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Who We Are

We are a church located in Big Stone Gap, Virginia.

We believe in teaching through the books of the bible verse by verse. We know this isn’t the only way to teach the bible, but we believe it is the best way. We believe that worship is to be pleasing to God, not man. We choose music that is full of biblical truth, and we sing it together as a congregation because we believe that it is what pleases God. At West End we want relationships that are based on the one thing we should have in common, and that is a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. This creates authentic relationships that are loving, encouraging, and edifying.

  • 295 sermons online


West End Baptist Church
509 Wood Ave W
Big Stone Gap, Virginia 24219

Service Times

Sunday School: 10am
Sun Morning: 11am

Sun Evening: 6pm
Wed Evening: 6:30pm