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Children of The Heavenly Father
Audio CD Accompanies The Online Book
Created By:
Kathleen Shea Vick

Price:   Free!
Type: Audio CD
Category: Audio - Sacred Music

Ships To:United States Only

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Here is the Audio CD that accompanies the online book, "Children of The Heavenly Father - Bright Gems For His Crown - 10 Lessons and 10 Hymns Contemplating The Mystery of Grace". I hope you have already downloaded and printed the book. If not, you'll find it at our "eDocs" tab. The 10 hymns from the book have been arranged and recorded by Kathleen. You can hear samples of each hymn in 10 video clips at our "Albums" tab. If you like the music, email us with your mailing address and we will send you a FREE copy of the Audio CD. No strings attached - we're not selling anything! We simply believe that the LORD's music must be FREE to all. True sacred music is not merchandise, but rather, it belongs to the LORD and to His people. To email us, click on the little email envelope at the top of the page.
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