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OCT 20, 2017
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Beaverton Grace Bible Church
Pastor Chuck O'Neal  |  Beaverton, Oregon
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Page 1 | Page 2 ·  Found: 174 total user comment(s)

Blog4/3/13 5:48 PM
Pastor Chuck O'Neal from Beaverton, Oregon  Protected NameGo to homepageFind all comments by Pastor Chuck O'Neal
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Hello Todd,

I see what you are saying, but Jeff Cook isn’t merely talking about an ongoing Sanctification process that we might debate over. He goes on to suggest that we abandon the concept that homosexuals and lesbians need to repent at all. He suggests that we should view homosexuality and lesbianism like OT dietary restrictions for shell fish that simply didn’t apply to the new Gentile believers in the early church. He is clearly encouraging us to entertain homosexuals and lesbians coming as they are and staying as they are, as being the new wave of the new work of the Holy Spirit that overrides what God’s Word so clearly says (1 Cor. 6:9-11).



Blog4/3/13 5:47 PM
Pastor Chuck O'Neal from Beaverton, Oregon  Protected NameGo to homepageFind all comments by Pastor Chuck O'Neal
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You ask, “Is she a lesbian woman or is she a born again woman?”

Does being born again mean you are instantly not a lesbian? Or a sluggard, or a liar, or a glutton, or abuse alcohol, or smoke a pipe?

We are all new creations when we accept Christ.

But sanctification takes time.

And we still struggle.

The question is… what do we do with people who are at different levels of sanctification?

That’s what he’s trying to address.

He’s saying that he’s seen remarkable progress in her journey… but that progress has not yet reached her sexuality.

See very possible to me from people I’ve watched. Sometimes it takes time and is not instantaneous.


Blog4/3/13 4:46 PM
Todd Rhoades  Protected NameGo to homepageFind all comments by Todd Rhoades
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Todd Rhoades repsonded:


Did you even read the article?

It didn’t sound like it.

I believe homosexuality is a sin as well. But the questions asked are valid.


Sermon3/28/13 7:57 PM
Pastor Chuck O'Neal from Beaverton, Oregon  Protected NameFind all comments by Pastor Chuck O'Neal
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“ rebels justifying & defending apostasy ”
Well reasoned and flowery justifications and defenses for apostasy and apostates based upon personal experience will wear thin on that Day in which we all must give an account. Gal 1:6-9, 2 John 10-11, and Jude 3 cry out against such folly with absolute clarity and infinite authority. How dare any man or woman open their foul mouth or put their foul fingers to the keyboard to speak against God's eternal Word. The Word of God judges their defense of apostasy now and the God of the Word will judge them when they stand before His throne if they do not repent. Those who Love the Lord Jesus, His Gospel, and lost sinners will happily stand with Jeremiah and Spurgeon against all those who cry "Peace, peace! When there is no peace" (Jer. 6:14).

Blog3/22/13 2:55 PM
Pastor Chuck O'Neal from Beaverton, Oregon  Protected NameGo to homepageFind all comments by Pastor Chuck O'Neal
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Thank you for making some great points Margaret.

Ed Chapman is a long time, faithful follower of Julie Anne Smith.

In answer to Ed's question, MATTHEW HENRY (CHARLES SPURGEON’S FAVORITE BIBLE COMMENTATOR), JOHN CALVIN, AND ALBERT BARNES support me, my family, and our church in a just defense against vicious criminal accusations vindictively made by the close friends of Don Miller (see http://wp.me/p2YEp0-54), a fired former staff member. These heavy weight pastor/theologians stand firmly with us against the evil assault of Christ's church and our families.

Here is Matthew Henry's commentary on 1 Cor. 6, “Here is at least an intimation that they went to law for trivial matters, things of little value; for the apostle blames them that they did not suffer wrong rather than go to law (v. 7), which must be understood of matters not very important. In matters of great damage to ourselves or families, we may use lawful means to right ourselves. We are not bound to sit down and suffer the injury tamely, without stirring for our own relief; but, in matters of small consequence, it is better to put up with the wrong. Christians should be of a forgiving temper. And it is more for their ease and honor to suffer small injuries and inconveniences than seem to be contentious.”

Blog3/22/13 10:50 AM
Margaret from California  Find all comments by Margaret
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Mr. Chapman, I believe you could find hundreds if not thousands of Pastors who would strongly denounce ALL papal acts against Christ (such as offering up the daily sacrifice of mass as justification for sins). A quick search on this website alone yields numerous sermons on this very topic. No matter how illustrious a man may be in his organization, if he starts to slide into heresy (Mr. Shoemaker), it is a Christ-obeying Pastor’s duty to rebuke him. Again, I commend Mr. O’Neal for his stand here, despite it costing him the FGBC’s censure. It’s obvious to me the lawsuit was a convenient excuse to oust O’Neal for his Christ-honoring standards now distasteful to ecumenical groups. This happens all the time in compromised organizations. Additionally, our faith should never be the product of group think. We should aim to please Christ alone. Remember Noah? How many supported his ark building? And if I practiced DARING people to do something, I might dare you to name one leader in Noah’s day that supported him.

Blog3/20/13 7:44 PM
Eliza Beth from Portland  Find all comments by Eliza Beth
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It's so hateful not to share the truth of God's Word with homosexuals just to be cool. They will hate Mr. Bell when their eternal torment begins when their precious lives come to an end. Thanks for loving HOMOSEXUAL & HETEROSEXUAL sinners enough to speak the truth. You'll probably be hated for it!

Blog3/19/13 7:54 PM
Patty from Oregon  Find all comments by Patty
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It seems to be all the rage these days for supposedly "prominent Evangelical" leaders to join in with all the pope worshiping going on. Luis Palau, Rick Warren, and Don Shoemaker - all having no problem whatsoever with Catholic heresy.

Mr.Shoemaker closes this article with Is.61:3 - conveniently bypassing the previous verse of "the day of vengeance of our God." Our Lord is one day going to pour out His wrath on ALL who oppose Him...which includes Rome.

The pope and all he stands for is idolatrous in God's eyes (Ex.20:4-6) Rome worship-pope worship-wafer worship (transubstantiation)-Mary worship-sacramental salvation- is ALL contrary to God's Word. Which apostle ever called himself the "vicar of Christ"? Which apostle ever let someone bow down to them, kiss a ring, or their feet? Which apostle ever said anything about salvation through sacraments? Answer-NONE

These "Evangelical leaders" have forgotten that we have a Bible to study because of men like Tyndale and others, who were burned at the stake by the Catholic Church for translating it into English. By affirming the pope and "ash wednesday", Mr.Shoemaker has trampled the Word of God beneath his feet, and shown us all where his allegiance lies - with Rome NOT Christ.

1Timothy 2:5..Only One Mediator ~ Christ!

Blog3/12/13 12:37 AM
Ed Chapman from Seattle  Contact via emailFind all comments by Ed Chapman
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You said:
"can't believe pastors didn't stick together against such evil."

Do you know why other pastors did not stick together with Chuck? Because there isn't a Christian pastor in the whole wide world who agrees with him.

I dare you to find one. Just one. Please find me just one. Will one pastor come forward?

If you can, then post it all over the place.

Ed Chapman

Blog3/3/13 9:34 AM
Margaret from California  Find all comments by Margaret
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It is disgusting to me that Mr. Howell would publish his revoking your credentials on an atheist site like The Wartburg Watch and Spritual Sounding. I've looked at your blog on what Julieanne Smith did and can't believe pastors didn't stick together against such evil. Mr. Howell should be ashamed of his work there.

Blog2/18/13 10:29 PM
Liz from Hillsboro  Find all comments by Liz
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Thank you Brother Derek. J.C. Ryle's book on prayer was a real eye-opener. Thanks for encouraging us to get back to reading great books. I'm going to shut this computer off now and get back to reading!

Blog2/11/13 12:25 PM
Pastor Chuck O'Neal from Beaverton, Oregon  Protected NameGo to homepageFind all comments by Pastor Chuck O'Neal
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Don Shoemaker is still being celebrated as a Crystal Cathedral preacher on Grace Connect, an FGBC website at http://graceconnect.us/don-shoemaker-to-preach-sunday-at-crystal-cathedral/

Blog1/7/13 2:48 PM
CJ Forsythe from USA  Find all comments by CJ Forsythe
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To be honest, I've tried to avoid reading anything associated with the Crystal Cathedral (cc) because of heresy. I don't think they ever had the Biblical message of sin, Christ's complete & perfect payment for that sin, and our deadness without Him. That wouldn't film well on TV. But cc's cash flow was strong with the self esteem false gospel for a season. Alas, competition was stiff and the hip church growth guru's competed directly with them, pushing them to bankruptcy. I think they've sold the crystal palace to Mr. Shoemaker's eucharist worshipers. Perhaps Mr. Shoemaker will now be a regular speaker in the sacramental cult he seems to prefer over Christ. Unbelievable! Paul's words in Galatians are prophetic for those who turn from the true Gospel to "weak and beggarly elements, to which you desire again to be in bondage". Mr. Shoemaker is leading this once great fellowship back to Roman bondage, in a known heretical "megachurch", while professing to be a Bible-believing pastor. Unbelievable! Thank you for shining some light on this. It's simply unbelievable the compromise in today's church!

Blog1/3/13 8:20 PM
Pastor Chuck O'Neal from Beaverton, Oregon  Protected NameGo to homepageFind all comments by Pastor Chuck O'Neal
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See blog post titled:

A Letter to a Genuine Pastor & Defender of the Faith

Blog1/3/13 8:12 PM
Patty  Find all comments by Patty
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It boggles my mind to know that Don Shoemaker, as educated as he is, can so readily turn his back on the Gospel of Christ. His arm-in-arm coziness with the church of Rome is disturbing - especially since he doesn't feel the need to bring the Gospel to Catholics. I came out of the "catholic tradition"- it is an empty, dead religion of works! I spent 9 years of my life in Catholic school; had 4 of the 7 sacraments checked off the list by age 10! I was being groomed to be a "good Catholic", to follow the "traditions" of Rome. And you know what?..I was NOT saved. Praise God - the Lord rescued me from that mess with the preaching of His Word - NOT Rome's rules.

Dr.Shoemaker seems to forget that faith comes by HEARING, and HEARING the Word of God(Rom10:17) He also seems to have forgotten Mark 7: The Lord Himself rebukes the Pharisees(Dr.Shoemaker)of "making the Word of God of no effect through your tradition which you have handed down. And many such things you do."(Mark7:13)

Shame on you Don Shoemaker for deceiving people who NEED to hear the Word of God..precious souls depend upon it. Shame on you for trampling upon our forefathers who gave their lives that we may have a Bible to read!

Pastors..Preach the Word of God and NOT this sacramental heresy!!

Blog1/3/13 4:09 PM
Pastor Chuck O'Neal from Beaverton, Oregon  Protected NameGo to homepageFind all comments by Pastor Chuck O'Neal
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*A few more excerpts for your exhortation:

You wrote in your missive that, “the liturgy will include a Creed that goes to the heart of Gospel and will include words spoken and sung that take us to the Cross.” It is here that you carelessly trample not on Scripture alone, but upon the TRUE Gospel, the FINISHED work of the Cross, and the LORD Jesus Christ.

…The Catholic gospel is a complex system of sacramental faith and works in which God’s grace is doled out sacrament by sacrament…
The sixth point of the Grace Brethren Statement of Faith says: SALVATION. A complete and eternal salvation by God's grace alone received as the gift of God through personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His finished work (Ephesians 2:8-9; Titus 3:5-7; 1 Peter 1:18-19).

In your continual promotion of the ministry of pope and priest alike, you trample our Biblical position on SALVATION beneath your feet in the dung of man’s tradition and papal decree. You insult the lives, testimonies, and shed blood of the martyrs that died for the true Gospel that our statement of faith declares.

Blog1/3/13 4:01 PM
Pastor Chuck O'Neal from Beaverton, Oregon  Protected NameGo to homepageFind all comments by Pastor Chuck O'Neal
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*The excerpts from the letter below were written to Don Shoemaker four years ago, exhorting him to repent and stand by his professed commitment to the FGBC doctrinal distinctives. I EXHORT YOU TO DO THE SAME:

…As a pastor of a Grace Brethren Church you have professed agreement with a basic FGBC covenant and Statement of Faith. Section One of that covenant reads, “The sovereign congregations which are members of this corporation are united in accepting the Holy Scriptures as the sole guide and authority in all matters of faith, doctrine and practice” (http://www.fgbc.org/whoarewe/covenant-and-statement-of-faith.cfm). How does finding “spiritual nourishment” (and encouraging others to do so) in Roman Catholic “liturgy,” “Creed,” and “homily” based on an amalgamation of Holy Scripture, unholy papal decree, and the unholy authoritative traditions of Rome, reflect a commitment to “the Holy Scriptures as the sole guide and authority in all matters of faith, doctrine and practice”?

…Your professed unity with the FGBC is based upon a claim to hold to the “Bible, the whole Bible, and nothing but the Bible,” and yet you trample upon the Bible and that claim, through your continual promotion of the Roman Catholic Church.

Blog1/3/13 3:48 PM
Pastor Chuck O'Neal from Beaverton, Oregon  Protected NameGo to homepageFind all comments by Pastor Chuck O'Neal
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You wrote, "As you know, the FGBC is a Fellowship of churches. Our association as churches is relational (around doctrinal distinctives of course), but our functioning together is because of our relationships with each other. That is why we are a 'fellowship' rather than a 'denomination.'"

I exhorted Dr. Shoemaker to cease trampling upon the FGBC doctrinal distinctives four years ago. I exhorted you to defend the FGBC doctrinal distinctives, and more importantly the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God, four years ago. I exhort you to do so again now. Repent Greg. Defend the Gospel. Defend the Word of God. Defend the very heart of the FGBC doctrinal distinctives. Repent of your fight against those who are defending the Gospel, Word of God, and the FGBC distinctives. Repent of your unholy alliance with the pope, priest, mass, counter reformer, Rev. Ginny Wagner promoting Don Shoemaker as a member of the AGBM in good standing. Do the Biblical and “honorable” thing and repent, OR withdraw yourself from the AGBM, the FGBC, and the pastorate. BGBC is yet committed to defending the Gospel, the Word of God, and the FGBC doctrinal distinctives that are built upon it. Repent and join us in that defense Greg.


Chuck O'Neal

Blog1/3/13 2:08 PM
Howell from Goldendale  Find all comments by Howell
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To my knowledge, I never received your Oct 16, 2008 letter renouncing your licensure. This is the first that I have heard of it. And this is the first that I have become aware that you were even thinking of separating from the PNW or the FGBC. I’m surprised that your renunciation or the letter did not come up at our meeting in The Dalles. Also, I am puzzled, as to why if you renounced your ministerial credentials, have you been paying your dues?
As you know, the FGBC is a Fellowship of churches. Our association as churches is relational (around doctrinal distinctives of course), but our functioning together is because of our relationships with each other. That is why we are a “fellowship” rather than a “denomination.” If as your Oct. 2008 letter indicates, that you and the elders question your desire for continued association with the FGBC, maybe the honorable act on your part would be to withdraw as a member church.
Also, if you don’t mind, I would appreciate a full copy of your October 16, 2008 letter.

Greg Howell

Blog1/3/13 12:18 PM
CJ Forsythe from USA  Find all comments by CJ Forsythe
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Does Shoemaker worship the eucharist as a god? That's catholic teaching. Does he worship Mary as co-savior with Christ? That's catholic teaching. Do the sacraments save you from hell and not faith in Christ as the Bible says? That's catholic teaching. I escaped catholicism 2 decades ago and am sickened that once great Bible fellowships are sliding into it. Mr. Shoemaker's favorite, St. Charles church, likely had a eucharist worship session just prior to his dropping in, where you kneel and stare at the wafer, displayed in a golden chalice, and you pray to it as a false christ. It's a complete rejection of our Lord Jesus Christ, who sits at the right hand of God and His FINISHED work on the cross!! Mr. Shoemaker should be removed from the Bible fellowship or the fellowship should renounce Christ and embrace this catholic nonsense outright. Having it both ways will certainly spell judgment for Grace Brethren fellowship.

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