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Messiah's Name and the letter J
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Messiah's Name: THE LETTER J

Shalom! Exodus 6:3 is one of the four citations in the KJV where in English it prints JEHOVAH. However, the correct Hebrew word is Yod Hey Vav Hey; no “J” (Jay). Thus we may pronounce His Name YaH' {H3050} or YaH’Vah.

The 26 Letters, Oscar Ogg; pg 74 &106, "The three missing letters, J, U and W, were not used by the Romans at all. U and W developed FROM "V" about a thousand years ago, and J developed from the letter "I" about five hundred years ago.” (Thus, the W came in about 971 A.D.) Page 74 shows a chart of Hieratic, Phoenician letters, with no W, just a “V”, 1150 B.C.. Page 105 shows a Greek-Latin chart: No “W”, just a “V” at bottom right.

For over five hundred years, there have been many decent, respectful, and sincere people who have used the names of Jesus and Jehovah. The V is correct. Our KJV Bible uses Jehovah four times, and substitutes “Lord” for YaHVaH (or even Jehovah). Most of us were, as Paul says, children in the faith, so we spoke as a child. We called upon that authorized KJV Name Jesus, the only Name we were taught. Now we know, and have become more mature in the Faith. I have left my baby talk, and speak and spell the King of the Universe by His Scriptural Name. This is how we honor His Name, and do not take His Name in vain. If they want, they could start by referring to the King of Kings as Joshua, then when they grow and study into it, Yasha, Yeshua or YaHOSHA.

For the Hebrew of "Y" we have always pronounced "Ee-Yah". We are not advanced Hebrew scholars. If someone wishes to pronounce with a J as in JehovaH let YaHVaH judge it. But spelling must not be with a J because it is not in the underlying Hebrew text. The first error might begin with using a different pronunciation. Then SPELLING is where they make the next error- Which leads to the second error of SPELLING His Name wrong, with a J.
Jesus with a J was never in the underlying text. In the Gospels see John 7 they used "IESEUS" See the Greek in any Concordance. Then, be conformed to the Word, and become transformed by His Word. Romans 12:1.


“And he that blasphemeth the NAME of YaHVaH, he shall surely be put to death...as well as the stranger, as he that is born in the land, when he blasphemeth the NAME of YaHVaH shall be put to death.” Lev 24:16

JESUS CHRIST" Where did it come from?
THE INTERPRETERS DICTIONARY OF THE BIBLE: The English form goes back to the Latin (Iesus) which transliterates (not translates) the Greek; but the original form was Joshua, or more fully Yehoshuah." “HO” means “Proclaiming Salvation of YHVH”. We hope to show that “Shua” in “Yehoshuah” is incorrect and corrupt. [See below “Where Did the Name of Yashua Come from?”]
From "The Word, HalleluYah", by J. David Klopfenstein.
How could intelligent people who have studied for years make such grave mistakes? Maybe they did not study this area deeply enough, but instead studied their own traditional leaders. We have been in ignorance long enough.
"Scholars know that our Savior wasn't known by the name, "Jesus". The fact that many have come to "accept" the "person" of the Savior while knowing only a name “Jesus” does not make that His actual name.
He was born a Hebrew as prophesied in IsaiYah 9:6, Micah 5:2 etc. However, "Jesus" is not Hebrew. It is in fact derived from the Greek name "Iesous" which is found in the Greek...According to the LIDDEL AND SCOTT GREEK LEXICON: "Iesous" is the Ionic masculine form of the name, "Iaso" the Greek goddess of healing. See the word, ‘Iaso’.
“For the name, Iesous to be the same as the Hebrew "YaHOSHA" it must also have the word salvation, and the name, YaHVaH, in the name.

The Greek word for "Salvation" is "Soterion", #4992 in Strongs Concordance. The Greek word for "Savior" is Soter #4990 Strongs.
“NEITHER OF THESE WORDS IS IN THE NAME JESUS OR IESOUS. So the name is not a translated name. The only alternative is a transliterated name.
Jesus or Heyseus is used in
Spain and Mexico. In Jerusalem it was not used, since it is not Hebrew.
H3467 YAHSHA “..bring (having) salvation. Sav (ior).” Meantime, let us deal gently with those who have never studied the Concordance and Lexicons. They are busy trying to survive in this confusing world. But instead of watching Media and TV shows, maybe they could have accomplished more in Spiritual matters? M

The Mistaken J. -Ieaseus Is the Greek Word they used for Messiah, but Ieseus

is a pagan deity whom is worshipped. Before the Christians caught on to this

Greek name, the Romans changed the first letter to a J, which is pleasant to

roll off the mouth.

Could you imagine singing, "What a

friend we have in Ieseus"? "Ieseus is the sweetest name I know."

Another example, the “J” in Iesus as “Jesus” has been used since a thousand years ago, why change now! The answer is: the Hebrew text can be trusted; and to a lesser extent Greek underlying texts contain names and words to consider. Should we use words pertaining to the Almighty Creator if they are blasphemous and disrespectful? Certainly not! Let us return a pure language to YaHVaH and leave our traditions behind if they are wrong. ZephanYaH 3:9 "A pure Language."

The name “British” means Covenant for man. In more recent times, the name Britain (British) was changed to UK or United Kingdom, covering-up the historical name and roots of Britain. Britain and our ally United States of America now seem to be broken-off from the Good Olive Tree (Romans 11). After 2,520 years our Birthright returned. “Beginning A.D. 1800-1803 after 2520 years, YaH (god) did cause the birthright nations to become the recipients of such national greatness and power.

Britain became Great Britain – a gigantic wealthy commonwealth of nations and the U.S. the greatest nation of history.

More amazing still are the shocking facts of the present-of how-and why- we are losing it faster than it came!” Ezekiel 20, JeremiYah 7, Exodus 31:17.

Above quote is from “The United States and Britain in prophecy” copyright 1980 WWC.

Why should believers depart from the use of corrupt pagan words and titles for we have used them since at least 496 A.D. SO WHY CHANGE NOW?

True believers have made the change of 50 pagan words for YaHVaH’s separated Names and titles and words.

The world realizing the original source of cultural words such as “Brit-ish”, “Indian” and more words have switched to other terms and words. But, when it comes to spiritual matters, they have no desire to correct themselves.

To repeat, if names, titles and words no long mean what they used to, then why do they change it? And why keep the “religious words” they still love?

We now remind the student of the corruption of Colossians 2 where many words were added. We are not to add to the word of YaHVaH. The topic is temple sacrifices, not the Word of YaHVaH. We shall discuss Colossians 2, Galatians 2-4 and more on this platform.

Thank you Shalom TsephanYah

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