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Evangelizing Football Fans
Posted by: An Unprofitable Servant | more..
The members of Stanley Park Church recently made a few trips to one of the local football grounds. Everton is not as well known as its close neighbour, Liverpool FC, but it's still a Premiere League team.

The tracts we had were business-card size, which makes it easier for people to put them in their pockets to read afterwards. These fans arrive in a desperate rush, and very few will stop to ask what you're there for.

There was a strategy, and I think Christians often conduct outreach in a sloppy manner, instead of doing it to the best of their ability. We printed out a map of the ground and its surrounding area, and marked on it where we would position ourselves at each game, so that we could reach different people each time. Having about a dozen people meant we could stretch across a road, ensuring most people who passed would get a tract.

Seeing as people wouldn't have time to listen to what we were there for, we thought it better to put the club's crest on the front of the cards, so they would at least get taken off us. In the crowds at a match, you can get rid of thousands of tracts in half an hour. It's a great privilege to be located just hundreds of yards away from two of the biggest clubs in British football.

Currently, I'm working on a similar tract for the other club, Liverpool, and everyone's looking forward to the next round of outreach days.

The content of the tract can be viewed under the 'eDocs' menu item

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