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Triumphant Publications Ministries
John M. Otis  |  Atlanta, Georgia
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“Great Sermon!”
Dear John: I have enjoyed listening to your sermon tapes. They are insightful, and encouraging to me. I have also enjoyed...
John M. Otis | Hebrews 11:27-29
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Sermon9/17/15 10:56 AM
edy johnson  Find all comments by edy johnson
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“ Great Sermon! ”
very good and realistic. if alcohol causes you to sin, look at that.

Sermon12/30/14 10:26 PM
Delivered from The Word of God  Contact via emailFind all comments by Delivered
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Where Are Demons Today?
Joe Morecraft III
“ Great Sermon! ”
We have been called to war. This message will equip the true believer to study and fight, with all the Lord on our side, to dispel the darkness. Many brethren are entertained by evil, instead of tearing down false concepts created by our enemies. The evil media, with its subtleties, are creating a belief system such as "I'm okay."

Sermon10/21/12 10:14 PM
Wayne Fell from Elberta, Alabama  Contact via emailFind all comments by Wayne Fell
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you John for this convicting, and encouraging sermon. A well exposited sermon from God's Word and the many Biblical spplications were great !!!

Sermon10/1/12 5:52 AM
Howard King from Hernando, MS  Contact via emailFind all comments by Howard King
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“ Great Sermon! ”
An excellent example of how not to interpret Scripture. The dismissal of Scripture's clear command by appeal to an inward submission cannot be legitimized. Cultural relativism is refuted by the details of Paul's discussion. Read my book, "The Myth of Sexual Equality, Studies in Biblical Sex Roles and their Proper Expressions" for further explanation.

Sermon4/20/12 1:19 PM
Kenneth Jackson from Cedar Springs, MI 49319  Contact via emailFind all comments by Kenneth Jackson
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Pastor Otis: Thank you for your help in understanding The Federal Vision. I have e-mailed your web-site to the Elders of my church (i.e., Rockford Springs Community Church), a congregation of the OPC.

Sermon9/19/11 12:34 PM
CSM  Find all comments by CSM
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Great you stood your ground on those desiring unbiblical divorce and adulterous remarriage. Since the Westminster Divines (WDs) didn't state in the WCF: When does the "statute of limitations" run out after an adultery event when a spouse may divorce (e.g., months, years, decades later)? Regardless, aren't these many marriages always in a perpetual state of instability? How much time must elapse before one is considered abandoned (e.g., months, years, decades later)? Christian marriage is a picture of Christ and His Church, now that 50% are divorced, isn't this picture all but shattered? Perhaps the WDs underestimated what would happen if they allowed one to "sue out a divorce." Now it seems that half the country has taken them up on this offer. Good message.

Sermon12/2/07 9:37 PM
WAYNE FELL from ELBERTA, ALABAMA  Contact via emailFind all comments by WAYNE FELL
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Dear John: I have enjoyed listening to your sermon tapes. They are insightful, and encouraging to me. I have also enjoyed reading Danger in the Camp. May God bless you Wayne Fell

Sermon5/26/07 9:28 PM
Tammie  Find all comments by Tammie
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I was raised in a dispensational, pre-mil environment and was unaware of the many passages that point to an eschatology of victory. Your sermon is dynamite!

Sermon5/14/07 5:12 AM
Thomas M Sullivan  Contact via emailFind all comments by Thomas M Sullivan
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“ Excellent Lectures. ”
If only I would have known this conference was here in Grand Rapids and I could have attended and asked questions. Such as - what were the roots of the Federal Vision and Auburn Avenue Theology? It appears possibly they went astray starting with Mark Horne's critique of Greg Welty's paper on paedo-baptism. Horne indicated even then that persons could fall out of the covenant of grace. And yet his paper was called, "...an original contribution in the areas of Covenant Theology, election, perseverance, and soteriology. Original, YES, and it has gone downhill from there. That paper is online at http://www.reformed.org/sacramentology/index.html

Sermon5/8/07 7:55 PM
Thomas M Sullivan  Find all comments by Thomas M Sullivan
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“ Thanks for this audio! ”
I am glad these were added here. I listened to the first three today. It is interesting to trace the history of the way a few men have drifted in a short time. I mean like Steve Schissel and Mark Horne. Horne's pilgrimmage especially has intrigued me. The red flags were raised in my mind when he thought he rediscovered a great old theologian - John W. Nevin. But Princeton had warned about Nevin 150 years ago. Now Horne, Schissel and others are embracing Auburn Avenue Theology and the Federal Vision and N T Wright. The decline has been a warning to me. It has been even worse than I originally feared it would be.

Sermon3/9/07 7:35 PM
Neil from Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
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Understanding Slavery
John M. Otis
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thanks, I appreciate the careful distinction between Biblical vs. non-Biblical slavery. Americans need to absorb this. Frederick Douglass noted: "... of all slaveholders with whom I have ever met, religious slaveholders are the worst. I have ever found them the meanest and basest, the most cruel and cowardly, of all others." The complicity of so many otherwise godly men like Dabney in the "peculiar instituion" is indeed tragic and a reproach to the era. Ref: http://sunsite.berkeley.edu/Literature/Douglass/Autobiography Let us take heed also, lest we fall. Every age has its besetting sins among Christians, it seems.

Sermon1/13/07 7:58 PM
swrb.com from Edmonton, Alberta  Protected NameFind all comments by swrb.com
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“ John Otis makes many good points on this MP3. ”
John Otis makes many good points on this MP3. John's book, _Danger In the Camp: An Analysis and Refutation of the Heresies of the Federal Vision_, mentioned on this MP3, is available on sermonaudio at http://www.sermonaudio.com/source_prodinfo.asp?PID=we112205111711. It is also sad to hear how far Steve Schlissel has fallen from the truth (and one other MP3 on sermonaudio, though I forget the title at the moment, even noted that Steve has already shared the "pulpit" in a friendly manner, at one conference, with Roman Catholics). Many more free online resources refuting the Federal Vision heresy may also be found at this sermonaudio blog: FREE: REFUTING DOUG WILSON, Steve Schlissel, Steve Wilkins, John Barach, the AUBURN AVENUE / FEDERAL VISION HERESIES, Norman Shepherd, N.T. Wright, Richard Gaffin, & DEFENDING THE REFORMATION VIEW ON JUSTIFICATION http://www.sermonaudio.com/new_details3.asp?ID=7909

Sermon11/26/06 7:05 PM
Kieran from Ireland  Find all comments by Kieran
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“ Great Sermon! ”
"Great Sermon! ” I have been a premillennialist ever since I've been a Christian, and this sermon really made me reconsider. Very well explained!" I'd be glad to debate you on that one, Mr Usry. I hope I've been judged, found guilty and forgiven for my sins, and don't have to go through the judgement of tribulation. Saved once only, by grace.

Sermon11/26/06 6:38 PM
Jason Usry from South Carolina  Find all comments by Jason Usry
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I have been a premillennialist ever since I've been a Christian, and this sermon really made me reconsider. Very well explained!

Sermon10/22/06 6:43 AM
Thomas M Sullivan from Jenison, MI  Contact via email
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“ Very Interesting, Waiting for more ”
This is as important as it is interesting. But Steve's comments to John are very perplexing. I have corresponded with Schlissel in the past, and though I disagree with him on a number of issues, I am still surprised that he misrepresents the historic reformed position on the term justification used strictly in a forensic sense, and good works as the evidence of the new birth. I know he is very familiar with his own confession, the Westminster, but seemed to create a straw man doctrine of the historic teachings on soteriology. At any rate this is a very important warning about the Federal Vision system and the Auburn Avenue Theologs such as Wilkens, Wilson, Mark Horne and their whole ilk. The ironic thing is they have a whole different standard on infants and regeneration.

Sermon9/3/06 8:09 PM
Robert from New Jersey  Contact via email
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Jesus Is Our Sabbath Rest
John M. Otis
“ Great Sermon! ”
Amen! Thank you for this wonderful message of full assurance of salvation!

Sermon6/20/06 2:13 PM
Susan from Michigan  Contact via email
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The Source of Conflict
John M. Otis
“ Great Sermon! ”
Awesome message! Just what a sermon needs to be, to bring conviction, and to bring us to our knees not in false piety, but true humility of recognition of our shortcomings before a holy and righteous God who is willing and able to cleanse us from all unrighteousness, when we honestly confess it.

Sermon3/27/06 9:41 AM
A Listener  
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Great Sermon! ”
I appreciated listening to this, and the specific application that came with it! Thank you so much for your preaching. We're looking forward to more! May God bless you.

Sermon2/17/06 2:25 PM
Jess Stanfield from Macon, Georgia  
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Greg, keep up the good work. May the Lord increase your ministry.

Sermon1/17/06 3:05 PM
Vince Oglesby from Danville, VA  Contact via email
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The Mark of a Good Minister
John M. Otis
“ Great Sermon! ”
You explain the scriptures in a down to earth manner that should prove helpful when I teach The International Sunday School lesson using First Timothy chapter 4 in my church. Thank you and may God bless you in your ministry.

Dr. Joel Beeke
The Puritans Got it Right

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