be one religion and one God.

Survey2/5/06 8:19 AM
web watch  
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One day, Jesus Christ shall judge and rule all nations (Psalm 67:4, 82:8; Isaiah 2:4; Micah 4:3).

In the Holy Scriptures, He is called the Governor of the Nations (Psalms 22:28). He is also called King of Kings (1Timothy 6:15, Revelation 17:14, 19:16).

Survey2/3/06 7:35 PM
Carole Abumoussa | South Carolina  
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I don't believe it should provide for free expression of all religions. Such constitution would be exposed to homosexuality, modern humanism, and abortion more than any other one.
Most of the time, anyway, Christian government shifts into persecution of non-Christians or into a political country with less change in the people's heart.
I think religion should be separated from the state. Anyway, the problem is always with how to change a person's heart to accept Christ, not how to change the laws. Keeping the law doesn't make anybody go to heaven. Being Christian is the work of the Holy Spirit through people, not through religion.

Survey9/24/05 10:59 PM
Clyde Willis | TX  
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Sponsored Islam and free expression of all religions do not exclude each other.
Before we invaded Iraq Jews and Christians lived there in relative peace. A lot of the instances of injustices were private citizens acting out side of the law - and to be honest that didn't happen very often - yet Islam was the sponsored religion.

We must keep in mind that most of the muslims in Iraq are no more muslim than the "christians" of America. It is basically an ethnicity. It just so happens that those "ethnic muslims" are much much more moral and modest than our "ethnic christians" so they appear to be very religeous.

I do not think the rest of the world would stand for an Iraq without sponsored Islam. However, as a Baptist I am personally opposed to an established religion - the marriage of government and religion but if that established religion had a good degree of tolorance, like Iraq had before, I would not rail against it either. I gues I would not like it but I could tolorate it.

Survey8/24/05 11:01 PM
Craig | USA  
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Not only will you find that Calvin absolutely defended the execution of Servetus, but Knox as well. Eusibius supported Constantine in suppression of Arianism and paganism. Ambrose, Chrysostom and Luther of Jews. Augustine supported persecution of the Donatists. New England Puritans of heretical teachers such as Rogers and and Hutchinson not to mention blasphemers and witches. English Puritans of anti-Trinitarians. Luther called for Anabaptist heretics to visit Hans. Rutherford called for the sword to come on Socinians. Many more could be given. Christians err in trying to cover the history which many learned non-believers know all too well. The documentation is clear. We must either accept it with or without qualifications and confess the same veiws which they clearly confessed or reject the vast majority of our heroes' views on the subject. I for one stand in the long train of orthodox Christians, and accept the Scriptural teaching that heresy, blasphemy, and idolatry should be punished by the magistrate. In Iraq, the most God honoring political system would result in the persecution of Muslim heresy, blasphemy, and idolatry.

Survey8/23/05 8:47 AM
John H. | Piedmont Area of North Carolina  
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Not only should it sponsor Islam, it must.

This note is only to the people that believe that the Holy Bible is actually the inspired Word of God and if you do believe, then read Genesis 16. You can see how his name was modified to say Islam.

Survey7/23/05 1:56 PM
Christian Raas | Switzerland  
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Wow, Neil I have to say for an American you know an awful lot about European history. Probably more than most Europeans do! But you are absolutely right, Zwingli died fighting the Roman Catholic cantons (counties.)I get a lot of very good Protestant information on this website which I was never taught in school or at home since I was baptized and brought up a Roman Catholic myself until I left the Church at the age of 18, 2 years after my conversion to the Lord Jesus Christ. I dicovered that some of J.A. Wylies works are actually freely available on audio from this website. I will try to find out more about his works. Currently I am listening to a lot of sermons by Dr. Ian Paisley. Wow, I have never heard preach that powerfully against the falsehoods of Romanism. I wished we had a bold preacher like that here in Switzerland as well.

Survey7/22/05 8:50 PM
Neil | Tucson  
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Christian, I had to order my xerographic copy from, which has much Reformation-era literature. Are you sure you can't get by with editions in English? You seem adept enough with it.

I have admired the Swiss for preserving their liberties against the Burgundians, Hapsburgs, and Bourbons, and retaining its medieval federalism versus autocracy that so many other European states adopted. But as always, Europe is hankering after imperialism, bureaucratic rather than autocratic, and the Swiss are buying it this time, apparently.

I am surprised to hear Swiss Catholics are so militant today. That's just how Zwingli died, at the hands of the Catholic cantons.

I forgot to add that Calvin was not even awarded Genevan citizenship until before he died, so he hardly had the authority to execute anyone, although he did participate as a witness for the prosecution (excerpts from Servetus's writings, that's all).

Survey7/22/05 4:01 PM
Christian Raas | Switzerland  
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Thanks for your infos Neil. Unfortunately the monumental work "History of Protestantism" has just very recently been translated (at least partially) into German and besides that you really have to hunt for sound Protestant history books in our country. You see Switzerland has been methodically re-catholized (might be spelled wrongly sorry!) since the Reformation. Switzerland used to be 57% Protestant and 41% Roman Catholic in 1970. Today Switzerland is almost 50% Roman Catholic and less than 40% Protestant!! And most of the Protestants do not care a dime about our Reformation heritage. So you are not going to find a lot of literature in a so-called evangelical bookstore which is critical of the Church of Rome. In fact there are areas in Switzerland where you risk of bein killed when you try to preach against Roman Catholicism. Also the public schools are rather anti-protestant and I might have been wrongly informed about Calvin and Zwingli. Thanks for straightening me out. I feel even more proud to be a Swiss Protestant now.

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