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Geoffrey Grider Bible Study Archives
Geoffrey Grider  |  Saint Augustine, Florida
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‚ÄúIn response‚ÄĚ
Rob from Missouri
John 1 makes it clear that Jesus IS the Word of God. So God has put Jesus above all His name. I urge caution in your chosen...
Geoffrey Grider | Revelation 9:20
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Sermon6/8/18 11:18 AM
David Wiebe from BC Canada  Find all comments by David Wiebe
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“ Questions ”
I note Geoff Grider brings up that God is a soul during the study. This "soul" is God's contribution (paraphrased) to the "trinity". He then goes on to compare man being also composed of 3 parts, and that represents the Godhead. I find Mr Griders breakdown of the doctrine of the Godhead, overly simplistic and Biblically unsubstantiated. The reference verse; 1 John 5:7, refers to God as the Father. In other places, God is referred to as Spirit. I'm not sure where Mr Grider obtains his ideas, but this one is in error.

Sermon1/13/18 11:58 AM
Cheryl J. Hite from Cheyenne, WY  Contact via emailFind all comments by Cheryl J. Hite
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“ Great Sermon! ”
God Bless You- thank you for your heart for the Word of God! I, in all humility would like to point out a few things for your learning. Israel is always called the Bride (TWO become ONE). In Revelation, which is written TO Israel, the Bride and Christ will unite. We, are the BODY (ONE, in Him)-we are never called the Bride. The analogy of Genesis you make is your own twist on Genesis which you are free to make, but we are to rightly divide the Word. Jesus Christ came on earth to ISRAEL- he was not to come to the Gentiles at the time. In fact, the gospels are not TO the Christian church but wrap up the Old Testament and are FOR our learning as is the Old Testament - the Church began on the day of Pentecost and practically started when Israel rejected Christ with Stephen and the Word- The Mystery (all believers are the Body, the age of GRACE-not LAW, Christ in You the hope of glory,Jew and Gentile are one in Christ, given the holy spirit to every born again believer, evidenced by speaking in tongues(done in private prayer life only unless interpreted in a believers meeting-but I digress)-anyway We are not the Bride. Thank you !

Sermon1/11/18 5:23 PM
Carole from New Zealand  Contact via emailFind all comments by Carole
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Apology in comment.... should read ..There is no church where I live in New Zealand that uses the KJB... Carole

Sermon1/7/18 8:44 PM
Carole from New Zealand  Contact via emailFind all comments by Carole
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you so much for this teaching. So grateful that i found your website which teaches the truth from the KJB the pure preserved word of God. Have found all your teachings so good and easy to understand. I am very aware of false teaching coming out of churches today and cannot find a discerning church who uses the KJB. Thank God there are some discerning teaches found on the internet. We have been praying for our son for many years as he is involved in new age teaching. His name is Shane Ramon but since in NA changed it to Raamon. Wld so appreciate your prayers for him. God bless you. Carole

Sermon1/7/18 8:27 PM
Carole from New Zealand  Contact via emailFind all comments by Carole
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Hello Geoffrey Just won't to thank you so much for this teaching in fact all of your teachings on God's pure word from KJB. I haven't found a more in depth or clearer easy to understand teachings. Have been reading the KJB for about 7yrs now after reading most other translations and have found KJB so much better and clearer than any translation. Unfortunately most of my Christian friends do not understand why I read it even though have tried to explain and given them info on. I have been researching discernment in the church for 9yrs thanks to Lighthouse Trails website and discerning books on deception in the church. There church where I live in New Zealand that uses the KJB & finding church not fulfilling. I have a son who has been involved in new age teaching for 20yrs in US. My husband & I pray daily for him to come out of it. Wld so appreciate if you cld remember him in your prayers. His name is Shane-Ramon but has changed his name since being in the New Age to Raamon. Thank you again And I pray that God will bless your ministry until he comes to take us home. Carole

Sermon9/12/17 11:44 AM
valerie woolgar from BRITISH COLUMBIA CANADA  Contact via emailFind all comments by valerie woolgar
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“ Great Sermon! ”
You have givensuch a refreshing sermon about pre trib, noone here believes this in the church, and it is like walking in a desert-so your sermon is a very good drink of water. We will definitely be listening to part 2 and tons more. Thank you! Blessings on your Ministry.

Sermon11/21/16 1:26 PM
Elsie  Find all comments by Elsie
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“ Great Sermon! ”
are the calculations based on our time line or the Jewish calendar

Sermon8/25/16 1:43 AM
Ellen  Contact via emailFind all comments by Ellen
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I think you are misrepresenting the calvanist or reformed doctrine of election, it's easy to have a one sided debate because it's easy to misrepresent the other view, which you are doing.

Sermon11/9/15 8:26 AM
Jill from UK  Contact via emailFind all comments by Jill
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“ Three and a half years? ”
Is it possible that the "he" first mentioned in Dan 9:27 is Jesus and that his confirming the new covt. To Israel was his purpose but that he caused the sacrifice and inflation to cease at his crucifixion? My mind is buzzing now!

Sermon8/15/15 9:26 AM
Alfred Thames from United States  Contact via emailFind all comments by Alfred Thames
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“ Mark of the Beast ”
I believe after the rapture of the church, only the lost will remain. All will received the mark. There is a certain number of the elect(the church). When the fullness of the gentiles has come in and that blindness that has been given to Israel is been removed, God will turn his attention to them. There are no second chances. The exception to this is the 144,000 and the saved remnant of the 12 tribes of Israel. But if you dont believe in sovereign election, and that number is open, and God doesnt know when and who the last person is? Number of man 66.6 or 2/3rds, number of God 33.3 or 1/3rd. 2/3rds belong to Satan and 1/3rd belong to God. There are only two kinds of people on this earth, child of God chosen from the foundation of the world or a child of Satan.

Sermon8/15/15 8:48 AM
Alfred Thames from United States  Contact via emailFind all comments by Alfred Thames
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“ Election ”
Until someone can explain to me why some come to Christ and most reject, I will stand firm in sovereign grace. Because, we are all born of Adam, with a fallen nature. We are born in the flesh and while we are in the flesh the mind has a hate for God, Rom 8:7. So, the question is how do we come out of the flesh and into the spirit? This is what Chapter is all about being in the spirit, not in the flesh. It all comes down to this one simple question? If ALL are the same, what makes one differ to another? If some are different and able(power) to discern between the flesh and the spirit, then that person has something to boast about. Dont give me a bunch of verses taken of context, I've heard and read them all. I am sure you have too. Just give me a simple answer why some can chose and most cannot and will not. Because, I can give you a simple answer to my point, Sovereign Grace.

Sermon2/9/15 9:29 PM
David Wiebe from BC Canada  Find all comments by David Wiebe
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank You Geoffrey! This was an outstanding study on exactly what your title denotes. Lots of pertinent scripture reference for people wishing to win souls to the Lord, and wishing to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sermon1/25/15 11:41 PM
Rob from Missouri  Find all comments by Rob
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“ In response ”
John 1 makes it clear that Jesus IS the Word of God. So God has put Jesus above all His name. I urge caution in your chosen wording.

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