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Emmanuel Baptist Church
Pastor Jeffery S. Smith  |  Coconut Creek, Florida
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Emmanuel Baptist Church
5391 Johnson Road
Coconut Creek, FL 33073
Emmanuel Baptist Church
5391 Johnson Road
Coconut Creek, FL 33073
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MyChurch Code#: 66056
“Excellent Sermon!”
Elen from Florida
This Sermon was indeed such a blessing to my soul. I think it would be a great blessing to anyone, but particularly to those...
Pastor Jeffery S. Smith | The Life of David
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Sermon6/20/10 3:08 AM
Arthur Kaye from Melb Aust.  Find all comments by Arthur Kaye
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Walking in the Old Paths #2
Albert N. Martin
“ Heart searching ”
Preached like a true Puritan. The church needs much of this kind of preaching with that firery rebuke of sin with the hope that we Gods so called people will awake from our sleep of lethagy and death.God bless you, God bless,God bless you Mr Martin for daring to preach as a Puritan in this sin loving and righteouss hating age in which we live.

Sermon6/13/10 12:19 AM
Arthur Kaye from Australia  Find all comments by Arthur Kaye
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Walking in the Old Paths #1
Albert N. Martin
“ Execellant ! ”
A most solemn and needed message for our corrupt Laodicean age. This doctrinal and practical sermon seperates the sheep from goats,and is bread for Gods dear children. Thank you Mr Martin for your faithfullness to Crist Jesus as his ambassador and minister of the gospel.

Sermon6/10/10 2:26 PM
RG from South Florida  Find all comments by RG
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I go to this church and this was really convicting of my sin. I am a chritian and wait for eternity. Thank You Pastor D.

Sermon5/30/10 8:31 AM
Hazel Maisey from U.K  Contact via emailFind all comments by Hazel Maisey
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“ thank you for the blessing of Psa 23 ”
Dear Uncle Bill..........I listen to this sermon and your Psalm 23 series over and over again and receive great comfort especially this sermon.........I have manic-depression and have suffered so much....but more so from discrimmination from family and church and feel Eze 34 explains clearly......it is so hard....but God is so good to me and altogether precious and I love him so much for keeping me ....... I saw your sister Anne ...and she told me about Jonathan's wedding ..I was so pleased for him and pass on my BEST WISHES........love in our wonderful Saviour Hazel xx ps love to Aunty Alma

Sermon2/16/10 9:54 AM
lisetta estevez from mount bethel, PA  Contact via emailFind all comments by lisetta estevez
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Testimony of Pastor A.N. Martin
Albert N. Martin
“ Great Sermon! ”
Delightful and encouraging message in God's dealings with this beloved pastor, and how to raise Godly children in this trying time. Thank you pastor Martin!

Sermon2/10/10 5:20 AM
peter grace from australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by peter grace
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“ Keeping the hedge intact ”
I agree with Al that we need to keep the Lord's Day Sabbath as a delightful hedge against the erosion of doctrines. Ever since it has been changed to Sunday, or the 1st day of the week, (the new path) honouring the God of Creation has been forgotten and has now been attacked by Evolution to destroy the foundations of our faith. We have no Biblically authority to make this change that cannot be easily disputed. This is doing just what he says we should not do, i.e. take away the hedge. See also Romans 14: 5 & 6

Sermon2/2/10 11:10 AM
Lisetta A.Estevez from PA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lisetta A.Estevez
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“ Great Sermon! ”
A very clear teaching about the sabbath, opened my eyes

Sermon2/2/10 11:08 AM
Lisetta A Estevez from PA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lisetta A Estevez
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“ Great Sermon! ”
All Praise to my Lord and Saviour for your ministry I have been abundantly blessed by the preached word thru brother Martin. Thank you for being on sermon audio. Thankfully, Lisette Estevez

Sermon1/26/10 5:43 PM
Mike Waters from North Canton, Ohio  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Mike Waters
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“ A must hear! ”
What a blessing. A must hear for every preacher. In a day when reformed chuches are tempted to give in to the ways of this world, let us, "Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it..." Bless God for our spiritual fathers in the faith. Pastor Martin has preached and practiced the old paths for more than 50 years. Let us younger preachers take heed. Let us turn our hearts back, not merely to our forefathers or tradition, but to Scripture. And in doing, we will find that much of what we have inherited by our reformed and puritan forefathers has been grounded upon the Word. May the Lord grant a far hearing to this sermon [and the others in the series]. Thank you Pastor Martin for pointing us to that path which provides "rest for our souls." Mike Waters Heritage RBC

Sermon11/9/09 3:01 PM
Wanderer from UK  Protected NameFind all comments by Wanderer
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The Only Saviour
Pastor Edward Donnelly
“ Both sobering and uplifting ”
This invigorating sermon encourages the people of God and prepares us for the challenges that lie ahead.

Sermon10/17/09 1:35 AM
Andrea from Georgia  Find all comments by Andrea
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He Restores My Soul - Part 2
Robert Fisher
“ Wow, Wow, Wow. ”
This sermon is great for one who needs personal revival. It speaks to the needs of those who may be in a declined spiritual state without any hope of true restoration. The sermon has stirred me to seek the restoration that God delights to give His people.

Sermon9/4/09 2:33 AM
Kenneth Johnson from South Africa, CT  Find all comments by Kenneth Johnson
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Behold Your God! #1
Dr. Robert L. Reymond
“ Great Sermon! ”
After listening to this sermon, I felt much convicted about my inadequacies and failures of and in being able to communicate the Perfections and Beauties of our Blessed Lord in a manner that does not fall into the pit of idolatry. Truly this is one of those Sermons where we see ourselves in the something of the light of the Majesty of who God is, and are left awestruck by His Being.

Sermon7/16/09 2:42 PM
Milton Nunes from Brazil  Contact via emailFind all comments by Milton Nunes
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for such a timely Biblical approach (not humanistic) to the steps of restoration from sin and confirmation of fritful love to the Lord! Our God will certainly continue to bless you.

Sermon7/16/09 12:49 PM
Cindy Toolsie from Toronto, Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Cindy Toolsie
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I wish I had the power to promote this sermon, its rich in biblical doctrine, I strongly recommend this to sermon audio listeners. There are much to learn here, especially when we don't understand the mystery of GOD and His abiblity to takae every wrong and make it right in His way. We have only what He wants us to know. Therefore He clearly states Deut. 29v29 many arogantly stray away from that. We simply can't do GOD'S work for Him. He's all powerful and does not need our help. All of man's actions in this world whether it may be good or bad, The LORD is the ultimate fixer of all ills. Praise GOD and Thank you.

Sermon7/4/09 5:54 PM
Hazel from Liverpool U.K  Contact via emailFind all comments by Hazel
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Dear Uncle Bill and Aunty Alma Your sermon has been a great blessing to me now that i have found you on the internet and relish listening to more. I always feel the need to seek you out when my Mum died and now my Dad.He has stomach cancer and you may now about it and last November was given 12-18 mths to live. He also has an ICD unit for his irregular heart beat and last week gave him some nasty shocks and thought he was dying ...turned out to be fault on the £25,000 machinery. But worries me as I sob is that he says that he is not worried of dying... but of facing God.How can this be????? Is not heaven his home and he longs to be with HIS SAVIOUR is it his senility..it is so hard to get through to him ...to reassure him of the promises of God....is the Devil robbing him of his peace in his final and hardest battle Please pray for him and if you could send him a note of reassurance in his final days...he will I hope and pray listen to you

Sermon11/26/08 2:41 PM
wendy from USA  Find all comments by wendy
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The Heart of the New Covenant
Robert Fisher
“ Authentic Christianity ”
I encourage you all to listen: "Real Christian experience is where there is this dynamic relationship between you and the Living God. Where God takes you and He changes you, where He puts His law into your heart so you are inclined to do it, where God by His Spirit changes you inwardly; where God comes and puts His fear in your heart so you are drawn to Him and you are attracted to Him and you want to please Him. Where He Himself keeps working..." amen!

Sermon11/21/08 11:56 AM
Ming  Find all comments by Ming
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Gethsemane's Agony
Jeremy Walker
“ Great Sermon! ”
This sermon made my mind knowledge into heart realization. May God use pastor Jeremy Walker to bless more people.

Sermon8/8/08 5:17 AM
Thomas M Sullivan from Jenison, MI  Contact via emailFind all comments by Thomas M Sullivan
• Add new comment
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thanks for adding this! Johnny is a hero to me, an example in many ways - he helped me years ago with advice when designing my first web site. I told our church last year that if I was in Southern Florida and had my choice of going to Disney World or to the bedside of Johnny Farese to meet him in person, I would choose the latter in a moment. We ended up going through Miami and not Fort Lauderdale with Spirit Airlines so my hopes were never realized. But if I see this dear brother in heaven, our bodies will be perfect again.

Sermon7/21/08 1:30 AM
Dr. Griffiths from Lone Star State  Find all comments by Dr. Griffiths
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“ Masterful Series on Anxiety!!!!!! ”
Anxiety is so commonplace that Christians often underestimate its danger. In this masterful and heartwarming series Pastor Savastio presents vital biblical truths on how to overcome anxiety. His analysis of anxiety in the life of King David and that of Martha is especially insightful. Please share this very important series with others.

Sermon6/12/08 4:07 AM
Abraham Oommen from Saudi Arabia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Abraham Oommen
• Add new comment
“ Excellent Sermon! ”
As my soul thirsts for His Words, this sermon was a shower of blessing.It touched every vault of my heart and every word of it was powerful and created a glorious impact upon me. God bless you and use you as his mouth-piece. Abraham

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