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Who We Are

We are a church located in Fischer, Texas.

"We see a place where those who feel forgotten by Christ or who don't feel worthy to call upon the name of Jesus can come and find His Hope, His Grace , His Healing, and ultimately His Love."

Pastors Lee and Shea Preston are the founders of Shadow of His Wings Ministry. God's vision for ministry came to them many years ago, as they were sitting and talking about the great works God had done in their own lives. Through the direction of the Holy Spirit, Lee and Shea began to see a vision of ministry that included God working in mighty ways in peoples' lives, offering hope, healing, and restoration. The Vision of the Lord that was given to them is one of healing for the lost and broken, not only the healed and saved. Seeking out the lost sheep and bringing them into the fold. If the Body of Christ - the church continues to nurture itself, offering only a safe place for Christians to come and worship, the lost will continue to be broken-hearted, unhealed, and hopeless.

  • 52 sermons online


Shadow of His Wings Christian Fellowship
PO Box 210
Fischer, TX 78623