Arthur and Kathleen Vick
Arthur and Kathleen Vick  |  Columbus, Ohio
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Carl McIntire Sermons
Dr. Carl McIntire  |  Collingswood, New Jersey
Dr. Carl McIntire was born on May 17, 1906 in the manse of the First Presbyterian Church of Upsilante, Michigan where his father was pastor. Dr. McIntire either founded o...
Don Fortner  |  Danville, Kentucky exists to promote the gospel of the absolute sovereign free grace of God in Christ, and is intended to showcase the messages of not only Pastor Don For...
Old Paths Strict Baptist Church
Pastor Michael Pickett  |  Choteau, Montana
Gospel Mission is a missionary outreach of ‘Old Paths’ Strict Baptist Church. The name ‘Old Paths’ is taken from Jeremiah ch. 6 v. 16 and states our position to walk in t...
Thirteenth Street Baptist Church
Jim Byrd  |  Ashland, Kentucky
To the one God of Heaven and earth, in the Trinity of His sacred persons, be all honor and glory. To the glorious Father, the covenant God; to the gracious Son, the Redee...