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Generations Radio
Kevin Swanson  |  Parker, Colorado
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Generations Radio
19039 Plaza Dr. Ste #210
Parker, CO 80134
Generations Radio
PO Box 1398
Elizabeth, CO 80107
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“Great Sermon!”
Narcissist culture, Those whose minds are seared and hearts have hardened.
Kevin Swanson | School Shootings on the Rise
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Sermon7/30/19 1:40 PM
Angela L Mentink from Nebraska  Contact via emailFind all comments by Angela L Mentink
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I have a neighbor that is a great example of Proverbs woman. She grows a lot of food and doesn't waste anything. She goes to a lot of work to give away her excess, lovingly makes meals for the mission, takes excess to the grocery store to give away, cares for her husband and grown children, does all the accounting for her husband's business even though she hates it, helps widows and orphans, and volunteers for many things. She has definitely strengthened her arms and doesn't boast to everyone about what she is doing. She believes people think she doesn't do anything because she's not working outside the home, but she is the hardest working woman I know. She is an amazing example to me.

Sermon7/25/19 8:27 AM
Diane from AL  Find all comments by Diane
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Sounds to me like the giving outs free water is just a form of casting pearls before swine. These people are not interested in hearing any form of criticism about their sin.

Sermon7/10/19 10:21 AM
Paul Labadorf from Greenville SC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Paul Labadorf
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“ A matter of authority ”
I agree with what you said. I am noticing a general trend to set aside God's authority for "being relevant" in society. This is why we have emerging and emergent churches.

Sermon7/10/19 10:14 AM
Josh TN from TN  Find all comments by Josh TN
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“ J. D. Greer ”
I would like to look up J. D. Greer’s comments myself. How can I do that? I was surprised you didn’t reference those comments.

Blog6/23/19 6:48 AM
lweindia from dwarka  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by lweindia
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best website comapny

Sermon5/27/19 1:30 PM
Mark Espinosa from Texas  Contact via emailFind all comments by Mark Espinosa
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“ Great Sermon! ”
We show our children what LGBT is and how it goes against the Bible We pray for children and grandkids that we can not condone this evil behavior.

Sermon5/24/19 10:54 AM
Cora Suither from PA  Find all comments by Cora Suither
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Yep! Men are the culprit. It began at the judicial bench. In the past, divorced women with children had to struggle because of judicial inequities that literally released men from their full responsibilities. What is the difference between cops killing black fathers and women killing babies because the father is absent from the home? Is anyone paying attention to the number of black women being killed at the hands of law enforcement? Law enforcement? Laws. Trump breaks them every day. The religious leaders support him openly. Christians, of a certain kind, keep silent. We are all lawless. We accuse some and excuse others. Dems support abortion. Both Dems and Reps support Planned Parenthood. Pecker of AMI has the laundry of Trump supporters. Mark it down!

Sermon5/24/19 5:35 AM
Cheryl from New Jersey, U.S.  Find all comments by Cheryl
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“ Overcomer? Not! ”
Was Billy Graham an overcomer? According to the biblical definition, no. Paul worried that his flock could be overcomers, while he himself could make shipwreck of his Christian life; an apostle whom Jesus handpicked. If there could've been a condition of once saved, always saved, I think Paul would've met it. I stopped listening to Billy Graham when I heard him say,Don't leave here today without knowing you've taken care of this;then you won't have to worry. Don't worry about your friends, they'll wait for you! it'll only take 5 minutes! He supported Pope Francis who said, shortly after being nominated, " It is not necessary to believe in Jesus to get to Heaven. Just continue doing good". Most Orthodox Catholics think he's a heretic, but Graham approved! I believe he did start out running well; but desire of worldy gain took over;So he said what people wanted to hear and got famous. Lloyd Jones said after hearing him,I don't see the Holy Spirit, only charisma. The churches in the host cities of his events saw no rise in church attendance, and why would they? It only takes 5 minutes! Graham said himself, he would be surprised if 4% of those altar calls were real converts, (yet 100% believed they were saved, and Graham's ministry pocketed the $$).If that isn't shipwreck, what is?

Sermon5/17/19 8:41 AM
Barbara thomas from Texas  Find all comments by Barbara thomas
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Very enlightening. I homeschooled my 5 kids and am now a grandmother of 4 soon to be 5. Very concerning for their future education.

Sermon5/16/19 7:46 AM
Angelica  Find all comments by Angelica
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Narcissist culture, Those whose minds are seared and hearts have hardened.

Sermon5/3/19 4:17 PM
Douglas Fir from Zones Four to Six  Find all comments by Douglas Fir
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“ Thought provoking ”
It does make you wonder about people who spend so much time getting their doctrines right. Many nonbelievers will hold up this story for a long time to say, 'What good is your Belief System?

Sermon4/16/19 2:02 PM
Phillip F Mercer from athens, ohio  Find all comments by Phillip F Mercer
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Notice how Romans 1.27 is shadow-banned from reading or preaching on by church boards all over America and the world. Even Romans 1:18 through to the end of the chapter is no longer preached on by so many churches in their sermons. Many stop at Romans 1:17 and will not go further. This is the Spirit of Anti-Christ. It will get worse. Soon Romans 1 will be banned, you can count on it, and It is already shadow-banned, they just do not talk about it. My brothers & sisters in Christ, we must stand firm for truth and the Word of God. God bless you and give you the courage as you store up your treasures in heaven, not in this corrupt world.

Sermon3/13/19 7:10 PM
NB from kansas  Contact via emailFind all comments by NB
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“ A balm to my soul ”
I homeschool like this. But lately I’ve been doubting and have been discouraged as none of my hs mom friends have stayed this course. I feel like an island, and while Matt 6:33 has been my anchor for years, the enemy has been hard at work on me lately. Thanks for this encouragement.

Sermon3/13/19 5:24 PM
Angie from Nebraska  Contact via emailFind all comments by Angie
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This was so helpful. Thanks!

Blog3/12/19 5:26 AM
Petelein Jorgon from New York  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by Petelein Jorgon
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one of the best spiderman movies. the new goblin's design was awesome, and i like the portrayal of eddie brock as a ass-kissing know it all. Sandman was an intresting charater, although it was a suprise when they revealed him to be uncle bens murderer. the cg effects were amazing, especially the symbiote moving like a hand or a spider. and that scene in the church? my favorite.

Sermon2/21/19 8:19 AM
Ann from VA  Find all comments by Ann
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Through God's generous providence, we were able to raise and home educate 9 children on one modest income. (While also buying our home and remaining debt free). What God commands, he provides for....

Sermon2/10/19 7:44 PM
Anonymous Name  Find all comments by Anonymous Name
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“ Airport Body Scanners: Adultery of the Heart ”
But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. (Matthew 5:28).

Sermon1/24/19 1:24 PM
Homeschool Dad of 11 from BC, Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Homeschool Dad of 11
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Are there any ministries in the US helping Christians from Canada and elsewhere to obtain asylum in America? Kevin makes a great point that more of us are needed there to stem the tide of godlessness and help disciple a nation and a generation.

Sermon1/7/19 1:12 AM
Aaron from Wiscnsin  Contact via emailFind all comments by Aaron
• Add new comment
“ ”
I was hoping these sermons would help me as a Christian walking through divisive partisan politics. Instead I found more of the same.

Sermon12/10/18 12:55 PM
Ultron from Everywhere  Find all comments by Ultron
• Add new comment
“ Indoctrination ”
the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.This is a perfect example of indoctrination at its finest. You have convince your daughter. Wow! What next smurfs!! LOL Jesus.... Santa clause for adults. Christianity…the belief that some cosmic Jewish zombie will grant you immortality, if you ‘symbolically’ eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can rid an evil imbedded in mans soul because some rib woman was tricked into eating a magic apple by a talking to a snake…yeah makes perfect sense. Lmao!!!!

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