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Who We Are

We are a church located in Harrah, Oklahoma.

Welcome to Sovereign Grace Bible Church in Harrah. Our hope is that you will be able to worship the LORD together with us in the beauty of holiness. The church should be a rest for your soul where you can retire from the world and focus on God. In too many churches, the distractions of the world are brought into the church so that Sunday mornings can be just as noisy, worldly and stressful as everyday life. Though you may still receive profit from church, yet there is still something missing. That something is the beauty of holiness.

  • We preach from the KJV Bible.

  • 345 sermons online

Jerred Yancey

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Sovereign Grace Bible Church
20700 Elm st
Harrah, OK 73045

Service Times

Sunday Morning Bible Study 10 A.M.
Sunday Morning Sermon 11 A.M.
Sunday Afternoon 1:30 P.M.