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Grace Community Church
Tim Conway  |  San Antonio, Texas
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Grace Community Church
311 Hedges St.
San Antonio, TX 78203
Grace Community Church
P.O. Box 10608
San Antonio, TX 78210
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“Great Sermon!”
Jimmy from Queensland, Australia
This was a beautiful sermon, one of my favourites of Paul Washer.
Paul Washer | Song of Solomon
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Sermon12/26/18 4:48 PM
TruthChristians  Find all comments by TruthChristians
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“ Believe Christ's Word first ”
37:00 42:00 So much passion in rejecting God's Word. Christ was lying? Matt 19:6 So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate. Matt 1:19-20 Joseph, her HUSBAND, being a righteous man, and not willing to make her a public example, intended to DIVORCE her secretly. 20 But when he thought about these things, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, “Joseph, son of David, don’t be afraid to take to yourself Mary, YOUR WIFE, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit. Listen to Richard Caldwell - the only permanence pastor found so far on SermonAudio. Fornication is unlawful intercourse before marriage, as is still the legal definition.

Sermon12/17/18 4:45 PM
Lottie from Ohio  Protected NameFind all comments by Lottie
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The Rest of Mankind
Tim Conway
“ This Is A Great Message! ”
Thank you for uploading this. What a reminder for me to hear what happens to those who are not the Lord's own & to not forget having compassion instead of annoyance, to pray for the lost. Sometimes, by the way we treat the lost, from our high position (in the Lord), we act like we are there by our own actions & not by God's & was never one of the "...and such were some of you."

Sermon12/9/18 5:12 AM
Jason Deffenbaugh from Denver, Co.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Jason Deffenbaugh
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I love you. Please pray for me (Jason Deffenbaugh) to surrender completely and to stop being Luke warm. I willingly sin and it is killing me inside. I need prayers. Thank you so much.

Sermon11/23/18 12:59 PM
Dee Kamphuis from Alabama  Contact via emailFind all comments by Dee Kamphuis
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Your teaching was so very helpful. I lost my only 2 children (boys) when they were 25 & 26. My husband passed away April of this year. My siblings are 1 brother and 4 sisters who abandoned me after my children died. I do not know why they did this nor has anyone given me any insight. I’m needy for sure, however, God has provided for me, just the day to day things to make life so sweet. Praying for my family is what I do because I love them dearly no matter how they act. My joy is in the Lord because ultimately everything belongs to Him!! I am forever grateful. Thanks

Sermon11/12/18 2:06 PM
Dani P. Nathaniel from India  Contact via emailFind all comments by Dani P. Nathaniel
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“ Great Sermon! ”
God bless u brother. thanks for this message.

Sermon10/30/18 3:21 AM
Ruth from NY  Find all comments by Ruth
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“ Great Sermon! ”
What a blessing. Great relief to hear if being tormented with doubts.

Sermon10/19/18 5:04 PM
Christopher000 from Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
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“ Very Sobering Sermon ”
Highly recommended. Great reminder and points for self examination. How many think they're saved, and how many really are saved, and why.

Sermon10/19/18 11:53 AM
Ken Cheok from Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia  Find all comments by Ken Cheok
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Listening to this sermon is a great wake up call for me. The truth from God’s word need to be told even if it hurts.

Sermon10/19/18 11:48 AM
Ken Cheok from Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia  Find all comments by Ken Cheok
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Listening to this sermon is a great wake up call for me. The truth from God’s word need to told even if it hurts.

Sermon8/28/18 11:36 AM
Hector  Find all comments by Hector
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“ Bad quality of the audio ”
Hi brother, could you remove the noise of the audio? Also could you implement the possibility of reduce the speed of the audios like 0.9 it could be great

Sermon8/19/18 8:37 PM
Kerrie from Australia  Find all comments by Kerrie
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“ Best Sermon I've Ever Heard ”
What a powerful message. I am truly blessed to have heard it. It puts Christianity and our relationship to God and what Jesus has done for us into proper perspective. It's a hard hitting message and you may be tempted to turn it off part way through. Please don't. You need to hear all of it. And after listening to this message we Christians need to follow it up with learning who/what we now are/have in Christ.

Sermon7/29/18 10:32 PM
Cheryl from U.S.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Cheryl
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“ Best sermon Tim Conway has done! ”
I have probably heard hundreds of his sermons, but this had me transfixed. His unusually quiet delivery in this, coupled with his descriptions of the wrath of God, literally make your hair stand on end. This is the current version of Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God for our time. If he delivered this live in a church filled with the Holy Spirit, people would be holding the edges of the pews to keep from sliding into hell, like they did with Jonathan Edwards. You can tell the Holy Spirit was speaking through him on this one, because he sounds so different. ( Not trying to imply that the Spirit never speaks through him at other times. Only that his normal distinctive speech patterns are missing)

Sermon7/29/18 8:14 PM
Cheryl from U.S.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Cheryl
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Getting Out of the Boat
Tim Conway
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is so true. Some of the biggest disputes I've had with believers were over their unbelief that something was possible. We SAY I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, but for most it's just a cliche. I was raised in a family that believed deeply in God's sovereignty. The problem was, this was the excuse for never praying anything but the most routine of prayers. Ex: we wouldn't ask God to heal someone, because He knew they were sick and if He planned to heal them, He would heal them. Listening to George Mueller changed all of that for me. God started to answer prayers. Then, Christians would get angry, and say, You can't ask God for that! Why not? He can always say no. If we started asking God for things expecting He might do them, how might our lives change, and what glory might we see? God wants to use us to gain glory for Himself. How can He do that if we are always secondguessing what kinds of ways God will use to gain glory? He will sometimes answer a prayer and do something extraordinary, just so other people know beyond a doubt it's a miracle! Or to enlarge someone 's faith. Let's be honest with ourselves. Are we really afraid of presumption or do we just lack faith God can do it.

Sermon7/15/18 5:22 AM
GB from Great Britain  Protected NameFind all comments by GB
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Can't recommend the video because of the misinformation about Hitler. Shame that there are so many believers who fall for the lies of the Jewish Supremacists.

Sermon7/5/18 1:14 AM
Dave Anderson from Tacoma. Washington  Contact via emailFind all comments by Dave Anderson
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“ Words from Heaven! ”
Trully, God is speaking through his humble servant Bob. I was blessed to have come across this message and listen to this plea from a man who was on the brink of eternity.We live as if we have a long life ahead of us still but Bob sets the record straight. Thank you for posting this message online.

Sermon7/4/18 3:48 AM
mason carl from NY  Find all comments by mason carl
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“ Great Sermon! ”
good one really

Sermon6/17/18 9:52 AM
Justin Hartwig from Pittsburgh  Find all comments by Justin Hartwig
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Who's Slave Are You?
Paul Washer
“ Washer goes all in ”
All blood and guts. Get on your hard hats for washer. Love his sermons.

Sermon6/15/18 11:41 PM
Bee from NC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Bee
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“ Wrong ”
Some kill themselves to get out of physical pain. The pain can be too much for any human when it does on for decades. Yes, wanting something, to be out of pain. That is not self love.

Sermon6/9/18 4:05 PM
Lottie from Ohio  Protected NameFind all comments by Lottie
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“ Two Questions Came to Mind ”
When that young man wrote about being "saturated" two questions came to me that I would ask him: 1) Is your heart wearing a raincoat? Pride is a big, big raincoat that can prevent the soaking that you think you're getting. 2) Are you walking in the rain of God's Word & good teaching & letting it all soak in; you know, meditating on it all, or, are you driving through it all, not stopping long enough to get out & get wet?

Sermon6/3/18 4:14 AM
Arda Davidian from California  Find all comments by Arda Davidian
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Getting Out of the Boat
Tim Conway
“ Great Sermon! ”
An AMAZING message! I keep coming back to listen to it over and over again. I have never quite heard this text expounded the way Brother Tim Conway does. It encouraged me greatly in the Lord! Praise GOD!

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