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Who We Are

We are a church located in Glade Spring, Virginia.

Seven Springs began in about 1874 with a simple heartbeat to share the gospel of Jesus with the young people of the community. One woman, Mrs. Nancy whose life was impacted by the Gospel started teaching the gospel to her children and other children from the area under a wide-spreading Oak tree on a mountain. This group began to grow and would eventually become a chapel of Glade Springs Presbyterian Church, 1876 (Formerly PCUS). The congregation continued to meet under the tree in the summer and moved to a nearby house in the winter. The current church building was built in 1899. The Church was organized in 1967, and left the PCUS church in 1978 and joined the newly formed Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). The Church has changed over time and the congregation has seen different generations pass through her midst but one constant throughout the life of Seven Springs is her heartbeat for God’s glory and his Gospel.

  • We preach from the ESV Bible.

  • 185 sermons online

Rev. Thomas E. Rickard

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Seven Springs Presbyterian Church
33182 Seven Springs Road
Glade Spring, Virginia 24340

Service Times

Lord's Day Services
10:00 AM Sunday Worship
6:00 PM Evening Worship

Midweek Bible Study
7:00 PM Wednesday