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Who We Are

We are a church located in St. Louis, Missouri.

Thanks for listening to us! Please visit our website at pristinegrace.org. We provide a discussion forum, articles, sermons, live streams, books, and scripture software there. Our ministry exists for the purpose of proclaiming the truth in Christ to His people.

We are living in an age of self-idolatry and very few people who profess Christ truly understand the Gospel. Many believe that Jesus died for all men universally and that the difference between those who are saved and not saved is the individual's "free will" decision.

There are others who are more enlightened but yet still believe in things like the doctrine of "common grace", the doctrine of "duty-faith" or the "free offer" of the Gospel. We believe these doctrines are erroneous and profane God's precious love for His elect. We prefer the word "free" or "pristine" instead of the word "common" to describe grace as the Scriptures declare God's love to be found only in God's Son, and that all of Grace is of the will of God and not corrupted or stained by the will of man, hence the adjective "pristine".

Additionally, we believe in the absolute predestination of all things - that is there isn't a single event that occurs that God did not predestinate. We believe He is absolutely Sovereign! We believe He has saved His people from their sins (Mat 1:21) and that all of His sheep will be given the gift of faith in the Gospel of Christ at His appointed time.

  • We preach from the KJV Bible.

  • 39 sermons online

Brandan Kraft

Brandan was raised in the Missouri Ozarks town of Potosi, studied Computer Science at the University of Missouri-Rolla in the 1990s, and started the Pristine Grace website around 2001 after coming to a knowledge of the Free Grace Gospel. It is at this website, PristineGrace.org, where Brandan has been authoring and hosting sovereign grace Gospel content from other Gospel writers. Brandan has also been regularly producing video and audio content since 2019. Brandan is married to his wife Angie and they have one teenage son named Cole.

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Pristine Grace
4906 Deville Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63119-3336

Service Times

Live Streaming for all services right here on SermonAudio:

Brandan Kraft - Live Stream ONLY : 6:30 PM CST/CDT

Gabe Gonzalez - Live Stream ONLY : 1 PM CST/CDT