Johnnie Walker
Johnnie G. Walker  |  Albany, Oregon
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Faith and Hope
Posted by: Johnnie Walker | more..
A sermon by John Piper on Justification and Sanctification he adds a comment on faith and hope at the the end. Citing Hebrews 10:32-39 he speaks of the relationship of hope to faith. With all the harasment, affliction and oppression they have endured, they are not told to "look back" on the day of their salvation; they are not told to remember that initial joy they had upon their release from sin and death. Neither were they admonished to seek comfort in that they were sharing in Christ's sufferings. Rather, they are told to be firmly established in their faith, a faith founded in hope; this hope is a full confidence  in a better future, an eternal possession, the receiving of the Eternal Reward. It is not losing heart but enduring knowing that God has promised rest and reward and that what He has promised He will fulfill. And the faith they were to live by is one of hope in the future, not one that faced the past in sadness, regret or loss. They do not look back for proof but have an unwavering assurance and a very reliable and expectant hope.

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