The Choi Family
Addison and Christine Choi  |  South Carolina
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Posted by: The Choi Family | more..
Wow! So time really flies! Zac is 6 and Wilson is 2. Zac started Kindergarten this year and loves it. Wilson is a monkey for sure. The boys are such a joy and a blessing. And they get along so well...most of the time.

There is really nothing new to report but that the Lord has been so good to us! We are living and breathing. We are fed and clothed. This year has a been a good year! We are very thankful!

2012 at a glimpse
WOW! time flies!

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Addison and I have been married since November 2005. We have been blessed with 2 sons, Zac and Wilson. They are such a joy!!! Enjoy!

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2012 at a glimpse
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