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Katherine was born on 7/27/08. We will keep this site updated with photos as energy allows.

Our first daugther, Jessica, was a beautiful girl who was born May 1, 2003 and passed away from surgical complications on November 9, 2003. It's amazing how quickly time passes by.

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Memorial Day ER visit
Hello everyone Well, our dear Jessica gave us a bit of a scare on Memorial day. Gene and I were all set to spend some time together while my mom watched her. My mom was due to come visit at 2PM. As we were getting things ready, the baby started g..

Jessica's surgery plan
Jessica saw her doctor in San Francisco today. She is doing well. He wants us to come back in a couple of months for repeat testing. Once the results are known, we will schedule the surgery. We were happy to find out that the insurance will cover..

Jessica is 2 months old!

Jessica is 3 months old!

Visit to the cardiologist

Still no news from the cardiac surgeon
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