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John Michael Koehn  |  Marysville, CA
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Initial report regarding the court hearing on September 29, 2011
Posted by: But God | more..
Greetings from California.

I am thankful for and give thanks for those who have prayed unto our Lord regarding our conduct and also for the court.

The judge dismissed the case within two minutes of the start of the preceding. The judge did not at that time specifically state upon what grounds the case against me was dismissed. Based upon all that was done and said I believe she may have dismissed it for lack of evidence. In other words there was no need for the court to act or do anything on behalf of the other person(s.) I am waiting to see the official written decision.

The Lord graciously provided me with the right attorney for this situation. I did try working with two other attorneys before I found one who was willing to work with me on the all the aspects of my defense which I believed must all be presented to the court. This defense included reference to the actions of the court because I believed that the court did not follow the applicable law and precedence in issuing the order. The defense also included the argument that there was lack of evidence to support any such action by the court.

It is of course a relief to have this part behind us and to be free of the infringements ordered by the court regarding my person and property and my protection of them.

The court took this action without without hearing anything from my side. I had no opportunity to testify or defend myself before the burdensome and hazardous restrictions were placed upon me.

I believed it necessary to mount a vigorous and what would become a very expensive defense. I took this position because of the seriousness and possibly long term consequences which could arise from a conviction and further court orders

I was also charged with a crime related to this case after I advised a church leader of the situation and asked for prayer and any help they thought might be proper in trying to mediate and resolve the dispute. I may have to appear to answer that charge in November. Since the original case was dismissed, this second charge may also be dismissed before that trial.

If it is the Lord's will I would like to work to get the law and or court procedures amended or modified so that this should not happen to anyone else. I believe something should and could be done to provide additional safeguards which would prevent this from happening again to myself or another person. Great harm has been done to not a few others from this also.

I apologize that I did not get back to writing here about the hearing sooner.

We still desire and would humbly ask you for prayer on the behalf of all involved as we go forward to a eventual conclusion of this mater.

May the Lord be pleased glorify His name and to bring peace, reconciliation and brotherly love to all involved.

Thank you and may the Lord bless you.


From one of my favorite songs:

Give to our God - immortal praise;
Mercy and truth are all His ways:
Wonders of grace to God belong,
Repeat His mercies in your song.

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