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Who We Are

We are a church located in Miami, Florida.

Tamiami Baptist Church goes back in its foundations to the early 50’s. The church used to be a strong, vibrant community of believers where hundreds of people met for worship.
Its ministry was predominantly carried out in English and to an Anglo community. As the decades went by, the community changed and so did the church. In 2004, the Lord led Rev. David Menendez, with a small faithful remnant of followers of Christ, to once again up-lift Christ’s cross at the crossroads of Miami.
Since then the English ministry has been revitalized through the faithful preaching and teaching of God’s word. A Spanish ministry was also launched in 2007 to proclaim the gospel of Christ to our Hispanic community. We are a church committed to follow Christ and make disciples out of all peoples.

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Pastor David Menendez

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Tamiami Baptist Church
860 SW 76 Court
Miami, FL 33144

Service Times

Sunday Services
English 10:00AM
Spanish 11:00AM & 12:00PM