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Emmett O'Donnell  |  Kerrville, Texas
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All 63 Volumes finished, by His Grace.
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After almost 10 years, our Master in me has completed the modernization of Brother Spurgeon's 63-Volume set of sermons. In His perfect timing, I have begun reading them over and proofing them one more time. One Brother is reading one sermon each day in Volume One and letting me know when he spots an error. After 25 sermons, he has found only four that had no errors!

If you would be interested in "proofing" a Volume after I have re-reproofed it (it means you would have to read at least 52 sermons) please go to our site, scroll down near the bottom and click on the "Contact Us" link and let me know.

I covet your prayers that this is truly our Lord's will, and He will keep me faithful.

My prayer for you is Paul's to the Ephesians in 3:17-19.


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Reared a Roman Catholic, I grew to idolize priests--perhaps that is why I attended a "minor seminary" my sophomore and junior years in high school.
Fast forward to 1981, at age 39, our Lord chastized me with a spinal cord injury while trying to body surf in Hawaii. A Lutheran at the time, still praying to Mary and always a rosary on my possession, He allowed me to leave the hospital seven months later and, seven years later, in His timing, He saved me by His amazing Grace.
He put me in a PCA church and immediately into a prison ministry. While reading and editing Spurgeon sermons, His Holy Spirit burdened me to take Brother Spurgeon's advice and "throw away all denominational baggage and study my Bible."
Shortly thereafter I was baptized by my friend and pastor, and joined a Baptist church.

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