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Declaring Christ as Creator
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In this year of Darwin celebrations, it was felt it might be useful to take the creationist message to the people of Liverpool.

For months now, we have witnessed a huge upsurge in evolutionist information being fed to the people through television, radio, the press, and in books---and now in the cinemas. The soon to be released film about Darwin (misleadingly called 'Creation') will no doubt propagate the usual misinformation about the Christian position that God created the world.

A few of us ventured to Liverpool city centre recently, armed with a pasting table covered in creationist and gospel literature. Accompanying me was my fellow labourer, Pastor David Carson, of Zion Tabernacle in Chester, and his wife. We have been greatly blessed in having witnessed together on many occasions, all over the country.

This creationist outreach is not seen by us as a new way, or a replacement, of gospel preaching. Rather, we see it as another way of introducing the truth of God to a people who have mostly never heard God's word preached. The object is always the furtherance of the gospel, and we pray God will use these efforts to prepare the ground for gospel preaching

Thankfully, despite the usual ranting and hostility by evolutionists, some people were prepared to talk. Once again, we found it was the young people who were more inclined to reconsider their worldview.

A good number of conversations were had, and people were given tracts, CDs, and DVDs. More importantly, they were given personal testimony of how God's grace powerfully turned us rebels into 'heirs of God, and joint heirs with Christ'.

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These archive pages exist to describe various outreach activities carried out in the past, in the hope that this will encourage others to spread the gospel.

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