He sustains me
Johnny Joe Garza  |  Houston, TX
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Brothers and sisters in Christ,

How great is our God to reveal His mercy to His children?

To convert the hearts of the ones whom warred against and hated Him? We deserved His wrath for our rebellion, but the cup of wrath from Almighty God was passed from us and poured out onto His Son Jesus Christ, God in the flesh. He was forsaken so we could be forgiven.

Through our conversion we were given a heart of flesh able to receive God's Word and drawn to repentance and faith.

For those whom He chooses to show His mercy, we fall on our face and receive His precious gift of salvation by no works only His grace and mercy.

All glory to God our Heavenly Father, Jesus our savoir, and the Holy Spirit of Truth our comforter who convicts us of our sin.

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