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Who We Are

We are a church located in Derwood, Maryland.

Mission Bible Church is a church some would describe as "Bible Believing Fundamentalists" who are reverent in worship without being overly formal. We hold to the doctrines of grace, and are conservative in worship, using "psalms, hymns and spiritual songs" accompanied by piano. We believe the Scriptures are inspired, infallible, and preserved in the Textus Receptus. We hold to a literal six-day creation. We benefit from the Westminster Confession of Faith and other such reformed confessions. Our common use of the KJV Bible allows for congregational responsive reading from the same book.

To learn more about us, read our blog postings here on SermonAudio, or visit us on the web, at http://mission-bible.net/, where you can also find our weekly bulletins.

  • We preach from the KJV Bible.

  • 789 sermons online

Pastor Joe McKnight

Our pastor's testimony is that he is sinner, but a sinner saved by grace! Joseph McKnight was born into a pastor's home. At the age of six, he was first convicted of his own sin and need for salvation by the atoning blood of Jesus Christ. Joe knew from a very early age that God was calling him to foreign mission work. Following graduation from Bob Jones University in 1986 with a degree in Church Ministries, Joe was ordained and, along with his wife Penny (Lengel) served as a missionary in Jamaica from 1988-2004.
While serving in Jamaica, Pastor McKnight began studying the Doctrines of Grace as presented in the Word of God. These precious truths have transformed both his life and his ministry. Today, he joyfully proclaims "Salvation by Grace Alone!" The ministry in Jamaica continues today under the leadership of Jamaican Pastors.

Since returning to the USA, Pastor McKnight has served two congregations in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Our pastor also serves on the Executive Committee of the American Council of Christian Churches.

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Mission Bible Church
c/o Kluth House
5821 Muncaster Mill Rd
Derwood, Maryland 20855

Service Times

We start promptly on time. Streams begin 5 minutes early prior to the service, so enjoy the music.