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Who We Are

We are a church located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Second Reformed Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis is a testimony to the kind of building Jesus has been doing throughout all history. When Christ said, "I will build My Church..." He was not talking about a building or corporation. He was talking about people—building the lives of individuals and families.

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James Faris

James Faris serves as pastor at the Second Reformed Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. God placed James in a Christian home from birth. He was baptized into Christ as an infant, and he professed faith as a teenager. After being educated at Purdue University and working in the automotive industry, he graduated from the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary and was ordained in 2003. He has served Reformed Presbyterian congregations in Southfield, Michigan, and Indianapolis. James and his wife, Elizabeth, have six children.

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Second Reformed Presbyterian Church
4800 N. Michigan Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46228

Service Times

Worship Times
9:30 Sabbath School
10:45 Morning Worship
6:00 Sabbath Evening Worship