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NOV 22, 2017
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Pilgrim Presbyterian Bible Church
Keith R. Burd  |  Kingsville, Maryland
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      Articles on Theology      

Free Will or Election?
Vince Kluth
2/14/2017 | Size: 54k
Many believe in free will. Thankfully, the Lord didn't leave us to ourselves, since men would never come! 8.5"x11", 2-sided/short-edge fold.

4 Hard Questions
Don Fortner
1/20/2017 | Size: 89k
Does the Bible teach that God loves every single human being that's ever lived throughout all time? 8.5"x11", 2-sided/long-edge fold.

How Do I Know I Am Saved?
Vince Kluth
1/20/2017 | Size: 79k
Organization of passage addressing a common question among Christians. 8.5"x11", 2-sided/short-edge fold.

Jehovah Witness and Mormon warning
Matthew Slick
1/20/2017 | Size: 89k
Insights as to why Jehovah Witnesses nor Mormons can be considered as fellow Christians. 8.5"x11", 2-sided/long-edge fold.

Self Importance: An Unbiblical Worldview
Walter Chantry
1/20/2017 | Size: 82k
Proverbs 20:6 says, "Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find?"

Daniel Parker
1/20/2017 | Size: 36k
Clear distinction made between Arminian theology and the Doctrines of Grace.

What The Bible Teaches About Modes of Baptism
Vince Kluth
1/20/2017 | Size: 185k
Sadly, many churches are too hung up on the mode of baptism. This paper outlines and develops the Bible's view of baptism, whether by immersion, pouring or...

Twelve Points of the Trinity
Edward H. Bickersteth
1/20/2017 | Size: 74k
Succinct set of scriptural support showing 12 characteristics shared by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Print on 8-1/2"x11" paper, two-sided/short-edge.

Westminster Confession of Faith
1/20/2017 | Size: 675k
A system of teaching that forms a "baseline" for our statement of faith.

Shorter Catechism
1/20/2017 | Size: 242k
107 questions and answers on the basics of Christian faith.
      Defense of Creation      

Evolution or Biblical Creation
Creation Ministries International
9/17/2017 | Size: 348k
Does evolution or creation matter? Does the Bible and science conflict each other? Straight answers for seekers. 8.5"x11", 2-sided/short-edge, Z-fold.

Modern-Day Scientists Who Oppose Millions of Years
Creation Ministries International
1/20/2017 | Size: 1,155k
One doesn't have to eject intellectual rigor to be a Christian, as these seven (out of hundreds, growing daily) have found. 8.5"x11", 2-sided/short-edge fold.

15 Questions for Evolutionists
Creation Ministries International
1/20/2017 | Size: 522k | Views: 10+
Staunch evolutionist? Here's some questions you may be surprised to find are not addressed by your teachers.

8 Reasons Evolution is Foolish
Dr. John G. Hartnett
1/20/2017 | Size: 534k | Views: 10+
The case for evolution isn't as solid as it might seem.

Gap Theory
Dr. Jonathan Sarfati
1/20/2017 | Size: 443k
Dr. Sarfati's short tract shatters the cancerous notions of a gap between Gen 1:1-2. 8.5"x11", 2-sided/short-edge fold.

How Dating Methods Work
Creation Ministries International
1/20/2017 | Size: 685k | Views: 20+
You can't believe in long ages if you don't have a reliable measuring stick.

What Darwin Couldn't Know
Dr. Werner Gitt
1/20/2017 | Size: 700k | Views: 10+
There are some things of which Darwin simply was ignorant.
      Defense of TR/KVJ      

Bible Translations and Manuscripts
Vince Kluth
4/14/2017 | Size: 285k
A more thorough but succinct summary of the issues with Bible translations. Includes a table of doctrinal impacts.

Corrupted Translations
Vince Kluth
1/20/2017 | Size: 151k
Some say "there's only a few verses that differ between Bible translations". Oh, but what a lie! See for yourself.

How We Got Our English Bible
Mr. B. A. Ramsbottom
1/20/2017 | Size: 674k
Based upon a children's address given on June 13, 2004, in remembrance of the 400th anniversary of the KJV. Colorful 9-page booklet with historical photos.

The Lord Gave The Word: History of the Biblical Text
Malcom H. Watts
1/20/2017 | Size: 1,484k
29-page booklet covering the history of the Biblical manuscripts which we possess today. 8x10 print.

Two Bible Streams
1/20/2017 | Size: 794k
Simple illustration of the two (2) lines of Bible manuscript evidence that exist today.

Which Bible Version: Does It Matter?
David Blunt
1/20/2017 | Size: 508k
Based on an address given by Rev. Blunt, to the TBS Day Conference held in Inverness, Scotland, Oct. 2003. 29 pages.
      For Other Faiths      

Christianity versus Catholicism
Richard Bennett
1/20/2017 | Size: 1,828k
Richard Bennett, former priest in the RC church, compiled this to aid Catholics understand our main differences.

Why I Am Not a Roman Catholic
Charles B. Lefevre
1/20/2017 | Size: 103k
26 points given by a former Catholic minister, answering the tract, "Why I am not a Protestant". 6 pages.
      For Unbelievers      

Christ Died For The Ungodly
Horatius Bonar
1/20/2017 | Size: 133k
Clear explanation of that which gives men, women and children hope and life in Jesus Christ. It doesn't get more basic than this!

What Is The Gospel?
Vince Kluth
1/20/2017 | Size: 113k
This tri-fold tract answers three (3) questions: What is the gospel?, Whom will God save?, and How do I know I am saved? 8.5"x11", 2-sided/short-edge fold.

Why Men Will Not Come To Christ
Henry Mahan
1/20/2017 | Size: 53k
Three (3) basic reasons why skeptics, mockers, unbelievers and men of the world refuse to come to Christ.
      Young Men      

Thoughts For Young Men
J. C. Ryle
1/20/2017 | Size: 464k
A timeless, practical exhortation from Titus 2:6.
      Young People      

Thoughts For Young People
Free Grace Broadcaster #212
1/20/2017 | Size: 505k
A collection of seven (7) short articles from Godly men who cared deeply for future generations.
      Young Women      

Modest Apparel
Free Grace Broadcaster #216
1/20/2017 | Size: 451k
10 articles devoted to this topic. Needful for our time, for harlots are known by their attire - which identity Christian women must shun!

Young Women and Discretion
Walter Eisenhour
1/20/2017 | Size: 77k
Short consideration from Chapel Library, discussing Titus 2:3-5.

Dr. James M. Phillips
Kingdom Studies42 Islam's End

Kingdom of God Series 2016
Discover The Word With Dr Jim
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Mike Allison

What Is the Gospel?
Ryan M. McGraw
GPTS & Mt. Olive
Staff Picks..

Kevin Swanson
Australians for Homosexuality

Will God Destroy These Nations
Generations Radio
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Kevin Swanson
Did Moore Commit Sexual Sin?

Most Americans Need to Confess
Generations Radio
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Sermon: Spiritually Alive or Dead?
Dr. Peter Masters

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There is a conscience in man; therefore there is a God in heaven. ... Ezekiel Hopkins

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