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Grace Reformed Baptist Church
Ben F. Gardner  |  Fountain Inn, South Carolina
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Grace Reformed Baptist Church
612 N Woods Drive
Fountain Inn, SC 29644
Grace Reformed Baptist Church
612 N Woods Drive
Fountain Inn, SC 29644
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Hiding Our Light Through Homeschooling
Posted by: Grace Reformed Baptist Church | more..
3,400+ views | 490+ clicks
As a vocal advocate for homeschooling, and a soon to be homeschooling father of five I am constantly challenged with a particular issue. Not challenged by conviction or from scripture, but challenged from other Christians, that my children are to be salt and light. Since I withhold my children from these so called institutions of education, I am accused of withholding my children's light unto their schools.

After years of denying that I am withholding my salt and light, I have decided to give in. There is a devout Muslim school in the area, and I believe that this would be a terrific opportunity to let my daughter be the light she is called to be. I have looked into this school, and no matter what the subject is Islamic worldviews are interwoven into both the curriculum and the teaching styles. I know their arguments will be very convincing to a vulnerable mind like that of my 11 year old daughter, but she should be ok, as long as we spend time in the evenings talking about what they learned, and why it goes against our beliefs.

I know that this task will not be easy, but if I give it my all we might just be able to pull it off. Even if she does decide to leave our faith and follow that of her peers, or her instructors at least she may have been a light and made a difference to someone somewhere along the way. After all what right do I have to expect to be her prime influence in life? There are many out there who deserve their equal share of time to try and influence her, and I refuse to be selfish with her mind.

No I have not lost my mind, and yes my daughter will continue to be home schooled. Why is it that we find it unthinkable to send our children to Islamic or Hindu schools, but we have no problem in turning their little hearts and minds over to humanist schools. Shortly after high school 75 to 80 percent of young adults will leave the church never again to return. In recent years all sorts of ministries, classes, and programs have been launched to try and address these staggering departures from the church. Unfortunately these attempts have failed to turn the tides. We scratch our heads, wonder what went wrong, and then turn to the next program. The problem is not a lack of ministries or programs. The problem is that our children are being taught for 13 - 20 years a religion that vehemently opposes Christianity. Thus lies the problem.

From kindergarten to 12th grade children spend 14,000 seat hours in learning. Whoever controls these hours controls these children. -Voddie Baucham

What can theistic Sunday School meeting for an hour once a week do to stem the tide of a five day program of humanistic teaching. -Charles Francis Potter, signer of the Humanist manifesto-

Category:  Life and Family

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Are You A Prodigal Son or Daughter?
Posted by: Grace Reformed Baptist Church | more..
3,720+ views | 1,150+ clicks
Throughout the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ we find many parables which He used to teach His disciples. One of the more recited ones is the story of the prodigal son. We all know the story; the father had two sons, and one of which rebelled and followed the ways of the world. While he was out partying and squandering his inheritance his father was at home longing for his return. When the young man realizes his foolish ways, he plans on going home to beg his father to just let him be a servant in his house. The father however was not angry or bitter, but instead was overcome with joy, thus the prodigal son and his fathers relationship restored. This parable is one that allows us to get a picture of how God longs for the return of His children, and rejoices rather than chastising when they do. Most of us have read this parable many many times since we were a child, however have you ever asked the question, “am I a prodigal son or daughter?”

At first glance we say yes if we were rebellious, and chose the life of the world, and no if we followed what the Word says (in other words we were pretty good). That however is not the question I am asking. In order to answer the question I am asking one must look back to Genesis for the answer. Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. (Gen 2:24)

So if one is to answer whether or not they are a prodigal son or daughter they need not look just at whether or not they rebelled against God and parents, but did they leave home before it was time. One may ask how is it that one can know if they have left too early. If we follow culture, or the world one would say that age 18 is the proper time. I would ask though where in scripture is the magic age of 18 found? Search long and hard, but I assure you that is not there. Yes at 18 you are a legal adult, but according to the scripture you are still under the authority of your father. The Bible shows us that only when a man and woman take one another as husband and wife are they permitted to leave their father and mother.

We have bought into this lie that at 18 we are free. Leaving home is not the issue; the issue is leaving the authority of our father before it is time. One can live in the same home as the father but rebuke his authority because he feels he is a man. At the same time one can attend school, or even hit the mission field, all the while remaining fully under his father’s authority. Sons and young men you may feel as if though you are a man and free of your father’s authority. Scripturally you are not.

Culture says that daughters should move out, get an apartment, maybe a room mate, and as good of a job as possible until marriage comes along. The Bible however unpopular as it might be says that you are to remain home and under the authority of your father until you cleave unto your husband. Your father is your protector until he hands this duty over to your groom at the alter. Unfortunately feminism has killed the ideas that daughters are to help their fathers and mothers until time to marry. If my daughters choose to further their education, that will be fine. However if the choose not to, that as well will be fine. I am not training my daughters to be CEOs that take the world by storm, but to be first and foremost wives and mothers. ( Yes God could call them differently, but that is not the norm, and He will guide us there if need be.) Trained to be a wife and mother does not mean they lack education. It is my goal that by the time they are married my daughters will not only be educated in the maths, histories, and sciences, but also strong masters of English, Latin, and Greek, law, and logic. Far from the barefoot and pregnant picture many paint.

Culture says that our sons should at 18 begin to move on to their own life, and that they are now men, and make their own decisions. Son’s just like daughters are not free to roam at age 18, as they too are still under the authority of their father until they cleave and start their own family. Our boys as sons are being trained on being Godly husbands and fathers. They as well may chose to further educate themselves, or they may chose to enter a life of entrepreneurialism. Either way they are being taught that one day they too will be the protector, and provider of their own family. Our goal as is mentioned in scripture is for them to go and prepare a place that they may take their bride and raise a family. Not take a bride have some kids and then say “now what.”

When the time is right, my sons will leave and cleave to their wives. They will then properly enter their role of husbands, protector, priest, and God willing as fathers. Our daughters at the right time will likewise properly leave and cleave with their husbands and enter their role as wife, helpmeet, and hopefully mother.

When we leave in terms other than this, we are being this prodigal son. We are denying our parents the honor they are due. Again one does not have to even physically move out in order to rebuke and leave the authority of their parents. I know personally both Dana and I left the authority of my parent’s years before we were joined as one. That was just as dishonoring to our parents as living the life of rebellion in a different land. At least the Prodigal son had the decency to go to a distant land before doing so.

So whether you are 14 or 50, a parent or not, divorced, or single. If you are not married, yet have left the authority of your parents, you are a prodigal son or daughter.

The great news though is that we know the redeeming story of the prodigal son. While consequences followed him, he was never to far gone to return to the father. Thankfully neither are we; earthly or heavenly.

Category:  Life and Family

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Sibling Rivalry
Posted by: Grace Reformed Baptist Church | more..
4,320+ views | 410+ clicks
As I have shared before, the ministries in which God has called me to are the family, and the revival of His church. There are many tasks that must be done to accomplish this, one of which is to reveal the many lies that the church has fallen to....
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To Train Up An Elephant
Posted by: Grace Reformed Baptist Church | more..
4,960+ views | 1,070+ clicks
Do you remember the first time you tried to tame an elephant? The fear you had and the strong will of the elephant did not pair up too well. How many days did it take you to even train him not to run from you? You thought it would always fear you,...
[ abbreviated | read entire ]
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Some Things Never Change
Posted by: Grace Reformed Baptist Church | more..
4,160+ views | 360+ clicks
One thing I have found out through many years of talking to people about God are the many different views people have about who God is and what His Word says. Having a difference of opinion on some things is okay, but some are simply not...
[ abbreviated | read entire ]
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Some Things never change
Posted by: Grace Reformed Baptist Church | more..
4,060+ views | 210+ clicks
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