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OCT 19, 2017
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Old Paths Baptist Church
Jason Cooley  |  Northfield, Minnesota
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· Page 1 ·  Found: 862 total user comment(s)

Sermon10/9/17 4:47 AM
Walden Arizumi from Hawaii  Find all comments by Walden Arizumi
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Hi Jason, I like this new and revised version of feminism. I liked the original too but that one the audio quality was very poor and in this one your whole approach is tempered with a different tone and it is more easy to listen to. These messages should go out to the whole country because most don't even know anything about the loathsome thing that feminism really is. Most see only some of the points that the world punctuates but don't know the sinister points that expose it for what it actually is. The fact that it was meant to destroy and not give freedom, that it was meant to undermine and not under gird, that it was meant to divide and not unite is truly detestable. We need more light shed on this and other topics like this that most ministers do not even talk about. It helps me to see what it is and therefore i can know my approach to it and am able to resist it and help others too. Thank you.

Sermon10/3/17 8:37 AM
Tyler from Pa  Find all comments by Tyler
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“ Very brilliant words! ”
This is very good for us to hear as it reminda us to maintain bakance in the Lord. To not go off in extreme directions but to be like the mind of Christ which is loving and balanced and slow to speak. Maybe some folks will come to know the Lord out of these trageties that happen we can only pray.

Sermon10/2/17 9:29 PM
TD from Here or there...  Find all comments by TD
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“ Suggestion ”
Just a suggestion... I assume you are recording these with Facebook live or something similar as you are clearly responding to comments coming across as you are recording, for those of us who are listening on SermonAudio will you consider reading the comments before responding to them or at least let us know what your talking about. I got lost a few times.

Sermon9/23/17 1:29 AM
Unspecified name  Find all comments by Unspecified name
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“ Insightful! ”
Superheroes and supervillains, even the secular ones, are based on mythical gods, especially those of Greek mythology, the main theme behind the DC/Marvel pantheon of superheroes and supervillains. Of course, these so-called superheroes and supervillains are known for their depravity.

Sermon9/17/17 11:26 PM
Diana Kelley-Hess from West Virginia  Find all comments by Diana Kelley-Hess
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I just found this sermon today Sept 17 2017, all I can say is it really made sense. I listen to Nathan Leal who is a watchman in this hour in which we live. The bible says how it would be in the last days and it surely has arrived. Thank you for not sugar coating what you preached. God bless you and I am going to look for more sermons from you!

Sermon9/17/17 1:24 PM
Unspecified name  Find all comments by Unspecified name
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Super Heroes: Replace Christ
Jason Cooley
“ Full of insight. ”
Here is something to think about in regards to superheroes and supervillains. The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? (Jeremiah 17:9).

Sermon9/16/17 6:45 PM
NSB from Australia Sydney  Contact via emailFind all comments by NSB
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“ oh so very timely ”
This is only the second sermon I have heard from you and I have been blessed. This is such a critical sermon for today. I have been looking into such matters since 1988, and it was great to hear a well balanced approach to this topic. You touch all the critical scriptures. Great wisdom so neglected today. I have noticed an exponential increase in people becoming more aware of what used to be hidden and left field. The fact conspiracy has become so mainstream tells us this in itself is a conspiracy. It leads to discontent while we are to be content in whatever state we are in. All the bad news and the doom and gloom is to lead us into the "orge" the feminine wrath of God. The wrath found in the whorish woman Babylon, for we as believers and not appointed unto wrath, we are to come out of her and be conformed into the image of Christ not the image of the beast which is full of cruelty, vengeance and blood. That is the purpose of the "secrets" coming out in the open. To generate hate and rage and a final bloodletting in a global "French" Revolution. All in the name of those three spirits like frogs "Liberty, egalite, fraternity" God bless.

Sermon8/26/17 10:13 AM
JT from Zionville, NC  Find all comments by JT
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“ Hit me hard!!! ”
Pastor, I have listened to you for a while and while each sermon has been used by God in some form or fashion in my life, this one was hit me like I haven't been hit in a while. I truly pray everyone will let the word of our Great God hit them when they hear this important message. I have been wondering why I have been struggling after praying for certain obstacles and temptations to be removed, and after hearing this truth realized I had unrepentant sin and disobedience in my walk. It has often been said that The Lord will let his children take these tests in our lives over and over again until we understand the lesson and repent before you get the victory . I think this speaks to the heart of why this happens. We all need to pray that this message will sink into our hearts and that The Lord will shine The light of His word in those areas of Our lives that we too can have the victory. I have been convicted and have now heard truth in its rawest form. The Lord is calling His children to heed this powerful word and repent of any and all disobedience. It is His Grace and Mercy that allows us to get banged up, but it is that same grace and mercy that will pick us up if we will heed His loving word. Praise God For such a rebuke from our God, and praise God for men like Pastor Cooley!

Sermon8/24/17 9:55 PM
Norman E. Merkle from Brighton, Mi.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Norman E. Merkle
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“ Great teaching! ”
Thank you so much for that this teaching. I am so grateful that I could listen to it on sermon audio. I have been struggling with the sons of God being preached as the godly line of Seth for some time now.I recently purchased a Ruckman reference Bible to search more on this teaching. I am convinced from the teaching you taught on this subject. Convinced that it is exactly like you said from God's word. Thank you my Brother in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour!

Sermon8/9/17 12:23 PM
Mary Unger from Alberta  Contact via emailFind all comments by Mary Unger
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for this great sermon. Are you aware of anything that's false about the New King James Version?

Sermon8/9/17 12:22 PM
Mary Unger from Alberta  Contact via emailFind all comments by Mary Unger
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I praise God that I found this sermon! I know lots of people who read the NIV version so thank you for preaching on this. I just have one question: Are you aware of anything that's false about the New King James Version?

Sermon8/6/17 6:07 PM
Carl haydock from England  Contact via emailFind all comments by Carl haydock
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Spot on Jason. There's even a pastor who is encouraging his young child to become trans. He even says God is ok with it.

Sermon8/2/17 8:43 AM
Diane from AL  Find all comments by Diane
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Have believed this for many years. Glad to hear preaching from this passage in a way that truly exposits the meaning.

Sermon7/12/17 10:07 AM
kddlporter from Ohio  Find all comments by kddlporter
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“ I get it now. ”
Thank you for tackling this topic. I know good men who hold to it, I believe without understanding the implications for the Gospel& salvation of those to come. Perhaps they will hear & heed. As for myself, when a reporting Bible translating 'missionary' let slip that they were justified in mistranslating scripture unifying Islam, Hinduism & Christianity (for the Gospel's sake...), because, after all, the Bible teaches we are all 'divine', created in the image of God ----arguing from Psalm 82 & John 10....I didn't understand how they could make such a leap. Let alone how so many highly educated church leaders & missionaries could not only swallow, but justify & viciously defend it. What a sop for pride! & a 'natural' for those arguing to 'prove' Christianity & the Bible from a historical progressive & 'positive' reading of history & eschatology! --- No sure foundation & reinserting the Alexandrian texts, using the Augustinian allegorizing method of Bible interpretation 'harmonizing' pagan & 'Judeo-Christian' thought.....with this 'gap' teaching, especially making Lucifer human---and the old Babylonian mysteries ----ties a lot of craft and cults together in one huge fornicating mess. Rome & the Jesuits already have it in their official doctrine. Add Mormonism in there, too.

Sermon7/1/17 10:19 PM
TBTold  Find all comments by TBTold
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thankful to the Lord that you have a sound mind and compassion over this issue. The no divorce ever and no remarriage ever camp has grown to cult like status, especially on Facebook. They put heavy burdens on Gods children. They say to put up with abuse, adultery, abandonment, you name it...you are never allowed to divorce. There answer is always to pray more, submit more, but they fail to admit that the saved spouse has been doing that for many years, and that some lost people are reprobates who have had many years to repent but only get worse. There is a time that God tells us to turn away from such, that he no longer gives us grace to endlessly pray for their hard hearts. Why would God show compassion in the Old Testament on this issue and then change his mind and put a heavy burden on the innocent spouse in the New Testament? He never changed his mind, He has always allowed a way of escape for adultery, abuse and abandonment.

Sermon6/14/17 3:11 AM
Ms. Kamaka from Hawaii  Find all comments by Ms. Kamaka
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“ Great Sermon! Mahalo! ”
As always....amazing stuff! May the Good Lord continue to bless and use you for His Glory. I appreciate ALL your hard work and devotion.

Sermon6/13/17 2:43 PM
Tyler from Pa  Find all comments by Tyler
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“ This was said in the right spirit! ”
This was a wonderful way to say what needs to be said. Pastor C said This message the same way the Holy spirit says it. I guess that means that it is the Holy Ghost saying it through pastor C. To love the enemys and pray for them to repent and come to Jesus Christ and let Jesus give them a new spirit and give them a new heart out of his great love and mercy. To heal the infirmities and drive out the devils. Dont drive them out on your own power they will just come back to a cleaned and furnished place to live rather put it all in the hands of the Lord to fix you and you And devils will have no place to come back to and one can be healed forever. Its what our Lord died for to save sinners from hell. He bared the wrath of God in your place should you accept him and turn and repent. This is such a vital sermon but it grieves me to hear about anyone who are even called by Christs name apostisizing. Yes Pastor Cooley is right the end is surely coming and judgement is nearing so turn to the Lord before its to late!! Drop pride and turn to the Lord. Its all he asks. And thank you and God bless you as always Pastor Cooley.

Sermon5/28/17 1:25 AM
jas from Minneapolis, MN  Protected NameFind all comments by jas
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Great reminders

Sermon5/21/17 11:54 PM
Walden Arizumi from Hawaii  Contact via emailFind all comments by Walden Arizumi
• Add new comment
“ Great Sermon! ”
Hi Jason, I just listened to mr. Dixon on your show and was inspired by his tenacity and courage to be a righteous man and to stand and go against the flow in this day of compromise. I want to be more like that. He has a wealth of knowledge on history and civil law and Pray that God will continue to give him strength to proceed with great purpose and clarity to further the gospel.

Sermon5/19/17 9:20 AM
Daughter from UK  Find all comments by Daughter
• Add new comment
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you!

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