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Discernment Life Ministries
Dr. Leon L. Sanders  |  Pensacola, Florida
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Discernment Life Ministries
Pensacola, FL 32504
Discernment Life Ministries
Pensacola, FL 32504
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Satan's Everything Conspiracy Theory (SECT)
MONDAY, MAY 25, 2020
Posted by: Discernment Life Ministries | more..
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Conspiracy theories abound and the term has become a pejorative label against those who use it; however, in our post I shall show that there is an overarching conspiracy theory: Satan's Everything Conspiracy Theory (SECT). Rachel Maddow had a unique, though honest defense in court: she is not a real journalist; however, since journalist was not defined we really do not understand what she was denying { . Maddow’s “I’m Not a Real Journalist” Defense Prevails in Court. CERNO}. This is important! For any conspiracy to work information must be controlled but in such a manner that it cannot be seen as controlling until it is too late to prevent its success. I shall present several examples of how information is controlled and then proceed to illuminate spiritual forces at work controlling everything {they think} (Ep 6:11-12; 2TH 2:3-12)

Karl Marx opined about class struggle, exploitation of the workers and the evils of capitalism because he believed in the fixed pie analogy of wealth. Essentially this myth had persisted throughout much of world history because wealth in various forms were so difficult to obtain due to lack of nearly every form of technology; so much so that ancient history is divided into periods defined by their metallurgy technology: Stone; Bronze and Iron ages. With the lack of industrial technology, wealth was obtained initially by great expenditures of physical labor; i.e., slavery. However, even this was expensive since it was obtained through warfare which is always a poor return as an investment. Thus, it was easier, thus more profitable to take wealth from those who had made the initial procurement. However, the Industrial Revolution rapidly changed this historic paradigm!

The Industrial Revolution was an explosion in nearly every form of technology; so much so that even the term was coined by dividing Natural Philosophy into philosophy and science, pure {theoretical} and applied {technology}. With the wide-spread implementation of technology in Western culture slavery became economically unviable and a political liability with the rise of free enterprise which was pejoratively labeled as capitalism by Marx. Marx sought to restored history to its rightful balance, probably unbeknownst to himself, with the development of communism which I label as international socialism. Socialism, national and international, hinge on one simple analogy: Fixed Pie analogy.

Simply the Fixed Pie means that whatever is under discussion is fixed or limited and therefore must be distributed equally for everyone to have their portion. This means that oil is limited because no more dinosaurs are being buried over millions of years for oil replenishment; it is fixed. Therefore, it must be rationed so everyone can enjoy its benefits. This requires a central distribution power to determine which countries are using too much, which countries should receive more, how many people are enough so everyone can receive an equitable amount and ad nauseam. This became the norm as nearly every nation developed some form of socialism; either national or international. Some nations simply relabeled their socialism as progressivism so gain the consent of the people while others used naked force. Antonio Gramsci saw which approach was successful and developed methods for everyone to use to advance socialism with the consent of the people. His major approach was to gain control of education, as it trained the youth to accept the correct information as truth; entertainment as it began legitimizing its interpretation of socialism as normal to appeal to the youth and adults; and information sources to interpret facts, trends and events from the correct perspective which it defined as normal, without defining what normal meant. This violated the Law of Identity so no one understand what terms meant.

The Fixed Pie analogy was applied to natural resources via the green movement which became a euphemism for socialism; climate change which became a euphemism for global governance and even healthcare resources. The Progressive Era in the West was simply a means to bring business under government control to give the appearance of free enterprise rather than naked force as was tried by other countries; this resulted in social stability. Socialism was promulgated by the fallacy that resources are fixed and that only government could ensure fair or equal distribution to everyone deemed worthy. This increased the power of government tremendously though nationally. From the late 20th century to our present the real battle has been to elevate international above national socialism. The current so-called Covid-19 crisis is the latest example. Supposedly released from China, an international socialistic country with a goal to control all governments, the Western governments, national socialistic, initiated draconian quarantining of healthy people which damaged their economies under the pretext of keeping people healthy, though poor. Symbols of compliance such as face masks and gloves were encouraged to either shame-label those who did not comply or virtue-signal those who did comply; i.e., divide the population. The economic weakening of national socialistic governments will naturally lead to the creation of an international body, later to morph into an international force, to insure fair and equal distribution of resources while limiting wealth to a select few that it deems qualified: "All are equal; some are more equal than others!" So, how does any of this point to Satan, a fictional bible character according to most of the world?

Satan is a created being and thus is finite just like people, only more so. Satan wants to be like God; i.e., replace God as controller over mankind (Is 14:12-14; Ez 28:12-15). By conning Adam into believing he could also be a god, Satan separated man from God; or so he thought (Ge 3:1-6; 1Ti 2:13-14). Since Satan is not God, he has NO creating abilities. From his limited perspective everything is a fixed pie. Since Satan is not infinite, he can gain dominance through top-down control. Historically he has used brute force and division to promote his goal: overall governance of man on earth: very limited goal for one who wants to be as God. Sin is rebellion and man has rebelled against direct control resulting in Satan rebooting his plan. He countered the Industrial Revolution with socialism and has been refining this approach which is simply a return to ancient tyranny: control of the many, serfs, by the select few, compliant minions, with him alone at the top. Satan excels in using agent provocateurs, whether with or without their knowledge, to achieve his goal; this explains such political agents as Reagan and Trump who speak limited government while growing government larger. If Satan is divided against himself he cannot develop his kingdom; agent provocateurs are essential to keep people from realizing his goal (Lk 11:17-18).

Satan is not omnipresent or omniscient. As a spirit he is extremely limited in his interactions in the physical realm; thus, he must have a person, or two, he can absolutely control; thus, Antichrist and False Prophet (Re 13). Through these agent provocateurs he will use technology to control everyone via threat of death; i.e., force (Lk 11:24-26). This is the mysterious 666 device. Six is the number of man (Re 13:18). Triple six simply represents Antichrist, False Prophet AND You, the lost person who has been deceived into following Satan because of your inherent sin nature (Ps 51:5; Ro 1:18-25). You will take the technological mark to identify you as a loyal citizen of international socialism, worthy to receive whatever resources are fair for you; if you do not then you will be killed so you will not consume precious fixed pie resources. These will be limited by continual crises whether contrived or actual (Re 6:1-8).

Today's ever increasing crises are preparing everyone for this coming event. Soon people will be required to accept physical electronic brands identifying you and associating you with your compliance with behavioral standards such as vaccines, correct spending habits and adherence to correct political and behavioral standards as determined by government; not be God. With the abolition of physical money, those who do not take the brand will not be able to buy, sale or eat and this without a pledge of allegiance to a false god. It will be seen as allegiance to one's own government as promulgated by the Information Industry which has removed its mask of reporting facts revealing itself as another agent provocateur. Welcome to the next step on the Highway to Hell if you are not a Christian. If you are a Christian, welcome to inevitable persecution and death just like Christ for in Satan's world; "There can be only one!" (Mt 5:11-12; Lk 11:19-23)

Category:  Ministries

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Truman and the Cuban Missile Crisis
TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2020
Posted by: Discernment Life Ministries | more..
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Cuban Missile Crisis Began Long BeforeThese Men had to Deal with its Realities The title, Truman and the Cuban Missile Crisis, may puzzle those few readers who think they know their history; however, the reality is that Truman initiated the events...
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International Manifest Destiny Rise and Fall
THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2020
Posted by: Discernment Life Ministries | more..
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Answer Depends on PropagandaMessage One Believed (Faith) The last post, Pathway to American Impoverishment, discussed the fallacies of Truman Doctrine and its associated Marshall Plan; together they were America's international Manifest Destiny...
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Pathway to American Impoverishment
FRIDAY, MAY 8, 2020
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King Solomon's Errors MirrorErrors America Embraces Today America is not ancient Israel, a theocracy, but there are examples from ancient Israel that can teach the discerning reader the errors of today's nations. King Solomon was the richest king...
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Voluntary Censorship the Best
Posted by: Discernment Life Ministries | more..
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Dilemma for Every CitizenDetermining Fact from Fake News I am fairly up there in age and grew up in a military family, to give the reader context for my views. I was constantly exposed to propaganda, and thus censorship, especially when overseas....
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Myth of Oil Scarcity
FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2020
Posted by: Discernment Life Ministries | more..
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Scarcity of Oil is the MythDriving Global Governance The modern world was built on petroleum fuels and the myth of oil scarcity has been the single largest contributor to keeping prices inflated in relation to the prevailing economy. The myth of...
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Tyranny of Good for Evil
SUNDAY, APRIL 19, 2020
Posted by: Discernment Life Ministries | more..
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Nothing is more disturbing than FairnessWho Decides Fairness? Who gives fairly? In my post, Fairness: Doctrine of Satan, I warned how this doctrine was actually the opposite of people's beliefs; a form of tyranny that gains the consent of those...
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Ad Hominem Logic
MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2020
Posted by: Discernment Life Ministries | more..
220+ views | 10+ clicks
Notice the Subtle False DilemmaKnowledge: Empirical or Inherited During the current Coronal Virus craze, newscasters seek to propagate their political agendas using science via scientific modeling while using ad hominem attacks against those with...
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Fallacy of Natural Law
Posted by: Discernment Life Ministries | more..
220+ views | 20+ clicks
Every school person knows that America's Constitution was founded on natural law. But, what does that term mean? One definition of natural law states, "...unwritten body of universal moral principles that underlie the ethical and legal norms by...
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What Makes a Hero?
Posted by: Discernment Life Ministries | more..
160+ views
Hero is an ancient conceptToday it is trivialized as Propaganda What makes a hero a hero? This term has been bandied about to include entire professions which has changed the historical usage of the term. There may indeed be heroes among us but...
[ abbreviated | read entire ]
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