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Discernment Life Ministries
Dr. Leon L. Sanders  |  Pensacola, Florida
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Science of Lies
Posted by: Discernment Life Ministries | more..

Ancients believed space filled with ether
You were taught space is empty: Wrong

Turns out the ancients were right in concept but limited in technology. Space is not empty but for a few grains of occasional dust and a comet or two. The problem is that government and science knew this also, since early days of rocket exploration of space (Magnetosphere. Science Direct). The above graphic shows our solar system crossing our galaxy's plane in our galactic orbit exposing us to a slew of forces invisible to the five senses. There is another secret: it is these slew of space forces {ether} that determines much of our weather. Shh! You are not suppose to know this!

The United Nations (UN) INTERGOVERNMENTAL PANEL ON CLIMATE CHANGE (IPCC) "was established in 1988 ... to assess the available scientific, technical, and socio-economic information relevant for the understanding of the risk of human-induced climate change". All the reports from the IPCC are biased to look only at human-induced causes of climate change; not anything else! This is akin to you monitoring your impact of your spending habits on the national debt; minuscule at best! Let us look at the major causes of weather on earth.

Schematic of forces affecting Earth
Space is far from empty; but dangerous

The above schematic shows a simple display of forces affecting earth. Cosmic rays of varying intensities constantly bombard earth with high energy particles. The heliosphere helps to shield our system from the majority of these rays but in varying degrees. Finally, earth's magnetosphere is our last line of defense against both galactic and solar energy effects; and it also varies in effectiveness. In addition, the Sun radiates physical matter into space, coronal mass ejections (CME) (Coronal Mass Ejections. Space Weather Prediction Center.).

Earth's Magnetosphere Deflects
Much of the Energy Reaching Earth

Public education and government sources teach that earth is a closed systemand advances the water cycle as the primary causal agent for cloud-rain formations (Earth's WaterCycle. NASA). This same closed systemmodel is used to teach how lightning occurs (How is Lightning Made?. NASA.). Yet, research in America and around the world has discovered that the energy from space is the primary causal agent of earth's weather. The earth is plugged into the cosmos' energy fields; i.e., the etherof the ancients.

Strong correlation: Cosmic Rays and
Temperature Changes: Not Man-Made

The above graphic shows very strong correlation between amount of cosmic rays and temperature variations. The greater the exposure to cosmic rays the greater the temperature drop and vice versa. This is in stark contrast to the doctoredstatistics of global warming/climate change {man-induced} advocates have produced. The cyclic variations of cosmic ray exposure corresponds to the Solar Minimum, period of reduced sun spot activity and thus Solar Wind output which otherwise deflects the cosmic rays (Solar-system-wide 'climate' change: More galactic cosmic rays are reaching Earth than normal). Thus, weather on earth is not produced by a closed systembut primarily from both energy and particles that come from outside of earth's system. Why is the closed systemmodel being taught when it is obviously incorrect?

Majority of Clouds, Rain & Lightning
Produced by forces beyond Earth's system

The above schematic shows how cosmic rays and solar material interacts with oxygen in the atmosphere to produce clouds and rain. The ionization also develops charge potentials that become lightning. These forces are also responsible for both the tide and wind currents and their variability. The amount of energy inducing these forces dwarf man-inducedforces. Wait! These space forces do more than influence weather patterns and climate changes.

Solar Magnetic-Gravitation and Cosmic
Rays linked to Earthquakes/Volcanoes

The inability to predict both earthquakes and volcanoes may flow from a closed systemtheory of these phenomena. There is increasing evidencethat solar magnetic-gravitational forces and galactic cosmic ray bombardments that can penetrate deep into our molten mantle may also influence these phenomena (Cosmic-solar radiation as the cause of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions). These influences are being studied internationally with little media exposure. One U.S. governmental agency covers Space Weather influences while another perpetuates closed systemmyths of a nearly empty space. The UN's IPCC ignores this evidence collected over nearly 60 years in favor of man-inducedclimate change that cannot be corroborated except by corrupting their data to mislead you.

I would also direct your attention to earth's magnetic pole shifts accelerating and possibly flipping with their influence on these phenomena (Earth's Magnetic Field Flip Could Happen Sooner Than Expected). There is little consensus on what will occur when the poles shift, especially in light of our new understanding of the space forces. There could be synergistic effects that affect plate tectonic movements.

Though Uniformitarianism dominated geology to refute Noachian Flood, a catastrophic view of geology never disappeared. Immanuel Velikovsky, a proponent of this viewpoint, did not have the scientific evidence of these space forces {his hypothesis of Venus lacked data; much like the meteor annihilation hypothesis of dinosaur extinctions). Yet, there was an analysis performed in the early 1960s and published anonymously before classified by the CIA in 1965 (The Adam and Eve Story). Only a redacted version of some 50 pages is available{ignore the first few pages of unrelated articles}. This was an early attempt to explain a universal cataclysm. Why was it classified if it was ludicrous? The redacted material is incomplete and not written from a biblical viewpoint. However, it does support the concept and moves the Bible from myth to reality for those who need to stand apart from faith. However, the most interesting is that these same forces could occur again; in fact, many secular sources are proposing just such an event in the next 100 years: Solar Micronova (Space Weather; Ben Davidson; and MavStar Observatory).

Now, let us avoid the doomsday and end of the worldhype that gathers about this research like flies around a carcass; both secular and religious. Several sources I follow have become prey to their own evolutionary beliefs; look at their data, not their context. Bible says no onewill know the time or day either of His return or the beginning of Tribulation events (Mt 24:36-44). In fact, the confluence of galactic, solar and earth's geomagnetic-gravitational forces supports this biblical viewpoint. The Great Tribulation will not begin because of some 666identity crisisnor because Antichrist reveals himself to begin the events. God will begin the process using these influences from space which will catch most people off-guard since governments are focusing on man-inducedchanges and minimizing or trivializing this mounting body of scientifically inquiry. Governments are using their control of information to promote peaceful, if possible, consolidation of power into fewer and fewer hands while reducing the numbers of those who would otherwise oppose this concentration of power {International Socialism}. The onslaught of these combined forces could disrupt plate tectonics to reshape the earth into a single continent again; much as described in the Bible and known as the Great Tribulation. This would be totally outside man's influence and ability to change or stop. This would display man's powerlessness and point to the living God (Re 6:12-17). Most will seek someone who promises hope, apart from God, and then the one known as Antichrist will arise promising spiritual hope in man's collective wisdom and lovebut delivering only greater violence and degradation; the fruits of sin.

This is why Christians should avoid the ongoing government theater in Western societies. Governments will overcome Christendom, destroying those religions that refuse to join its collective Gnosticism. If these events are to be triggered by God largely outside of earth's influence then changing one's government will have noeffect except to hinder the spread of the Gospel. We should neverbe guilty of ignoring His Commission to us (Mt 28:19-20).

Category:  Ministries

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