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Faith expressed
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BLOG ON: SERMON Waters that Do Not Fail
First Presbyterian Church
Dr. Derek W. H. Thomas
It is important to remember that while listening to any man teach, to recognize that it is not himself that is to be exalted. It is not his mind, literacy, education background or notoriety that gives his words power. It is only by the Holy Spirit that the gospel is given power to those who have ears to hear. But don't let that take away from the fact that some are truly gifted. Some have a voice with the capacity to reach out with strength and a wisdom that is evidently shown in their choice of words. Inside the heart of mankind is a neverending need for something outside of itself not present in the world.

Dr. Thomas speaks of the hypocrisy that we are capable of despite the knowledge of truth. The extreme side of hypocrisy is found in megachurches with people that seek not the truth but rather their own comfort and prosperities. Not only in these places but even with any church in mind, the worst thing that can happen to a nonbeliever is to be on the receiving end of a false image of Christ by one that professes to believe.

This is a daily struggle. We are not yet perfect, we only strive towards that perfection. And in this struggle, we have enemies in this world as well as enemies in the spirit world that seek to accuse and betray us. Let us remember to be vigilant of this aspect in our daily work and personal lives.

Isaiah 58:11 "And you will be like a watered garden, And like a spring of water whose waters do not fail."

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Born and raised in Atlanta, GA. Enlisted into U.S. Navy in 2009. Served aboard the USS Henry M Jackson Ballistic Missile Submarine for 3 years. Currently stationed in Yokosuka, Japan as Information Technology Technician.

Saved by grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ. I study primarily with the NASB translation, my most frequented commentary is the Matthew Henry unabridged.

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