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Alpha and Omega Ministries
Dr. James White  |  Phoenix, Arizona
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Alpha and Omega Ministries
P.O. Box 37106
Phoenix, AZ 85069
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“Great DL”
Great DL. Much appreciated. May God bring His people out of group thought (or community thought) and may we be united not by the...
Dr. James White | The Dividing Line 2019
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Sermon2/15/19 12:26 AM
Jeffrey D  Find all comments by Jeffrey D
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“ Reagan’s record ”
Reagan was against the civil rights and voting rights act. That doesn’t mean he is a racist but I wish he had supported those great bills

Sermon2/13/19 5:02 PM
Jane from USA  Find all comments by Jane
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“ It's too bad ”
Mr. White, I wish you would debate/challenge truly godly men who defend the underlying MSS of the AV. Challenging the likes of Steven Anderson is a joke. There are plenty of godly, educated men you could challenge and debate, but you only do so with men who do not even show evidence that they are born again(and are looney). Most Christians who defend the TR and therefore the AV, are not "KJV Onlyists", believing that the translation is inspired, yet you put everyone in the same bucket. This is dishonest.

Sermon2/11/19 2:36 AM
BWS  Find all comments by BWS
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“ SBC President's Accommodative LGBT Sermon Exposed ”
The audio analysis of Pres. J.D. Greear's sermon from Romans 1 on the topic of homosexuality begins at the 33:20 minute mark thru about 01:48:00. This is a must-hear message where Dr. White clearly exposes the false interpretation & applications of this passage, including parts where Greear borrows and uses the same PC talking points as the so-called Gay Christian community. Every Baptist and Southern Baptist ought to be astonished at such false teaching which is plainly calculated to minimize, accommodate and normalize homosexual sin and attitudes within the churches, SUBTELY shaming & calling churches to be accepting of such persons rather than plainly calling them to repentance, as brands to be plucked from the fire. SBC churches should rebuke or remove or disassociate from him.

Sermon1/20/19 5:01 PM
Random guy from Earth  Find all comments by Random guy
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“ Great Sermon! ”

Sermon1/9/19 8:51 PM
Patrick from Canada  Find all comments by Patrick
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“ Sir Flowers ”
😇 43:30 Flowers " Calvinism flourish caus we ( Flowers side) does not preach Romans 9 ?????? Lol. 4 times I listen and I find more and more interesting. Great job Dr White

Sermon1/3/19 11:44 PM
rbnbase from Georgia  Find all comments by rbnbase
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“ Not really a sermon ”
The Bible tells us not to be dragged into foolish arguments. This has devolved into bickering among pastors with grudges against each other, and it's a waste of time to look into the details of the controversies between Dr White and his enemies. We aren't of Dr White or another pastor; we're of Christ. The issues they are debating are important, but their manner of arguing is malicious and worldly.

Sermon1/3/19 8:29 PM
Glenn Schmidt from Victoria, B.C. Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Glenn Schmidt
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“ Great Sermon! ”
James, you are the greatest debater around and I especially enjoyed your debate with Marcus Borg because my aunt and uncle are so-called ministers in the United Church (chirps, I call them) recently tried to convert me to liberalism with Borg's books, but I quoted from your debate with him, in which you asked him, w"what happened to the body of Jesus after he died" to which he answered, " well it probably just decayed in a grave somewhere." So Iused that to justify not finding anything of any value in his books. I have also been going to a Baptist church in which the pastor calls himself a 1 point Calvinist. I can take going there anymore though because he called you a racist, to which I said, " no he is not. He is against reverse-racism." Antinomianism is promoted in that church although to the pastors credit he doesn't agree with it. But there is this "through the grape vine" gossip in the church that teaches that Calvinism is hyper-Calvinism and that has finally caused me to look elsewhere to find fellowship.

Sermon12/29/18 6:24 PM
Michael Hjelt from Mount Vernon, Washington  Protected NameFind all comments by Michael Hjelt
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“ Horrible! ”
Why must you have some degree to preach Gods word?

Sermon12/26/18 12:00 PM
Bob from Alberta, Canada  Find all comments by Bob
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“ Really! ”
Mr.White, why even bother debating this. This is the attention the new IFB is looking for. Mr.White I have heard enough of your debates to know you are blindly bent on Calvinism. You keep on talking about people looking at scripture through tradition, which I agree with happens a lot, but you calvinists do the same thing. Go back to scripture and the apostles and you will not find Calvinism. You claim to be a DOCTOR so you should know this. I leave you with 1 John 2:2, “And he Himself is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the whole world.”

Sermon11/28/18 5:25 AM
Mark Fredrickson from Michigan  Contact via emailFind all comments by Mark Fredrickson
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I get a big smile on my face when I click on Dr. James White on SermonAudio and see a show I've not heard. Even with that, I still go back to the beginning shows and sermons and start all over again. What a blessing that man is!

Sermon11/20/18 4:52 PM
T. Smith from Colorado USA  Find all comments by T. Smith
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Excellent debate. Mr White mopped the floor with this guy with specific arguments and both sadly and predictably, this Catholic apologist only had standard-issue talking points available on any Catholic apologetics website which are as vague and generalized as they are worthless in light of centuries of church history.

Sermon11/15/18 4:56 PM
Mark Fredrickson from Michigan  Contact via emailFind all comments by Mark Fredrickson
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“ Great Sermon! ”
James white is an Addiction. Please expand your Dividing Line for the whole week. You are a natural and a blessing.

Sermon11/15/18 1:53 PM
Yolanda from AZ  Find all comments by Yolanda
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Morons and Jehovah Witlesses are actually atheist with a mask. They need to be called atheist. They don't believe.

Sermon10/22/18 12:26 PM
SPQR3 from Pac NW  Contact via emailFind all comments by SPQR3
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“ Thank you ”
Brother White and AO Team, Keep on keeping on. Veey much appreciate your fidelity to Christ's Gospel, equipping the saints, and warning us of attacks. Thank you, and praise God.

Sermon10/10/18 12:45 PM
Lottie from Ohio  Protected NameFind all comments by Lottie
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“ To Robert Campanro ”
Perhaps the part 2 you are looking for is the one titled "America's Response to 9/11 Pt2" (Dividing Line 2001, 09/22/01). I noticed that there is no part 1 by that title & "America's Response..." comes right after "A Sober Word..." which has no part 2 by that title. Hopefully this is the one you wanted.

Sermon10/6/18 2:54 PM
Robert Campanro from Philadelphia, PA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Robert Campanro
• Add new comment
“ Great Sermon! But where's part 2? ”
I used to have this message in its entirety on MP3 back in 2001 and would listen to infrequently. Where's part 2?

Sermon9/15/18 11:03 AM
SPQR3 from Pac NW  Contact via emailFind all comments by SPQR3
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“ Great discussion ”
What is refreshing is that both James White and Voddie Baucham are very consistent now with what they said years ago. It was also a sad revelation that the Critical Race group is actually the one who acts as "racists". They attack those who love Christ's gospel, imply that true biblical theology belongs only to those outside their group, and the fallout of their culture of backlash ends up protecting heretics and the immoral (listen to Brother Baucham on what happened to SBC in Houston). Keep the faith, Brothers. We are One in Christ alone.

Sermon9/10/18 11:39 AM
SPQR3 from Pac NW  Contact via emailFind all comments by SPQR3
• Add new comment
“ Thanks and a clarification ”
Dear Brother White, I wanted to thank you again for clarifying this key issue and doing it with grace and truth. Regarding your question, YES, there are examples of racism in South (Latin) America. Brazil has had a huge problem, even with a population as heterogeneous as the US. In Mexico, it is an insult to call someone "Indian", even though 99 pct of the population has Indian ancestry. Physical attraction equates to light-skin on Mexican channels. It is very sad and sinful. As an aside, I have seen examples of racism among people of dark skin against each other! Lighter cream skin is looked up to, while darker skin is looked down on. This comes from an Ivy League school. Racism is not a white or black issue, but a universal sin issue. Christ is our only hope. Thank you, Dr. White.

Sermon9/8/18 9:11 AM
SPQR3 from Pac NW  Contact via emailFind all comments by SPQR3
• Add new comment
“ Thank you, Brothers ”
Thank you, Brother White, for explaining this difficult issue. I take heed to your concern for Christ's gospel and the uniry of the church. Yes, you and other brethren are not mono-issue people. But remember that He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.

Sermon8/11/18 12:51 PM
melissa riley from ohio  Find all comments by melissa riley
• Add new comment
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank God there are still people like James WHite, I hope more people listen up, take the time, to sum it up, I would use a scripture... Jude 1:3 Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered to the saints. James White IS EARNESTLY CONTENDING for the FAITH which was once delivered to the saints.... We ALL NEED TO DO THIS. Thank you Thank you.

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