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Jesus Said, Come Unto Me
May 2011 | 18 photos
I wrote this hymn in 2005. It was my very first hymn, the result of a burden I had in my heart to see my own father saved. After...

O My FatherVideo Clips
December 2010 | 1 photos | 2 videos
For the redeemed soul, Christmas time can be very tough. It's not so much the foolish Santa Claus thing that makes me want to...

Newton's "The Woman of Samaria"Video Clips
December 2010 | 1 photos | 4 videos
A great miracle in the life of a woman is recorded for us in John Chapter 4. This woman, like every sinner, was proud and sure...

"Restore Them In Meekness"Video Clips
November 2010 | 1 photos | 2 videos
A New Hymn on the Scripture Text Galatians 6:1 - "Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore...

"A Believer, Free From Care"Video Clips
March 2010 | 10 photos | 4 videos
John Newton wrote a lovely hymn poem on the amazing account of the jailer in Philippi! Do you know the story? (See Acts...

John Newton's "Lovest Thou Me?"Video Clips
February 2010 | 1 photos | 4 videos
The Olney Hymnal was published by John Newton 231 years ago in 1779. It contains hundreds of rare hymn-gems, written by both John...

"No Condemnation Now"Video Clips
February 2010 | 9 photos | 4 videos
Here is a new song I have written on Romans 8:1. The music notation for this Octavo Arrangement is FREE. Download it at our...

"LORD, Bring Revival!"Video Clips
February 2010 | 1 photos | 4 videos
2008, 2009, 2010, 2011. How quickly the years are passing by! Is the LORD still leading His people to pray for revival? Is...

A New Song on Psalm 1Video Clips
January 2010 | 6 photos | 3 videos
"How Great A Blessing Upon The Man" is the name of my new song on Psalm 1. "Blessed is the man who walketh not in the counsel of...

"In Evil Long I Took Delight"Video Clips
January 2010 | 3 videos
Hymn No. 57 in Book II of John Newton's famous Olney Hymnal of 1779. Newton did not ascribe a Scripture text to this sacred poem....

"Our Father Which Art In Heaven"Video Clips
January 2010 | 2 photos | 2 videos
Every day! Yes, every single day of my new life in my Wonderful Saviour, I praise God that He has said, "...your Father knoweth...

A New Song on Psalm 121Video Clips
December 2009 | 2 photos | 4 videos
Here is my new hymn on Psalm 121, "I Will Lift Mine Eyes To The Hills". The melody is very simple and I hope this tune will...

Mom's SongVideo Clips
December 2009 | 15 photos | 5 videos
In memory of Geraldine Holt Shea 1928-2008. I was with my beautiful mother when she went to be with the LORD on September 26,...

Q: Who Can Give Thanks To God?
November 2009 | 2 photos
A: Those who are born again by the Spirit of the Living God.

Jesus Appears in Luke 24
November 2009 | 5 photos
Oh, how I wish I could have been there to hear what the LORD Jesus said to Cleopas and his companion as they walked to Emmaus...

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