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Brandan, Angie, and Cole Kraft  |  St. Louis, Missouri - Ashland, Kentucky
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Brandan Angie and Cole are Sovereign Grace Predestinarians living out their lives in Saint Louis and the Missouri Ozarks.

There aren’t many people near us that believe like we do so we meet and worship privately together as a family most weeks of the month. We also have started driving about once a month to 13th Street Baptist Church in Ashland, Kentucky for fellowship in the Gospel. Brandan and Angie also maintain fellowship with believers scattered all over and have many close friends in the Gospel.
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13th Street Baptist Church
We've decided to make 13th Street Baptist Church in Ashland Kentucky our permanent church home. It's about seven hours of driving, but so worth it. We plan on travelling there about once a month. We also plan on making it down to Ruston, Louisian..
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