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Hackberry House of Chosun
Bob Faulkner  |  Chicago, Illinois
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Niles, Illinois
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“Great Sermon!”
Jennifer Mason from Memphis
You've touched on something that has puzzled me for quite sometime; the worthless or foolish shepherd God will raise in the land...
Bob Faulkner | Prophets Answers
Page 1 | Page 5 ·  Found: 94 total user comment(s)

Sermon6/2/11 9:40 PM
louis  Contact via emailFind all comments by louis
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ you are an awesome blessing to the body of christ ”
Thank you for the research you did in sharing and proclaiming what the bible clearly tell us concerning the rapture.

Sermon2/11/10 1:31 AM
Trevor H from Australia  Find all comments by Trevor H
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ This Is The Truth ”
Greetings Pastor Bob. I have never been to bible collage but just read the word of God. It's only been in the last few years that the pretrib rapture has been put before me. Anyone who believes in a pretrib rapture is being deceived. I know how Satan works I was a JW. And when you come out of Satan's den you get to know Christ and you can see through the lies. Satan is a smooth one.The problem is that the Pastors are not preparing the hearts of the people for the tribulation. They are giving them a false hope. Keep up the good work Pastor Bob of our Dear Lord Jesus.

Sermon12/8/09 6:15 AM
Lia Leigh from Nigeria  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lia Leigh
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Daniel, Part One
Bob Faulkner
“ Great Sermon! ”
Dear Pastor, Thank you for the sermon on Daniel. I am an 'old' believer and until recently I did not truly understand the prophecies of Daniel. I took your advise and patiently, prayerfully, I studied the Word again. I can't tell you the impact He had on me. I am romanian by birth and it is very interesting to me how close to my native country the antiChrist can be. I am a missionary pastor in Nigeria. I heard you thru inernet (thank God for it). May God continue to bless you, your family and your ministry, in the name of Jesus, amen. Lia Leigh.

Blog7/22/07 12:19 PM
Bottom Line  Find all comments by Bottom Line
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Alex from Norway, amen to your post.

The moons and planets out away from the earth are melting and liquifying, and are we goign to blame our SUVs for that also?

Scientists, real not pseudo, say the sun is giong thruogh a hot spell, and this does happen where the sun will wax hotter for awhile. It's perfectly normal.

Not to say that things aren't being done by the very people crying wolf to destroy the atomosphere and the earth (HAARP, Gwen Towers, chemtrails, other things you mentioned).

And yes, the UN wants to tax everybody for how many children they have, control our lives minutely. It's all traced back to eugenics, renamed as the environmental movement and population control, but just as sinister as it was back in the day that it fueled the Nazi movement.

The eugenics movement I've learned started in Britain and the U.S, was exported to Nazi Germany, and then after the war we brought the eugenicist scientists like Mengele back here and set them up with labs to continue their work, to the point that almost every foundation and university leader today is a eugenicist, and the move to depopulate the world in the name of saving it is moving steadily forward.

Blog7/22/07 12:05 PM
Alex from Norway  Contact via emailFind all comments by Alex
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There is one important thing that we have to add to the picture when we talk about global warming. There is technology being used that actually can heat up the atmosphere, change the weather, it can even be used in warfare. This is manmade and it is not God's judgement on earth. The catasrophes caused by god will not come until the time is right during the tribulation.
Global warming is not prooved by science. There is still a lot of discussions on the topic and those that oppose global warming as truth are supressed. Global warming is big business and also a tool to make people more addicted to the government because of fear and despair.

Sermon5/18/07 9:39 PM
Vernon  Contact via emailFind all comments by Vernon
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Excellent Teaching! ”
This sermon is a "gold find!" Every truth seeker should listen!

Sermon5/17/07 1:36 PM
Hank Hudson  Find all comments by Hank Hudson
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Clear insight ”
Thank you for a clear, simple picture of what's coming to pass and how Chrislians can perfectly understand the "last days" as we look at today's events. It's wonderful to be living today and having the Holy Bible to understand the past, present and future. Praise the Lord and keep the faith.

Sermon1/4/07 8:52 PM
Bob Faulkner from Glenview, Illinois  Protected NameFind all comments by Bob Faulkner
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ No suffering now? ”
Then who is that crowd that comes to heaven out of great tribulation in Revelation 7:14? And why cannot Christ's coming be imminent and known by signs at the same time? If Jesus told Peter exactly when he was going to die, and Paul that he had a lot of work to do in Corinth, could that "imminence" you describe be possible?

Sermon4/22/05 9:05 AM
Dwayne M. Hefner from Wilton, Wisconsin  
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Outstanding Series! ”
Every Christian needs to hear this to know who and what the RCC really is. Many people up here in my area think, they (catholics) are just like us, except they do those little Mary things, but they are still Christians. I just pray that some will get the chance to listen to Bro. Bob's series.

Sermon3/28/05 6:14 PM
Leslie brown from Scotland  Contact via email
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Thank you ”
It just makes so much sense to me. I've never been able to get my head round the pre trib theory and I've never thought I was a great idea because if Christians are not building up their faith in preparation for a terrible time of testing how are they going to stand. I was listening online yesterday to the pre Baptismal testimonies of some young people at a Chrismatic Church I used to attend which now makes use of the G12 Church growth model. Apart from the mention of Jesus occasionally it seemed that most of the young people concerned had been involved in some sort of arranged "encounter" experience which they all described as awesome! The idea of a pre trib rapture is ideal in such Churches because it removes the need for serious study, questioning and seeking. It just means that while they read the Bible for devotional purposes essentially they cut themselves off mentally from everything else and concentrate on maintaining their mystical experience to be ready for the mystical pre trib rapture they have been sold. I thought I was listening objectivley to these poor young souls but when the broadcast finished I was physically sick. Leslie

Sermon4/18/04 5:38 PM
Leslie from Scotland UK  Contact via email
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Thank you ”
I very much appreciated your talk on the Mystery Babylon. I was in a Charismatic fellowship years ago and started studying the Bible and history for myself when I found that no one could answer any of my questions with regard to the Mystery Babylon. No one seemed to think it mattered very much, which I thought was odd given the clear command in Rev 18:4 to come out of her. My studies put me at odds with my group and eventually I left. I only got connected to the internet last year and I only came across sermonaudio and your site today. I really like the calm measured unemotional way you present your material, thought to be honest if I wasn't already fairly familiar with the subject and the surrounding history I'm not sure that I would have been able to follow you. Most of the Christians I know have read their Bibles over and over yet they don't seem to really know it. And as far as history is concerned, the author of Ecclesiastes would seem to be right, "There is no rememberance of men of old." Thank you again Leslie

Sermon3/3/03 6:37 AM
andy taylor  Contact via email
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Revelation Study, Part Nine
Bob Faulkner
“ Great Sermon! ”
Inspiring, lucid, altogether brilliant in opening the truth about Romanism. I was a little vague on my understanding, I knew it was wrong but could not find the words to say why. Thank you, outstanding stuff.

Sermon9/23/02 5:16 PM
John Drolet from Powell River, B.C. Canada  Contact via email
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Great Sermon! ”
A most hear for every Christian. Bob Faulkner is a true spokeman of God who teaches sound doctrine, and does not tell his listners what they want to hear, but what the Word of God says.

Sermon4/4/01 6:26 PM
JAMES LAGGER  Contact via email
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Through the Bible, Lesson 19
Bob Faulkner
“ Bob Faulkner is a awesome teacher !!!! ”

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