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Who We Are

We are a church located in Buffalo, Minnesota.

You have probably never been to a church quite like Legacy Baptist. We don't separate parents from their children, because the assembly is only one facet of Biblical training, and must be reinforced throughout the week by knowledgable parents.We use traditional hymns, not because we're traditionalists, but because we have judged the music to be most honoring to God, and the words to be most consistently doctrinally rich and theologically sound. We pray as a church, not ritualistic prayers or liturgies, but earnest and humble petitions to God for our needs and desires. We memorize Scripture as a church - because God's Word is life and light. We use the King James Bible, not because we have to, but because through careful research we believe it to be the best translation currently available. We know we aren't for everyone, but you may just find that we are, in fact, for you. We invite you to come and see what we're about, and how you might fit in!

  • We preach from the KJV Bible.

  • 1,049 sermons online

Jamen Wikler

Jamen Wikler is a husband, a father, and the pastor of Legacy Baptist Church in Buffalo, MN. His deepest desire is that people might know God through knowing God's Word, and as they learn to love God, choose then to obey Him.

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Legacy Baptist Church
200 2nd Avenue NE
Buffalo, MN 55313

Service Times

Sunday School 9AM
Sunday AM 10AM
Sunday PM 6PM
Tuesday PM 7PM