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Faith Baptist Church
Marc Monte  |  Avon, Indiana
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Faith Baptist Church
7090 US Highway 36
Avon, IN 46123
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“Great Sermon!”
James Martin from United States
Proverbs really is the instruction manual of life! Amen.
Marc Monte | Principles from Proverbs
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Sermon9/7/07 12:06 AM
Daniel434  Contact via emailFind all comments by Daniel434
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“ Great Series! ”
This has been a great series and I look forward to future sermons of this series. I have sent some of your earlier sermons to my friends in Israel when you touched upon the Jewish people in those sermons. I hope there is at least 10 more although summer is coming to a close and if I remember you correctly I believed you said it was only going to last the duration of the summer. Anyway, sorry for the long message but I love to hear you teach the Bible with correct doctrine. God has done a marvelous work in your life and the Lord working through you has blessed many and is even making it's way to Jewish non-Christians in Israel. Keep it up, Daniel

Sermon8/31/07 6:09 PM
Norman Smith  Find all comments by Norman Smith
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“ Heartwarming Sermon! ”
Another awesome sermon on prophecy,which i found so enlightening,encouraging,and heartwarming. What a wonderful Covenant keeping God we have.What a blessing if He has begun a work in you ! Thankyou brother Monte, (or whoever) has placed these srmons on here for the world to look at,listen,learn,and if not saved,repent and believe the gospel. For us saints,these wonderful truths build us up in our holy faith!

Sermon8/26/07 5:08 AM
Norman Smith  Find all comments by Norman Smith
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“ Pay attention please... ”
..Pastor Monte is in my top two favourite ministers which are on Sermonaudio.(Michael Phillips being the other.)I just love listening to his sermons. I have learnt so much in this series on prophecies from the Bible,,and am delighted that it continues !This sermon revolves around Is.9:6...beautiful thoughts,a real blessing to the soul. I have very tentavely(,but i beleive rightly so),dont any more hold Reformed theology,in general,and Calvinism in particulkar as the be all and end all of my Christiajn walk. The final authority is the Bible,and instead of being browbeaten to a theological system,i have been delivered from that bondage. Praise the Lord ! My Christian greetings go to Pastor Monte,and the dear brethren and sisters who are in his congregation. May God bless you all.

Sermon8/23/07 3:27 PM
Katie  Find all comments by Katie
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“ Another Great Sermon! ”
This one could be a part two to "The Form of a Servant" I will definatly be saving this one to listen to many times over.

Sermon8/14/07 12:34 PM
Michael Hranek  Find all comments by Michael Hranek
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“ Wanted to Add - Amen! ”
Having seen Norman Smith's comment on this series of messages I listened to them and was I ever blessed! Thank you, Brother Monte, God has graciously given you a very wonderful way of handling the Truth of His Word that helps us grow in Biblical Faith.

Sermon8/12/07 4:27 PM
Norman Smith  Find all comments by Norman Smith
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“ amazing and enlightening sermon ”
My heart and soul was thrilled to hear brother Monte's sermon from this part of the Word of God,in relation to current events. An amazing and enlightening sermon. Thankyou.

Sermon8/9/07 10:37 PM
visitor  Find all comments by visitor
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“ "Heads Up!" ”
Mr. Monte, you are to be greatly commended for the stand you've taken concerning your personal convictions according to your understanding of The Word of God. The subject of Women being the Head over the Body of Christ is indeed becoming a controversial issue in this day and age. It is certainly not that we, as individuals, cannot grow in our comprehension of The Holy Scriptures, and come to develop more maturely (in accordance to His Will) as we more and more take on The Mind of Christ, but until then, one can only hold fast, if they are sincere before Him, to that which he firmly believes. If we, as His people, are found to be in error before Him, it is then God Who will make even that clear to us. Until then, one thing stands sure: Whatever is true, God changes not. Your message is delivered directly, yet without causing offense. Being that I am a woman, not only am I not offended by that which you have stated in your sermon, but I respect your speaking out without wavering...as really any Christian in search of truth should respect as well, whether or not they agree with you. Stability is the heart of a true Pastor, and, might I add, it is very refreshing these days to actually be able to glimpse that character in an undershepherd of The Lord now and then. THANK YOU SIR.

Sermon8/5/07 11:17 AM
Norman Smith  Find all comments by Norman Smith
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“ Revalues our service to Christ ”
Taken from the conversion of Saul of Tarsus.Pastor Monte gets right to heart of the matter in making one search the matter of our heart,in what we have done,or not done,or professed to have done,in our Christian service ,when it comes to the end,and we are placed in a casket,and lowered into the earth. Again,although this sermon is of an immensly challenging nature,there is so much encouragement in helping us to fulfill our potential in truly serving the Lord in Biblical precepts,to a lost aqnd dying world.

Sermon8/5/07 5:23 AM
Norman Smith  Find all comments by Norman Smith
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The Lord's Works
Marc Monte
“ Most interesting Sermon! ”
Wondering how you could serve the Lord ? Thinking that the times are so hard and that opportunities are so limited,and therefore sinking into lethargy and despair? Well,Pastor Monte preaches from the aspect how that every Christian can take advantage of the great door ,which is always open,and being an effectial witness,in overseas missions,and at home. Thankyou again Pastor Monte for a most helpful and needful sermon,may those in your congregation be blessed in this aspect of being a believr,and for those of us who just listen via sermonaudio. Please pray for me,as i would like to do open air preaching,as one step on from displaying a placard with Bible texts on,and giving out gospel literature and speaking to lost souls. If it is His will. Thankyou for pointing out all the many adversarys. A really challenging sermon.

Sermon7/29/07 4:49 AM
Norman Smith  Find all comments by Norman Smith
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“ Amen and Amen ! ”
I was delighted to log in to Sermonaudio this morning and see another message from this series. I am now a member of a (Fundamental, Independant ) Baptist Church, and so learning and unlearning so much !(Yes,i have been worried whether i am being tossed around with every wind of doctrine,hence treading carefully.) I Praise the Lord ,for years i was told that Pre-mil viewpoint has its roots in Romanism,but now i know that an A-mil view does.Bless you dear brother for opening up the Word of God on these wonderful prophecies,may the Lord continue to bless and guide you in your studies,and bless your congregation, to the glory of His lovely name. Even,so,come Lord Jesus !

Sermon7/16/07 9:33 AM
Norman Smith  Find all comments by Norman Smith
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“ Awesome series! ”
For years i have been involved with a system of theology (Reformed),which viewed pre-mill dispensational eschatology as actual heresy ! Never studied it myself,and decided to listen to this series ,treading very carefully ! However,it has reawakened my thinking,and brother Monte certainly explains things in a most helpful way. Perhaps i have been wrong all along on a A-mill view ?

Sermon7/12/07 4:14 PM
Katie  Find all comments by Katie
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The Form of a Servant
Marc Monte
“ What a blessing ”
I needed this sermon. I'm sure it was an answer to prayer and I plan to listen to it often. Maybe every morning for motivation. Thankyou so much Pastor for your guidence. I wish there were more servants out there like you.

Sermon6/29/07 12:49 PM
Katie  Find all comments by Katie
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Check Up for Spiritual Disease
Evangelist Gary Gillmore
“ Amen Brother ”
Amen! Just the type of medicine I needed. I will definatly be saving this one and listening to it again.

Sermon6/29/07 1:09 AM
Mary  Find all comments by Mary
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you so much for this sermon. Christians have to know the word. Especially in these days. The family is falling apart even in the body. Roles have been reversed due to lack of knowledge of the bible. Women have not been given the responsibility to be pastors but to teach. women are o come under th man. It is a very important responsibility for the woman to teach their children to be a light to those who are young women. For a woman to pastor a church will only confuse those who are new christians as well as the lost. For the word says...The husband is to love his wife as the Lord loves the church. In this verse, it states clearly the man is the head in the home and in the body. Many women do not want to hear ths as submission has been distorted by rebellion. A christian cannot go against the word of God and claim to be a christian. Obedience is more than sacrifice.

Sermon5/22/07 4:46 PM
Norman Smith  Contact via emailFind all comments by Norman Smith
• Add new comment
“ Great Sermon! ”
Marc Monte is one of those preachers whose enthusiasm has one sitting on the edge of the seat in anticipation of what will happen next ,as he opens the scripture ! More and more i am wondering if a pre mill,dispensationlist viewpoint is actually the truth,and not a heresy as i have beleived after being in reformed circles which held to an A mill viewpoint. Thankyou brother Monte,your sermons are a blessing in my life,in helping review my beliefs and doctrinal positions...i do yearn to know what is true in this minefield of different Christian doctrines and theology !

Sermon5/4/07 7:15 PM
Mark White  Contact via emailFind all comments by Mark White
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Satan is the true enemy of the world. He is also the god of every religeon other than Christianity and the Jews. At least partially, he is the cause of their lack of belief as well.

Sermon5/4/07 12:40 PM
Nate  Find all comments by Nate
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Baptist History, Session 2
David L. Cummins
“ Great Message! ”
A great message on Church history! It is important to know that there has always been a true Christian Church.

Sermon4/11/07 8:51 AM
Matt from UK  Find all comments by Matt
• Add new comment
Calvinism: Who So Ever
Marc Monte
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is an outstanding sermon against the thoroughly unbiblical doctrine of Calvinism. The Pastor shows clearly how Calvin preaches a God the is the author of sin. I wonder how many souls have gone to hell by believing Calvinism and it's 'salvation not for all' preaching.

Sermon3/30/07 4:41 PM
Alan from NZ  Contact via emailFind all comments by Alan
• Add new comment
“ Great Sermon! ”
I'm just wondering how the doctrine of immenency is reconciled with The Lord Jesus Christ sitting at the right hand of the Father until he makes his eneimies his footstool? Are his enemies made his footstool before his wrath has been poured out in tribulation? Just seeking answers to this topic not saying it's wrong or right. For His Glory Alan

Sermon3/29/07 11:20 AM
PR31WannaB from SW MO  Find all comments by PR31WannaB
• Add new comment
“ Really REALLY good series! ”
This is a really good series on finances. Marc gives you VERY practical Step-by-Step instructions on getting your finances in order. AND he gives you a written outline for each lesson so be sure and download the PDF for each one and keep it in a notebook for reference and sharing. I am on #4 but looking forward to the rest! THANK YOU Bro Monte!

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