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February 2012 | 1 photos

Papal Protest
September 2010 | 34 photos
A public witness by Bible-believing Christians against the visit of the Pope to our shores.

Creationist Outreach
September 2009 | 1 photos
A witness to the people of Liverpool that Christ is the creator

Witness at 'Gay Pride' march
July 2008 | 29 photos
Christians from around the UK gathered in the capital for a time of gospel preaching to tens of thousands of homosexual men and...

Outreach to atheists
February 2008 | 7 photos
This was a recent Christian outreach to nearly 2000 atheists, as they queued for a lecture by anti-creationist Richard Dawkins

Outreach to Conservatives
October 2007 | 5 photos
A group of Christians spent a day witnessing to delegates at a political conference

Witness against blasphemy
June 2006 | 18 photos
Hundreds of Christians have been on the streets of Liverpool, to witness against the theatre tour of Jerry Springer: The Opera.

Fighting for Christian Freedom
November 2005 | 6 photos
A visible witness for the right to preach the gospel took place on the 11th of October 2005

Witness at Homosexual Parade
July 2005 | 12 photos
A small group of Protestants were present in London to expose thousands of homosexual men and women to the word of God.

God's Glory Our Joy conference
May 2005 | 12 photos
The 2004 conference was held at Calvary Church in Liverpool and, once again, God-glorifying preaching touched the souls of sinful...

Fundraising Walk
May 2004 | 16 photos
Paul and the two boys ventured into mid-Wales to raise money for Answers In Genesis (UK)

Open-air witness in Chester
April 2004 | 2 photos
Each year, the martyrdom of Rev. George Marsh is commemorated with the preaching of the gospel in Chester, followed by a march...

Protest against ecumenism
June 2003 | 5 photos
Each year, an ecumenical march passes through Liverpool city centre. Heading the march is the Anglican Bishop Jones and the Roman...