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PURIM. An extra special opportunity to praise YaHVaH and get ready for Pesach. See Esther 9:17-18. Twelfth month Day 14.

Purim 2/25/24 first day to 3rd day 2/27/24. Scriptural twelfth Adar Month, Eve 14th to 17th day.

Lay your whole life down for YaHOSHA Messiah, living a whole life of repentance and overcoming. Ask not “Which commandments can I break and not go to hell?” But as the rich young ruler asked, “Which commandments should I keep?” The answer is “ALL of them”!

Be strong like men. Quit you like men. Quit what? Quit doing what is forbidden in Scripture. Romans 1; 6:9; James 3:14, Galatians 4:9, 5:19; The Revelation 22:15.

Can we still keep the Feasts in the age of government shut-downs? “I can do ALL things through Messiah which strengthen us.”

AVIV 14 Or PASSOVER, Unleavened Bread and blood of the grape

Copy and paste into URL at the top, hit Enter of the next line:


Death on Calvary's Tree of Messiah on Aviv 14; Resurrection always on Aviv 17 (ANY day of the week) Based on Northern America.calendar of Genesis 1:14. Equinox first (tekufah), then New Year.

True Wavesheaf Sunday (Leviticus 23:14) tba

Shavout-Firstfruits-Feast of Weeks-Harvest determined from TRUE Wave sheaf.6/24/24 tba
Spring Equinox (Hebrew "tekufah") 3/20/2024 and therefore the 1st New Moon-New Year will follow it:

New Moon - New Year 4/11/2024 (Projected and t.b.a.)

Passover proper date 04/25/2024 (kept night before) Aviv 14 tba

Feast of Unleavened Bread 4/26 to 5/2/24 tba Aviv 15-21

Second Chance Passover 5/23 to be announced, tentative for now.

For other discussions about the reckoning of the New Moons, please check our website below.


IsaiYah 66:22 and ZechariYah 14 "..ALL flesh shall go up" Exodus 23:14 men, "Three times a year shall keep a feast unto me. 17 All men shall appear before me". The command to keep the Feasts in Jerusalem will be in the Thousand Year Millenium. After Matthew 28 there is no example of groups going up to Jerusalem for each Feast in the last 2000 years. As evidence, see the book of Acts. In the 1800's and early 1900's it would have been a journey of several months. By the time each believer returned home, it would have been time to turn around, take the train, ship, horse and buggy or rickshaw back to Jerusalem. There is no temple at this time. YaHVaH keeps the Feast with His people in their midst. We are to spread His great-news and teachings throughout the world.

We shall all go up to Feast with YaHVaH each Passover:(1 Corinthians 5:7) plus Shavout & Sukkot.

Scriptural New Year of YaHVaH 4/11/24 TBA --- See Numbers 10:10. (All Dates begin evening before.) It is Not a High Day. It takes more time for some to learn correct Names, Shabbaths, Calendar, New Moon, New Year. The Scriptural Calendar New Year: Study. Have mercy. The conjunction of the old moon is considered to be "No Moon At All". People grow at different levels. No one is infallible.

We need to draw attention to inadvertent errors. It really seems pathetic when a ministry or person makes a big show about their predictions and information. If and when they are in error, frequently they make no retraction. Further they cover-up their errors and invent a new theory about the date. Cover-ups do not sneak-past the attention of YaHVaH. He says that all liars shall wind-up in the lake of fire. (Galatians 5)

The correct posture for study or debate is sitting with the open Scriptures. Standing in the parking lot with our hands on our hips, quoting Scriptures out of thin air will not normally lead us to a full understanding. Please sit and Reason together. Study the Word DAILY when possible. Use an OPEN BIBLE (such as KJV or HalleluYaH Scriptures) while sitting down together. Let us "Open the Word.."

John 12:1, 12 "Six days before a Passover (Aviv 8) Messiah came to Bethany.." :12 "On the next day (Aviv 9, Thursday of that year) much people..took branches of palm trees and apparel..cried Hosanna: Blessed is the KING of Yisryl that cometh in the name of YaHVaH.."

FEAST of PASSOVER 2 Kings 23, Passover convocation is a great convocation meeting. Passover Eve Service at sunset of Aviv 14 (Yah's Calendar above).

Unleavened Bread and High Days for six days, Resurrection Day Aviv 17. Feast Days were conrmed by New Year-New Moon of that fourth common month. There is even a dated picture of the New Year Moon taken from the Negav desert of Yisrael as proof. But these dates ARE NOT RECKONED FROM JERUSALEM. We might use a website or someone's published calendar but you cannot always trust the accuracy and skill.

Unleavened Bread beginning at sunset - High Days and all are a blessing to YaHVaH and believers.

2nd Passover Service: One month later.. See WWW.WhenIsTheNewMoon.com for New Moon times in the Southern U.S. (not Hemisphere at the Equator. Northern area is a day later normally. One month later is a second Passover for those who were not prepared earlier.

FEAST OF WEEKS or FIRSTFRUITS OR Pentecost starting the evening before. The correct day when the fifty days are completed FROM true Wavesheaf of the new wheat crop. This is the second pilgrimage of the New Year. WHEN IS THE TRUE WAVESHEAF? read it. Join us AT THE FEAST up at camp for this pilgrimage. When counting time or distance, we must first consider the zero. Some make the error of counting from zero as Day one.
However, we must first get to 1 before we can reckon it as 1. Zero Day is nothing, it means nothing.

Deut 18:4 The Firstfruit (H7225 rayshiyth) also of thy corn (H1715 “daw-gawn” increase,
grain, wheat), of thy wine (H8492 “tiyrosh” fresh grape juice or wine), and of thine oil
(H3323 “Yitshar” oil), and the first of the fleece of thy sheep, shalt thou give him.
Lev/Vy 23:15-21 Pentecost/Firstfruits counted FROM Wavesheaf day (during or after Pesach,
depending upon the Barley maturation.

Shavout-Firstfruits-Feast of Weeks-Harvest from TRUE Wave sheaf. See our study.
Dates are NOT based normally on Jerusalem date reckoning. We use local moon and moed.

It is not always possible for those in far away countries to know when Barley Harvest is. Agriculture does not determine any Feast except Pentecost/Shavout in a manner of speaking.

Yom Teruah, Feast of Trumpets, the New Moon of the Seventh Month, a high day. Depending on the sighting of the New (not old) Moon Crescent, (commonly called Rosh Hoshana.) TBA

The Feast (Day) of Atonement starts the night going into the Seventh Month, Tenth Day. No work, nor eating or drinking on that day, for those whose health will allow a total fast. "Let no one (but the Body of Messiah) in eating or drinking, in things having to do with a Sabbath Day, New Moons or Feast Days, which are a shadow of things to come, but the body of Messiah (may judge these things).

KEEP THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES or Succot. ZechariYah 14, Leviticus 23:33, IsaiYah 66:22 and Col 2:16. (Two High days above) Last Great Day. "Conjunction" calendar keepers are a few days earlier.. Also some true believers will keep these Feasts one month earlier. These dates ARE NOT RECKONED FROM JERUSALEM. We reside just South of the 45th parallel, halfway between the equator and the North Pole. Therefore our LOCAL New Year and New Moon months may be one day different than the www.TruthOfYahweh.org/moon.htm website.
Email [email protected]

Join us soon for eight days studying, praising, praying, feasting, and preparing to sup with the Savior. He will return soon. This is a rehearsal for the consumation with the Messiah. This High Day called That Last Great Day. John 7-10; 2 Chronicles 7.

Funding is provided by the "second tithe". See Deuteronomy 14:22-27 Proof for keeping the Feasts of YaHVaH are given on this site.

Autumn Feasts

Yom Teruah or Feast of Trumpets (commonly called Rosh Hoshana) day tba

Yom Kippur or Day of Atonement - it is a High Day Sabbath. It is good to fast. ___10/5/24 and night before. My first fast was wonderful I felt like fasting 2 days was possible..

Sukkot Feast of Tabernacles 10/19/24 to 10/25/ for 7 days
Shemini Atzeret That Last Great Day 10/26/2024 tba
Dates are NOT based normally on Jerusalem date reckoning. We use local moon and moed the NEW MOON, when the rew:first sliver of the moon appears. Astronomical method..

For those who cry "Bondage" they seem to agree WITH Satan that "Sabbaths were NOT to be kept"?

Our Future Occupation: Speakers, Teachers, Pastors.
This training we now are doing is to facilitate the mentoring of thousands of others in the millennium.

For free audio downloads please go to WWW.YaHVaHYahweh.Name (Copy, Paste into top URL) or



Send an Email soon and see you at the dress rehearsal and at the future Feast in ZechariYah 14.

Email [email protected]

Keith Johnson on Open Door Series the Father's True Name:


Blessings to you, TsephanYah Eber

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