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Who We Are

We are a church located in Lewiston, Idaho.

The Reformed Presbytery in North America (RPNA) testifies that Christ and our Solemn Covenant with God call us to "one reformed religion" in our lands. The fundamentals of that reformed religion were compiled by the assembly at Westminster in 17th century Britain. No sincere Christian can be content with 'agreeing to disagree' with his brother, when the Spirit of God beseeches us to "all speak the same thing". Through the superb sermons, writings, and shed blood of these faithful forefathers, they cry out to this generation of a thousand denominations, that we have slidden back from the purity of doctrine, life, worship, church government, and civil government to which they attained. It is this purity that the RPNA (GM) endeavors, by the grace of our Lord, to once again set before the world. The same example of "real reformation; that the Lord may turn away his wrath and heavy indignation, and establish these churches and kingdoms in truth and peace (Solemn League and Covenant)."

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Pastor Greg Price

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Reformed Presbytery in North America
1414 14th Ave
Lewiston, ID 83501