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JAN 18, 2018
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Old Paths Baptist Church
Jason Cooley  |  Northfield, Minnesota
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· Page 1 ·  Found: 896 total user comment(s)

Sermon1/18/18 2:35 AM
Eric Love from Atlanta  Find all comments by Eric Love
• Posted 17 hours ago
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thanks for your diligence on this topic. Came right in time as we will be sharing the Gospel at the women's March this Saturday. You really gave me a lot to pray on and ponder in regards to this topic. Thanks again for all your continued efforts, it definitely does not go unnoticed.

Sermon1/6/18 5:38 PM
Natasha  Find all comments by Natasha
• Add new comment
“ Great Sermon! ”
I actually read something that Princess Diana was impregnated with DNA from the shroud of Turyn (supposedly Jesus's DNA). Apparently she knew she was carrying antichrist - William - and tried to jump off the stairs to cause miscarriage. She couldn't live with the secret and eventually had to die.

Sermon1/5/18 9:17 PM
Stephen John from Cape Canaveral  Find all comments by Stephen John
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Be glad you've never suffered from alcholism to know what you're talking about. Have you ever actually gone to an AA meeting and sat and heard their stories and how they've thanked' god' ? Try going to a AA meeting and telling a person who has been sober for 5 years that they are worshipping satan and need to repent. Tell them they are going to hell for becoming productive when they were about to die. It's not nearly as simple as you're making it out to sound. Did you ever consider WHY a person starts drinking having no idea what will come out of it? Go tell a group of those who have recovered and see how brave you are. Not that I'm disagreeing with what you're saying in many ways, but seriously.I go to a meeting every once in a while after no longer suffering, and do not think attacking people will work. We need to show them that which is So much Better..but let me say, when a person has been drinking over 10 years and is losing everything ...and by the has no will power, that's the nature of the beast if you could put it that way. It's just not the simple. I is an illness...but not as they make it.

Sermon1/1/18 5:07 PM
TD from Bama  Find all comments by TD
• Add new comment
“ Great Sermon! ”
Was enjoying the message but only the first 29 minutes are on SermonAudio. It stops as you are talking about Abercrombie

Sermon12/21/17 11:53 AM
Michael VanderZee from New York  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Michael VanderZee
• Add new comment
“ Thank You Pastor ”
Thank you Pastor Cooley for delivering this important sermon, teaching us Christian right from wrong.

Sermon12/12/17 4:04 PM
Lilka from WI  Find all comments by Lilka
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“ Women work ”
I work all my life, and we are married for almost 40 years. I Always made more than my husband. He took maternity while I continued to work. No rule here. Depends on personalities.

Sermon12/8/17 11:06 AM
LaTeia Shed  Contact via emailFind all comments by LaTeia Shed
• Add new comment
“ Great Sermon! ”
I don't agree with your sermon titled "Weaponized Feminism: When Eve Attacks Adam." My mom has been a successful woman in the workforce. My dad allowed her to work and they have been married for over 28 years.

Sermon12/3/17 10:48 PM
paul n from australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by paul n
• Add new comment
“ Great Sermon! ”
Hi thanks for that, good info and other stuff to mull over. Worth listening too! Thanks again brother Cooley.

Sermon11/30/17 4:16 PM
Tyler from Pa  Contact via emailFind all comments by Tyler
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“ Important things to consider! ”
This is so important! The devil is taking our young Ladies and making them into the opposite of what they should be so that they can not be content becausw they are out of place and this causes them to chase pleasures to try to fill the emptiness but they look in the wrong places because their rightfull place is in Christ and that is where they will be content. Only in Jesus can a person be whole! Men too! The pastor is hardwr on men then women because they need biblical preaching more because they are to represent the Lord and lead so ladies should not be complaining about this sermon at all they should listen and accept the words of the Lord and grow. There is nothing more beautiful than a mature Christian woman living for the Lord in her place. To watch her work and see her patience and meekness and quietness and longsuffering and to see her living the example is true beauty. Men especially are discusted by loud manly women because they know what spirit lives therein. Christian ladies live up to the entitlement that the Lord gives you. Dont throw it all away to act like the heathen. No man or woman is good but with the Holy Spirit in you you shouldnt act as the lost you are so much more precious and your husbands and Children need you more than you could ever know! God bless

Sermon11/29/17 11:37 AM
MacDonald from Canada  Find all comments by MacDonald
• Add new comment
“ Great truths and insights ”
Great info. We have for a while done no Christmas, but always felt we did no Jesus either. This helps to put Jesus in and keep Christmas out!

Sermon11/28/17 5:31 PM
Robert Gillespie from Republic of Ireland  Contact via emailFind all comments by Robert Gillespie
• Add new comment
“ Educational Sermon ”
Thank you for putting this information out there. This Sermon was highly educational. The truth of what happened really matters, it is important to be fully informed and aware of the persecution Christians suffered in the past, most especially perhaps at the hands of those that should have known better. I also thank you for your sermons and work.

Sermon11/24/17 4:49 PM
Victoria from WI  Find all comments by Victoria
• Add new comment
“ Regarding comments ”
I have posted a comment under fundamental baptist preacher's post Joe Major (he was preaching hate against Israel). He responded 2 times saying " I guess you will die then you dog." After I responded with bible regarding by the fruits you will know them and out of abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh, he deleted the entire tread. Evil! Evil! Saved at 5 years old and served to lord since..... Lord help us.

Sermon11/19/17 9:51 PM
Kevin H. from Pennsylvania  Find all comments by Kevin H.
• Add new comment
“ Great Sermon! ”
Praise God for this radio show sermon! I was hesitant to listen at first due to length, but God brought me back as I felt I needed to listen. I am coming out of the joyless, false Gospel that is ‚Äúconditional security‚ÄĚ which prevents me from spreading the Gospel and truly growing in the Lord (eg. by reading my KJV Bible, etc.) I especially am looking forward to hearing the so-called ‚Äúconditional security‚ÄĚ justification passages‚ÄĒI wonder how the false teachers I listened to would explain them.

Sermon11/17/17 10:51 PM
Jonathan O'Shea from Ohio  Find all comments by Jonathan O'Shea
• Add new comment
“ Very informative ”

Sermon11/12/17 8:59 AM
Diane from AL  Find all comments by Diane
• Add new comment
“ ”
If new wine is grape juice what about Acts 2:13 when the mockers said the people must be filled with new wine? I don't think new wine is grape juice.

Sermon11/6/17 9:17 PM
NSB from Australia Sydney  Contact via emailFind all comments by NSB
• Add new comment
“ Great Sermon! What happened to the second half? ”
Not too many will address this. It's sad but I am finding more non Christian men starting to stand up against this than Christian. That is a shame and a testimony to the state of 21st Century believers. My 14 year old son has been devouring your preaching. Than you for preaching the truth. May God bless the work of you hands and your family.

Sermon11/5/17 10:27 PM
Todd from Florida  Contact via emailFind all comments by Todd
• Add new comment
“ Praise God for preachers of righteousness ”
God bless your ministry . God has a remnant in these last days crying out making straight the paths of the Lord . He is coming soon and it is urgent we warn every person we can . We must not be the wicked and lazy servant who hid his talent in a napkin .

Sermon11/5/17 10:22 AM
Diane from AL  Find all comments by Diane
• Add new comment
“ Too one-sided ”
I enjoy listening to Bro Cooley on most subjects, but he seems to be so blinded by his own Baptist theology that it's almost to the point of thinking only Baptists will be in Heaven. Those who hold to infant baptism in the reformed circles do not in any way believe it is for the salvation of the child. It is just a sign that the child will be brought up in the Christian faith, but in no way guarantees their salvation. The Roman Catholic false doctrine teaches salvation by works including baby baptism, but not the true Reformed doctrine.

Sermon10/31/17 10:30 AM
Jas from Minneapolis, MN  Protected NameFind all comments by Jas
• Add new comment
“ Great Sermon! ”
Infuriating and downright scary

Sermon10/30/17 2:31 PM
Dea  Find all comments by Dea
• Add new comment
“ Modest message ”
Also, I am looking forward to the teaching on modesty that you said you would put online. Thanks!

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