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A Father's Lamentation -- Poem by Father, Harry Sandlin
FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2009
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A Father's Lamentation

I thought my life would be in halves,
Old life and new on divergent paths,

But Providence dealt a mysterious blow,
Inflicting sorrow so dreadful I cannot know

How to utter it to one not torn of heart and spirit,
of flesh and blood come From the union of love and womb,

Delivering the future of my joy.
But Immortality's errand bid my glory

Come! Leaving behind another life to me;
Days of loneliness, dark and dreary.

Yet harder I think the parting had been
Had (H)e allowed the cleaving of goodbye, when,

Though now I must look through a glass darkly
And pray for the passage of time swiftly,

Only a season will Omniscience my light dim;
He cannot return to me but I shall go to him.

And with the son of my youth and the youth of my heart,
Eternity will be spent before we will ever more part.

Harry Sandlin
February 2004
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