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Sovereign Grace Church
Bruce Crabtree  |  New Castle, Indiana
Contact Info | Edit
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Sovereign Grace Church
1806 Hunter Avenue
P.O. Box 293
New Castle, IN 47362
P O Box 293
New Castle IN 47362

email: bruce.crabtree@comcast.net
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      Our Featured Article      
Bruce Crabtree
4/28/2011 | PDF Size: 43k | Views: 110+
. Christ is our Deliverer. (Col. 1:13) Why do we need deliverance? For we are captives of sin and Satan (2 Tim. 2:24-26). So I preach Christ, the Deliverer.

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Lord, Don't Let Me Be A Judas
Bruce Crabtree
11/17/2018 | Size: 48k
Don’t let me put confidence in spiritual gifts. Judas was a preacher, held an office in the church - a very high position, he was an apostle and yet perished...

Pastor's Note
Bruce Crabtree
2/17/2011 | Size: 34k | Views: 60+
I got a glimpse, just a small glimpse, of the glory of Jesus Christ as the Savior the Word of God reveals him to be. I will say now, that I am never more...

Some Words To Live By
Bruce Crabtree
11/16/2015 | Size: 25k | Views: 20+
I have an 1884 Webster’s dictionary I use often. I was looking up the word “Evangelist”, and a portion of the definition said this: “A writer of the history,...

The Burning of John Hus
Bruce Crabtree
12/1/2018 | Size: 44k | Views: 10+
Though John Hus was ordained a priest in the Roman Catholic church in 1400, within a few years he brought down the wrath of that church upon him by his...
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Notice about church bulletins
1/25/2015 | Size: 20k | Views: 20+
      Pastor's Note      

As I Look Back Upon My Life
Bruce Crabtree
3/26/2012 | Size: 95k | Views: 50+
I was looking through some old files in my office the other day and found several pages I had written, obviously many years ago. I don't remember for sure...

Pastor Don Fortner's Home Going
Bruce Crabtree
5/8/2020 | Size: 26k
Brother Don Fortner, a friend to many of you in this congregation for decades, passed away Wednesday morning, April 29th about 1 AM. What a blessing Don has...

Some Ramblings
Bruce Crabtree
3/19/2013 | Size: 26k | Views: 30+
The Catholic church got a new Pope. Saint Francis is the name he has chosen to be known by while he serves as Pope. Poor man, I feel for him. If he ever...

Thank You
Bruce Crabtree
1/26/2019 | Size: 24k
Thank you dear brothers and sisters for all the manifestations of the love of Christ in your hearts for me and Jo. Thank you for all your prayers and visits...
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Bruce Crabtree
8/23/2011 | Size: 29k | Views: 30+
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A Brand Plucked Out of the Fire
Bruce Crabtree
9/11/2014 | Size: 37k | Views: 10+
How frustrated Satan must be. He sinned one time and he was cast out of heaven forever. Now he lives to drag others down into eternal misery with him. Here was...

A Comfortable Way to Live and Die
Bruce Crabtree
2/17/2015 | Size: 46k | Views: 10+
Martin Luther (1483-1546), the German reformer, had been taught that if he was faithful enough and committed enough, he would reach the point in his life that...

A Fallen Saint
Bruce Crabtree
4/4/2020 | Size: 26k
Peter had set in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. He had walked on the water to go to Him. He had lived in the full assurance that Jesus was the Christ, the...

A Word From A Well-Meaning Friend
Bruce Crabtree
9/9/2019 | Size: 35k | Views: 10+
My dear old friend. My faithful friend of decades. Far be it from me to advise you on anything, but being a friend with whom you have exercised a lot of love...

Bruce Crabtree
2/22/2020 | Size: 26k
Since Roe verses Wade in January 1973, it is estimated that almost 62 million babies have been aborted in the U.S. This is a very conservative number because...

And Made As Vile As They
Bruce Crabtree
4/14/2015 | Size: 27k | Views: 10+
This is a line from a hymn by Isaac Watts concerning the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross. The whole verse says this: “His honor and his breath were taken both...

As An Ox Goeth To The Slaughter
Bruce Crabtree
2/22/2020 | Size: 35k
A few years ago I was visiting my dear friend Don Bell at his farm in Tennessee. I noticed that Donnie had locked a steer up in one of the barn stalls and was...

At The End Of Two Full Years
Bruce Crabtree
9/26/2020 | Size: 35k
God had promised Joseph that he would exalt him. That his own family would come and bow down before him. But this promise was slow in being fulfilled. Joseph...

Be Not Ashamed
Bruce Crabtree
2/22/2020 | Size: 41k
Several times in the holy scriptures we are advised not to be ashamed. We are told not to be ashamed of our Lord Jesus Christ ( Lk.9:26). Not to be ashamed of...

Blessed Be God That I Was Ever Born
Bruce Crabtree
3/20/2020 | Size: 55k
There are times in the lives of the strongest and dearest saints when they have regretted ever being born into this sinful world. Job, because of his...

Bruce Crabtree
2/6/2021 | Size: 50k
One definition for censure is " The act of blaming or finding fault and condemning as wrong." Anyone who believes the truth will find himself censuring those...

Death, The Price of Freedom
Bruce Crabtree
7/11/2020 | Size: 47k
Some of our young people, it's sad to say neither know, nor seem to care, what the price of freedom can cost. I read a letter Abraham Lincoln wrote to a mother...

Divine Hatred
Bruce Crabtree
9/10/2016 | Size: 58k | Views: 10+
Not long ago I preached an entire message from Psalms 5:5 “Thou hatest all workers of iniquity”. I have never shied away from this. But there is something...

Drastic Change Coming
Bruce Crabtree
3/27/2021 | Size: 34k
There is a drastic change coming for every individual who has ever lived in the history of this world. For those who die in their unbelief, there will be a...

Election Is No Mans Enemy
Bruce Crabtree
2/13/2016 | Size: 27k | Views: 20+
Election is no man’s enemy. Election never damned anybody. No man is lost because God did not elect him to salvation. God will punish none but the...

Fear and Worship Nothing but Christ alone
Bruce Crabtree
3/5/2021 | Size: 24k
The world is trying it's best to convince us that the only thing we can die from right now is Covid

Help For Distress
Bruce Crabtree
7/9/2016 | Size: 57k | Views: 20+
Stop fretting about the future. You have absolutely no control over it. Will time bring you into desolation, want, nakedness and hunger? It may! You might...

Herod The King
Bruce Crabtree
11/27/2021 | Size: 40k
What a mighty man among men this Herod was; he was 'The king.' Humanly speaking he held the power of life and death in his hands. He killed James, a choice...

I Glory In The Cross Of The Lord Jesus Christ
Bruce Crabtree
12/1/2018 | Size: 37k
The Law and Justice of God are more honored and satisfied in the cross of Christ, more so than they are in the eternal misery of the sinner who dies in his...

If God Give Up A People
Bruce Crabtree
5/1/2015 | Size: 38k | Views: 10+
If God gives up a people to the way of their own hearts, they will, they must perish! When a general corruption of morals takes place, when private interest...

Islam, A Peaceful Religion?
Bruce Crabtree
3/2/2015 | Size: 57k
Here is our strength and comfort; I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

John Calvin
Bruce Crabtree
2/9/2018 | Size: 43k | Views: 10+
You hear or read this statement concerning John Calvin (1509-1564). It doesn’t surprise me when someone says, “There is a hotter place in hell for John Calvin...

Jon Hus
Bruce Crabtree
11/17/2018 | Size: 56k | Views: 10+
John Hus was born in Bohemia (a town in the Czech Republic) in 1370, the Roman Catholic church burned him at the stake in Konstanz Germany on July 6, 1415...

Just Shut Up and Quit Preaching
Bruce Crabtree
5/8/2020 | Size: 54k
This is what the Jewish leaders told Peter and John to do; "And when they had called the apostles, and beaten them, they commanded that they should not speak...

Let The Word of God Dwell In You Richly
Bruce Crabtree
1/2/2021 | Size: 37k
When the Lord first converted me I read a lot of chapters in the Bible. After a while the Lord's word became more precious to me and I began to read verses. As...

Lord, You know all things
Bruce Crabtree
2/18/2017 | Size: 28k | Views: 10+
I see no reason to contradict and fuss with that professing Christian who insists that Christ has done no more for him than he did for Judas.

Losing All To Gain All
Bruce Crabtree
2/2/2019 | Size: 24k
The salvation that is in Jesus Christ cost me nothing, yet it cost me everything. The most difficult thing I ever did was to lose my own righteousness – to...

Misrepresenting The Homosexual Lifestyle
Bruce Crabtree
7/17/2021 | Size: 37k
It is becoming next to impossible to find those people who do research who will be honest with us. It seems almost everyone has their own agenda to promote....

Misrepresenting The Homosexual Lifestyle
Bruce Crabtree
7/17/2021 | Size: 37k
It is becoming next to impossible to find those people who do research who will be honest with us. It seems almost everyone has their own agenda to promote....

My Meditation Of Him Shall Be Sweet
Bruce Crabtree
11/29/2019 | Size: 46k
When you and I first came to Jesus Christ we came to a person, we believed in a person, we trusted a person to save us. Of course we believed his doctrine as...

No New Thing Under The Sun
Bruce Crabtree
9/26/2020 | Size: 36k
In the book of Ecclesiastes this little phrase "Under the sun" is mentioned 29 times, and it is never good. Evil is plainly stated or evil is implied as taking...

O Wretched Man That I Am
Bruce Crabtree
7/17/2021 | Size: 35k
Paul refers to his old nature as 'the body of death.' When you and I think of death we think of corruption. When the body dies it begins to decay - rot and...

One Sorry Apology
Bruce Crabtree
5/15/2016 | Size: 62k | Views: 10+
The lady who was healed of her issue, came and fell down before the Lord and “Told him all the truth” (Mk.5:33). Our Lord will accept nothing less from us –...

Pastor's Note
Bruce Crabtree
8/21/2021 | Size: 42k
My Wifie received a card from a dear friend a few days ago. The friend had hand written four scripture verses on the card and sent it along with a nice gift....

Rejoice Evermore
Bruce Crabtree
2/17/2018 | Size: 30k
I doubt the apostle Paul would have given such instruction if it were not attainable. Could a believer attain to such a degree of faith in God that he could...

Self and Pride
Bruce Crabtree
11/29/2019 | Size: 34k
Have you ever seen a generation so full of itself? Seemingly every thought is about self . It's not about knowing self, but about serving self. If this...

Bruce Crabtree
11/13/2021 | Size: 32k
The desire to kill a child due to one's own selfish desires is an unfathomable evil that can only be understood in the light of human depravity. To kill...

Shut Up and Mind Your Own Business
Bruce Crabtree
3/3/2018 | Size: 24k | Views: 10+
That is a rude translation of a portion of 1 Thessalonians 4:11 which says, “And that ye study to be quiet (shut up), and to do (mind) your own business.” That...

Shut Up and Mind Your Own Business
Bruce Crabtree
4/7/2018 | Size: 22k
That is a rude translation of a portion of 1 Thessalonians 4:11 which says, “And that ye study to be quiet (shut up), and to do (mind) your own business.” That...

Sinless Perfection
Bruce Crabtree
12/19/2020 | Size: 24k
Those who talk about sinless perfection are confused when they hear about the struggles against sin that goes on within the heart of a believer. Or they may...

Some People Need Their Faith to Lean Upon
Bruce Crabtree
3/16/2019 | Size: 23k
This is what my wife’s oncologist said to us when we told him we were believers in the Lord Jesus Christ

The Agony Of Defeat
Bruce Crabtree
12/10/2015 | Size: 39k | Views: 10+
I imagine that all of us, at one time or other, have felt the disappointment of failure. But the whole idea of the above phrase goes much deeper than just a...

The Hungry Eat
Bruce Crabtree
7/13/2019 | Size: 25k
I, like other pastors, often blame myself when some are slothful about attending my ministry. I think, "If I were a better preacher. If I could preach like...

The Most Dangerous Place For An African American
Bruce Crabtree
11/13/2020 | Size: 39k
I have a very handsome bi-racial grandson - his mother is African American. I was shocked when I did a little research on the birth rate of African American...

The Nation Is On Edge
Bruce Crabtree
3/20/2020 | Size: 33k
This is what some in the news media are telling us concerning the Coronavirus - "The nation is on edge." I don't know how many are on edge; I doubt there are...

There Is One God
Bruce Crabtree
7/17/2021 | Size: 37k
Mediation means Christ's work as a go-between to reconcile God and man. Adam's sin brought death to humanity, and separated us from fellowship with God our...

They Had Nothing To Pay
Bruce Crabtree
6/29/2019 | Size: 34k
You and I have run up a great debt to God by our sinning against him. Every foolish thought and every selfish motive and every unkind word and every thought...

They Have A Temper, That's All
Bruce Crabtree
9/9/2019 | Size: 46k
Many young children and teenagers are being told they have a deep rooted psychological problem with anger and need to be put on medication. I would never say...

They Profess That They Know God
Bruce Crabtree
12/1/2018 | Size: 41k
What an honor it is to say of certain people, “Yes, I know that man or woman, they are my friend.” None of us are above dropping the name of some well known...

Two Songs of Comfort
Bruce Crabtree
2/18/2017 | Size: 71k | Views: 20+
There are two songs that are a source of comfort. One has to do with the providence of God over all things- over me. And the other has to do with the...

We Preach Christ
Bruce Crabtree
9/21/2018 | Size: 50k
Of course the Apostle didn’t stand and say, “Christ, Christ, Christ,” But Christ was the sum and substance of all he preached. Everything he preached was...

What Will Happen to These Bloviaters and Wind Bags?
Bruce Crabtree
4/4/2015 | Size: 40k | Views: 20+
Remember the words of our Lord, “I say unto you my friends, be not afraid of them that kill the body and after that have no more that they can do. But I will...

When I Think
Bruce Crabtree
2/22/2020 | Size: 39k
) When I think that God who is from everlasting to everlasting has chosen me to his salvation. When I think that the one God who has never needed anything or...

When Ye Pray
Bruce Crabtree
6/13/2021 | Size: 36k

Wherefore Laying Aside All Malice
Bruce Crabtree
2/9/2018 | Size: 38k
It is very telling that Peter deals with those sins which are in the heart before he deals with the sins of the lips. Malice is an evil of the heart. It mean...

Whosoever Putteth His Trust In The Lord
Bruce Crabtree
7/7/2016 | Size: 48k | Views: 10+
If the fear of man brings a snare, putting our trust in the Lord delivers us from it. Peter feared the Jews and denied the truth of the gospel, but Paul put...

A Plea To Listen
Clarence Poor
8/16/2011 | Size: 24k | Views: 20+
This morning we are gathered as a very privileged people, where the Gospel of Gods grace is preached faithfully every Sunday. Do not take it lightly. In Amos...

A Word To The Aged
Bruce Crabtree
10/3/2014 | Size: 38k | Views: 20+
The message to aged is the same as to the young, "Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon Him,"

Bruce Crabtree
4/28/2011 | Size: 43k | Views: 110+
. Christ is our Deliverer. (Col. 1:13) Why do we need deliverance? For we are captives of sin and Satan (2 Tim. 2:24-26). So I preach Christ, the Deliverer.

Christ Shedding His Blood Assures That Every Elect Person Will Be Brought To Faith In His Blood
Bruce Crabtree
1/30/2012 | Size: 24k | Views: 20+
There are those who believe that their faith makes the death of Christ effectual.

Conquering Grace
Bruce Crabtree
8/16/2011 | Size: 5k | Views: 20+
Sinners can not be subdued and saved by any thing short of Omnipotent Grace. Law, precepts, rules and regulations, and all the training and teaching and...

Content With The Lord
Bruce Crabtree
5/15/2011 | Size: 30k | Views: 40+
A preacher once said to Miss Crosby, I think it is a great pity that the Master, when He showered so many gifts upon you, did not give you sight. She answered...

Five Truths And Their Effect Upon Me
Bruce Crabtree
8/16/2011 | Size: 52k | Views: 10+
The first is that this poor sinner has complete and continual access into the God of all grace, (Romans 5:2). This access is not by the strength of my faith,...

Go Ye Therefore And Teach All Nations
Bruce Crabtree
7/17/2011 | Size: 29k | Views: 20+
True Christianity has ever sought to bring the knowledge of God in Christ to this dark world. That person is not being intellectually honest when they say...

Go Ye Therefore And Teach All Nations
Bruce Crabtree
8/16/2011 | Size: 28k | Views: 10+
True Christianity has ever sought to bring the knowledge of God in Christ to this dark world. That person is not being intellectually honest when they say...

God Made Man to Damn Him
Bruce Crabtree
11/22/2014 | Size: 45k | Views: 40+
If we are not able to rightly divide these things, it would be best that we leave them alone

He Said A Lot Of Good Things....But
Bruce Crabtree
2/7/2012 | Size: 34k | Views: 20+
How many times have we heard someone make this statement after listening to a preacher or reading an article.

Hurt and Offended
Bruce Crabtree
10/3/2014 | Size: 43k | Views: 20+
When I was a younger believer, so many things hurt my feelings and sometimes offended me.

I Can't Mess It Up
Bruce Crabtree
1/10/2015 | Size: 26k | Views: 20+
Jesus has finished the work, it is already done, so I can't mess it up.

I Would Rather Have A Little Faith In My Heart
Bruce Crabtree
7/17/2011 | Size: 12k | Views: 10+
I would rather have a little faith in my heart if it be saving faith than to have the gift of prophecy. I would rather have a little love in my heart if it...

If Christ Died For You
Bruce Crabtree
7/17/2011 | Size: 26k | Views: 20+
"If Christ has died for you, you can never be lost God will not punish twice for one thing. If God punished Christ for your sins, He will not punish you....

Bruce Crabtree
8/16/2011 | Size: 36k | Views: 10+
One of the great mysteries of the gospel is how God can be just and justify a sinner. Anybody who knows anything about the character of God realizes He is...

One Of The Most Dreadful Things I've Witnessed
Bruce Crabtree
8/23/2011 | Size: 22k | Views: 20+
One of the most dreadful things I have ever witnessed was talking to an ungodly man just a few hours before he died. I ask him if he was afraid. His answer to...

Out Of The Abundance Of The Heart The Mouth Speaketh
Bruce Crabtree
5/22/2012 | Size: 32k | Views: 20+
Many times I have asked different folks what their hope of salvation is...if they hope to get to Heaven, Why?

Poor Reprobates, I Feel For Them
Bruce Crabtree
9/11/2014 | Size: 54k | Views: 20+
You and I can see the evidence of reprobate minds all around us in our day. Clawing with both hands to get to hell. Tempting the just Judge of all the earth...

Serving Our Generation
Bruce Crabtree
11/14/2014 | Size: 63k | Views: 10+
Let my name and work rot with my body in the dust, but God give me grace to serve my own generation

The Sovereignity of God
C H Spurgeon
5/22/2012 | Size: 102k | Views: 10+

Sin And Grace Working Within
Bruce Crabtree
7/17/2011 | Size: 56k | Views: 10+
Every true believer feels and sees sin of all kinds working within him. Some of us may be guilty of stressing this to the point that we leave out the fact that...

Some Ramblings About the Pope
Bruce Crabtree
9/11/2014 | Size: 25k | Views: 10+
They have blasphemed Mary, the mother of our Lord. Telling us we must indeed go to God by Jeus Christ, but we must go to Christ by His mother. There is but...

Some Suggestions For The Spiritually Depressed
Bruce Crabtree
1/25/2015 | Size: 45k | Views: 10+
Look up depressed soul, all these things must come to pass!

Some Thoughts On The Presidential Election
Bruce Crabtree
11/12/2012 | Size: 49k | Views: 30+
Our nation just finished a long hard fight to see who would be our next president. To be honest with you, I was very disappointed. Not because I belong to...

Sovereign Grace
10/3/2014 | Size: 60k
There are two things people don't know about the word sovereign

Sovereign Grace
Bruce Crabtree
10/3/2014 | Size: 60k | Views: 10+
One of the great mysteries of the Gospel is how God can be just and justify a sinner.

Sovereign Grace
Bruce Crabtree
8/16/2011 | Size: 60k | Views: 20+
There are two things people dont know about the term Sovereign. They dont know how to spell it. Any time they have to write it down they have to ask how to...

Speaking The Truth In Love
Henry Mahan/Bruce Crabtree
8/16/2011 | Size: 35k | Views: 10+
As I read the above article I was reminded of a statement an old and, rather famous primitive Baptist preacher made concerning Brother Mahan a couple years...

Spiritual Counseling
Bruce Crabtree
1/30/2012 | Size: 36k | Views: 10+
I have nothing against seeking spiritual counseling, I counsel at least three times a week from the pulpit. And God knows I need counseling myself. But if...

The Bible Teaches That But I Don't Preach It
Bruce Crabtree
2/7/2012 | Size: 37k | Views: 20+
I was showing a young woman the doctrine of election from the Holy Scriptures one day. She told me she had never heard her Pastor preach that before. I said...

The Middle Class
Bruce Crabtree
12/16/2012 | Size: 50k | Views: 10+
What a blessing it is to be in the middle class. Agur, realized this, "Give me neither poverty nor riches," Proverbs 30:8. Why not poverty?

The Purpose Of All Things
Bruce Crabtree
11/22/2014 | Size: 32k | Views: 10+
This fallen world is worth living in when we remember it is the Lords world still.

The Spider Taketh Hold With Her Hands
Bruce Crabtree
1/25/2015 | Size: 31k
Our faith is like the spider's hands

What Think Ye Of Christ And Him Crucified
Bruce Crabtree
5/22/2012 | Size: 54k
Holy Scriptures teach an effectual atonement based upon the fact of Who He was who died to atone. Such a blood shedding could never be in vain in any sense...

A Good Hope
Tommy Robbins
4/28/2011 | Size: 35k | Views: 20+
It is only when our Lord in grace and mercy takes away our imaginary strength that we truly look to Him and trust Him. This we do not learn in creeds and...

Tried Faith Will Be Honored When Christ Appears
John Bunyan
3/11/2011 | Size: 52k | Views: 50+
They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his...

Bruce Crabtree
4/28/2011 | Size: 30k | Views: 20+
Every true believer feels and sees sin of all kinds working within him. Some of us may be guilty of stressing this to the point that we leave out the fact that...

All Power (Authority) Is Given Unto Me In Heaven And In Earth
Bruce Crabtree
3/20/2011 | Size: 42k | Views: 20+
There have been men who had great power given unto them from heaven. Power to rule over men and beast. Their hearts were lifted up in pride about it all and...

An Article I Read
Bruce Crabtree
3/11/2011 | Size: 41k | Views: 50+
In one line he is crying up Christ deity and in the very next line he is crying up his own sovereignty

Being Justified
Bruce Crabtree
3/21/2011 | Size: 47k | Views: 30+
Webster says justified means: remission of sin and absolution from guilt and punishment. What a marvelous thing it is to be justified then. Romans 3:23...

Call His Name Emmanuel, Which Being Interpreted Is God With Us
Bruce Crabtree
3/20/2011 | Size: 35k | Views: 30+
I was just reading an article in our local paper. The head line says, Christs birth a chance for Interfaith fellowship. This article tells us of a local...

Bruce Crabtree
3/8/2011 | Size: 31k | Views: 50+
None of us know what month of the year the Son of God was born of a virgin. And you and I dont wait until the 25th of December to celebrate it. We rejoice to...

Coming To Christ
Bruce Crabtree
3/18/2011 | Size: 53k | Views: 50+
I have often said, If the Lord would draw everybody to Jesus Christ with the same persuasive power he did me, He would save everybody, because everybody would...

Dying To Self
Bruce Crabtree
3/8/2011 | Size: 42k | Views: 40+
When you are forgotten, or neglected, or purposely set at naught, and you don't sting and hurt with the insult or the oversight, but your heart is happy, being...

He Blessed Them
Bruce Crabtree
3/11/2011 | Size: 69k | Views: 30+
You and I cannot see the Lord Jesus, but this should not stop us from taking our children to him in faith. "They brought young children to him." And how did...

He Showed Them His Hands And His Side
Bruce Crabtree
3/8/2011 | Size: 34k | Views: 10+
These poor, miserable disciples had forsaken the Lord Jesus in the hour of his greatest need. Peter had denied him three times and even swore that he never...

If Any Would Not Work
Bruce Crabtree
3/21/2011 | Size: 49k | Views: 30+
The commandments of the Lord seem harsh, even grievous to whose who are lazy and irresponsible. The Lord commands a person to work and provide for themselves...

If You Are Reading These Words
Bruce Crabtree
3/3/2011 | Size: 28k | Views: 60+
If you are just now reading these words, I can pretty much assure you that just a few more suns rolling over your head and you will be out in eternity somewhere

In Spirit And Truth
Bruce Crabtree
3/8/2011 | Size: 40k | Views: 30+
Here are two principles of worship without which all worship of God is vain. God must be worshipped in spirit - a heart worship - as opposed to mere forms and...

My Advice To Young Preachers
Bruce Crabtree
3/20/2011 | Size: 54k | Views: 50+
I have had young preachers come up to me from time to time and tell me they listen to some of my messages on the internet. While I want to be a blessing to...

O Come Let Us Worship
Bruce Crabtree
3/11/2011 | Size: 92k | Views: 10+
Public worship is an essential part of the life of every child of God. Psalm 95 mentions several things concerning it:

O Man Who Art Thou That Repliest Against God
Bruce Crabtree
3/11/2011 | Size: 36k | Views: 60+
Poor fallen man is a most unreasonable creature. When he is told from scripture that God has already chosen those He will save; that these chosen ones were set...

O Wretched Man That I Am - Romans 7:24
Bruce Crabtree
3/21/2011 | Size: 51k | Views: 20+
This was the heart groan of the holy Apostle Paul. This was his daily experience. But this is also the groan of every believer who has been taught the plague...

On My Way To Worship
Bruce Crabtree
3/11/2011 | Size: 65k | Views: 30+
ON MY WAY TO PUBLIC WORSHIP on the Lords day I see things that both sadden me and also make me afraid. I see people mowing their yards. I see farmers working...

Our Friend
Bruce Crabtree
3/21/2011 | Size: 36k | Views: 30+
Dear Brother Spurgeon used to reason that if you yourself were in some great trial and things werent going well with you, yet if you had a good friend whom you...

Politicians, The Basest Of Men
Bruce Crabtree
3/11/2011 | Size: 59k | Views: 30+
Our text was written for a very specific purpose, to the intent that the living may know that the most High rules in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to...

Set Your Affections On Things Above
Bruce Crabtree
3/11/2011 | Size: 46k | Views: 60+
The best remedy for self-centeredness is to be caught up with something greater and better then self. Looking away, seeking, setting our affections on...

She Hath Done What She Could
Bruce Crabtree
3/20/2011 | Size: 33k | Views: 20+
You may remember the context of this statement. It was two days before our Lords death. He and his disciples were at the house of Simon the leper eating a...

Singing And Making Melody In Your Heart To The Lord
Bruce Crabtree
3/20/2011 | Size: 71k | Views: 40+
I was sitting in a public place the other day and heard a young lady, a few seats down from me, singing so softly. I could not make out the words, but there...

Socialism Is Sinful
Bruce Crabtree
3/21/2011 | Size: 50k | Views: 40+
You may add to this verse, If any would not work, neither should he be provided with a house or health care or any thing else that he could provide for...

The Believers Rule Of Life
Bruce Crabtree
3/11/2011 | Size: 56k | Views: 50+
I was reading a statement from a dear departed saint concerning the believer and the law (i.e. the moral law or ten commandments). He said this: "Conformity to...

The God Of Drugs
Bruce Crabtree
3/21/2011 | Size: 34k | Views: 30+
This poor world has always had its little gods it worships. Some have carved gods out of wood or stone or precious metals and bowed down to worship them....

The Plague Of His Own Heart
Bruce Crabtree
3/8/2011 | Size: 48k | Views: 30+
THE PLAGUE OF HIS OWN HEART I KINGS 8:38 When a child of God begins to speak of the plague of his own heart, this poor blind and religious world does not...

The Voice Of The Grave To Every Gospel Preacher
Bruce Crabtree
3/20/2011 | Size: 33k | Views: 30+
It is sad and fearful to see men and women go through life unconcerned about their eternal souls. They live and die with little or no thought of God and the...

Train Up A Child In The Way He Should Go
Bruce Crabtree
3/23/2011 | Size: 46k | Views: 50+
We grandparents often think we would make better parents if we had it to do over. Well, if we could take our knowledge and experience, we probably could do...

Why Must Every Sermon BE Christ
Bruce Crabtree
3/8/2011 | Size: 46k | Views: 30+
So, there is not more than Christ. He is the whole counsel of God. Preach more than Christ? God Himself summed it up. Christ is all. What is more than all?

Ye Are Complete In Him
Bruce Crabtree
3/8/2011 | Size: 29k | Views: 30+
The believers standing in Christ does not fluctuate with his feelings, not even the increase or decrease of his faith or understanding or anything else. He...

Your Atonement Has Already Been Made
Bruce Crabtree
3/8/2011 | Size: 55k | Views: 30+
My dear friend, read this verse of scripture and humble yourself before the Lord and believe it.

A Declaration Of Faith
Bruce Crabtree
2/16/2011 | Size: 48k | Views: 30+
That was the headline on the faith page of our Sunday paper. This caught my eye because I thought it might be just that: an explicit statement; a solemn...

A Gracious Foreknowledge
Bruce Crabtree
2/17/2011 | Size: 32k | Views: 20+
The above phrase was written in a commentary I was reading this week. The commentator was very upset that some people would believe that God chose a great host...

Is He Preaching The Gospel
Bruce Crabtree
2/16/2011 | Size: 64k | Views: 50+
The question has been asked concerning him, "does he preach the gospel?"

Meet Me In Heaven
Bruce Crabtree
2/16/2011 | Size: 32k | Views: 40+
MEET ME IN HEAVEN! Do not go down to hell. There is no coming back again from that abode of misery. Why do you wish to enter the way of death when heavens...

The Importance Of The Heart
Bruce Crabtree
2/16/2011 | Size: 44k | Views: 30+
It is much easier to make open promises and to write down a few rules in a pamphlet then it is to commit your heart to Christ, His word, His cause and His...

A New Creature
Bruce Crabtree
2/16/2011 | Size: 54k | Views: 40+
Deep within every Christian there is a new creature, one who is created in righteousness and true holiness (Eph. 4:24). A creature that never existed until the...

Exceeding Great And Precious Promises
Bruce Crabtree
2/16/2011 | Size: 38k | Views: 40+
You and I may make a promise and to our own shame and disappointment we go off and forget to keep it

For By Grace Are Ye Saved
Bruce Crabtree
2/6/2011 | Size: 69k | Views: 50+
The most deadly mistake anyone can make is to assume they know how God saves sinners. If you and I want to know the truth of this most important subject we...

Someone Said
Bruce Crabtree
2/16/2011 | Size: 27k | Views: 50+
Someone said, "you will never appreciate the sufficiency of the anchor until you find yourself in the midst of the raging storm." I think we could add to that...

The Mud-ites and Anti-Mudites
Bruce Crabtree
2/8/2011 | Size: 36k | Views: 60+
You and I must be careful not to compare our conversion experience to that of others.

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